After being fired from his job, an everyday guy faces pressure from his wife about having a baby, while having to deal with his suffocating mother, who has decided to move in with the couple.

After being fired from his job, an everyday guy faces pressure from his wife about having a baby, while having to deal with his suffocating mother, who has decided to move in with the couple. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michele T (br) wrote: I really love it but is a lot of music in it.

Austin G (it) wrote: 3 short films edited to make one long movie that is incoherent and dumb.

Phil N (es) wrote: Indie Aussie drama about a dinner party where the host intends to carry out a suicide pact between her and her boyfriend, although her bf isn't exactly too keen on the idea. There's a missed opportunity for some very dark humour here, but it's all played straight in flashback as the various guests recall the events that played out that night. To be honest the pay off isn't worth the effort, and despite its best intentions it's actually a rather dull and plodding affair.

Akash S (ag) wrote: the film is as awkward as the characters in it are.. very realistic, god knows how many times i've been in similar situations.. def guerilla filmmaking but nicely executed.. could have been more substance to the story.. the plot doesnt come in until a hour later.. its all character building and whole lot of systematic randomness.. had to stop the movie half way just to ask myself what the hell is going on here.. pretty decent music and good performances. anyone that has made a student film will appreciate this!

Sobeen M (au) wrote: I'm not an AC/DC fan, but I thought this film was awesome. Road trip films are great.

JeanFrancois I (br) wrote: A deep dive in the Spanish Gipsy world . Facinating and wonderfull trip in Adalucia. Great movie

Lynn H (br) wrote: I decided to watch an encore viewing of the movie _Glitter_ on one of the STARZ channels as I was feeling rather nostalgic after my initial viewing back in 2001... However formulaic it might have been, the critics were unnecessarily harsh as the movie didn't warrant such low ratings! I have watched movies in my lifetime that possessed minimal redeeming qualities and/or were painful to sit through, and _Glitter_ did not fall in this category as far I'm concerned... Is this an Academy award-winning film? No, but it certainly didn't deserve to be classified as one of the worst movies ever... I don't think the title of movie was a compelling one; however, the vocal prowess of Mariah Carey is undeniable as she showcased her musical talent quite effectively, especially during Billiie's sold-out concert performance! I just loved the opening duet between Biillie and her mother and remember being extremely disappointed that it wasn't part of the purchased soundtrack... I thought that Mariah emoted a longing for her mother and desire to reconnect with her quite convincingly... In fact, this element of the storyline really resonated with me so deeply that tears were streaming down my face during the final scene of the movie! If you approach the movie with an open and receptive mindset, you might find be able to appreciate the semi-autobiographical nature of the script, Mariah's extraordinarily magical voice and the 80s club-themed music inserted throughout the film, which was just as entertaining as the first time I saw this movie!

shabbie h (gb) wrote: where i can find this movie to watch

Rod A (de) wrote: Lewis' spasms and outbursts are occasionally laugh-out-loud funny. He is an odd duck confronted with the straightness of the world. As audience members, we await his wacky reaction to whatever situation confronts him. At times, this film reminded me of M. Hulot's Holiday which would explain why the French are enamoured with Lewis. Anarchy reigns whenever he enters.

Shivana M (de) wrote: The score for this movie was PHENOMENAL. While it wasn't very realistic, the music did a great deal in terms of pulling it out of the rut it would have been in if left to story line alone.

Anthony I (es) wrote: I would just leave it alone, and let it be, because, this movie isn't supposed to be great anyways, and it's not hurting anyone. But, it contains Donny Osmond, and his massive ego, and all that mugging. That alone, is just so bad.

Allan C (br) wrote: Probably Dolph's best film as the leading man, but sadly that's not saying much. "Red Scorpion" and "Army of One" are decent, but he really doesn't have any films that are great. There is "Rocky IV" but he's not the star. That leaves "I Come in Peace" as his best. Dolph plays a tough Houston cop who's saddled with an uptight partner (dullsville cliche), but they end up investigating a giant alien (who looks more like Thor in a trench coat), who is killing people across the city. Things get even more complicated when another giant Norse God-like alien shows up hunting down the other alien, and everyone and everything gets caught in the crossfire. This film was an early screen credit for co-writer David Koepp (credited as Leonard Maas Jr.). Koepp would later go on to write some major films like "Jurassic Park," "Carlito's Way" "Panic Room" and the underrated superhero film "The Shadow," so this film is a bit smarter than you'd likely give it judging a book by it's cover. The film was directed by stuntman Craig R. Baxley, who clearly knows his way around shooting an action sequence, because the film does have some better than expected action sequences. If you want to watch a big musclebound 80s style sci-fi/action, this is a pretty good way to go.

Andrew M (fr) wrote: Evan Almighty is a decent movie. This movie is hilarious and pleasant. This movie has some famous actors including Steve Carrell and Morgan Freeman. I would suggest this movie.

Himjay B (gb) wrote: Great movie. I have watched it 100 times.