Snakes on a Plane

Snakes on a Plane

America is on the search for the murderer Eddie Kim. Sean Jones must fly to L.A. to testify in a hearing against Kim. Accompanied by FBI agent Neville Flynn, the flight receives some unexpected visitors.

Neville Flynn is an FBI agent handling what seems like a routine assignment, serving as bodyguard for Sean Jones, a Hawaiian surfer dude who is flying to California to testify in a high-profile criminal trial after witnessing mobster Eddie Kim murdering one of his underlings. However, Eddie dispatches hundred of different species of snakes airborne with a time operated device in the luggage to release the snakes in the flight with the intent of crashing the plane. Neville and the passengers have to struggle with the snakes to survive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Asid B (mx) wrote: Cynthia Stevenson always plays such a natural bitch all most wonder what real life is like for her. Ellen Muth she's very cute and innocent, BUT she can get the job done. I want to be a reaper

Evil S (nl) wrote: this was a great movie, i love the ending.

Natalie M (es) wrote: Short and enjoyable. Surprisingly political. I am a big fan of Chuck Jones and Dr. Suess. I will be interested to see the new version and see what they did with it. The other Jones/Suess animations on the disc were also good. "Butter Battle" was a very entertaining metaphor for the Cold War. The Cat in the Hat narrates "Daisy Head Mayzie" which is the most musical of the animation shorts. This one seemed more simple and childish than the others. "Horton Hatches An Egg" is more classic Chuck Jones. You can see variations on some of his classic characters like Elmer Fudd.

Chester G (ca) wrote: Yeah, I probably shouldn't be rating movies, and this is probably bad, but it's just so damn fun to watch

Wesley G (jp) wrote: What happened when we lost John Belushi? We got his brother James Belushi. And what's worse than watching a James Belushi movie about time travel, where he have to see him struggle through acting the same stuff over and over. This movie reaffirms the notion that time travel is something that should not be meddled with. But we already know that. So what does 'Retroactive' accomplish? Only bringing down the careers of the actors involved in this project. None of them can act, unless you want to count Frank Whaley, whose performance can be compared to the one he had in 'Pulp Fiction' (remember the big brains Brett had?). One big factor in this movie that really bothered me, was the number of bullets one gun can have? Can anybody name a model revolver that is capable of firing 12+ shots without reloading?.

April W (jp) wrote: This movie is inspiring and amazing.

Nilesh J (fr) wrote: A fairly complex movie by 1967 standards - perhaps the reason behind its cult following. However, it is not a movie that would stand the test of time on almost any parameters (historic interest, story, songs - except one, acting, melodrama etc).

Pavandeep S (jp) wrote: This movie may not be Bergman's best or most outstanding, but there were a lot of fascinating moments in this film. A very well structured old-fashioned 3-Act, very beautifully made and acted, heavy on a lot of social matters that affect Sweden but it is easily understood in other parts of the world too, on abortion and probabtion. Very subtle use of mise-en-sce, like the scene confesses who the abortionist was, the room at the back door was nicely done with the lines, resembling a cage, showing heavy noir influence. Really beautiful.

Kara F (au) wrote: I used to be obsessed with this movie, and don't get me wrong, the scenery and vision behind the movie is spectacular. You couldn't achieve this level of sensationalism in the stage version. But it lacks what the stage version provides, which is usually wonderful performances. Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum are decent singers but not ones that can carry this musical. They should have cast actual theatre/Broadway performers to stay true to that of what Andrew Lloyd Webber had achieved: a timeless piece.

T P (it) wrote: The movie is ok, but hell it was the first time I saw the infamous Edward G. Robinson. Thus, it was great!

Lenny R (fr) wrote: Brosnan's best Bond by a stretch. The fact that this is the first post-Cold War Bond is dealt with in an interesting way, pitting Jimbo against ex-military Russian gangsters, and actually, despite his comment that he used to 'shoot in and out', having him set foot in Russia for the very first time. The themes of trust, betrayal and shifting loyalties underpin a well-written screenplay (frequent flyer jokes aside) about stolen space-based Cold War weaponry, with Bond going up against a former friend and co-00, Alec Trevelyan (spoiler, but he has second billing, so it's no great secret), who is his equal, his own dark side, in many ways. Mr Bean is on fine form as The Arch-Nemesis Formerly Known As 006, lending him a great deal of humour and menace. Also great are (deep breath) Izabella Scorupco as geek-chic computer whiz Natalya Simonova (one of my top five Bond 'girls'), Famke Janssen as sadomasochistic, thigh-strangling, Ferrari-driving, terrible-ventilation-based-pun-spouting assassin Xenia Onatopp, Alan Cumming as Hawaiian-shirt-wearing, Spike-sending, 'invincible' hacker Boris Grishenko, Gottfried John as renegade general Arkady Orumov, Tcheky Karyo as non-renegade general Dmitri Mishkin, Robbie Coltrane as crime boss Valentin Zukovsky (less cartoony here than in The World Is Not Enough, and funnier for it), Joe Don Baker as official CIA gardening specialist Jack Wade (also less cartoony than in Tomorrow Never Dies), Michael Kitchen as the original Bill Tanner, Samantha Bond as a thoroughly '90s gives-as-good-as-she-gets Moneypenny and Judi Dench as the newly-minted Evil Queen of Numbers. Desmond Llewellyn is starting to show his age a bit at this point, but it's still fun to see grumpy old Q back.Brosnan does fine too, of course. Since Craig took over, Pierce has actually become my least favourite Bond. That's not to say I dislike him in the role; I just like him the least overall. But I think the biggest reason for that is that he was pretty badly served by the scripts he was given. TND and DAD are among my least favourite movies in the series, and even TWINE, which gives him a few great moments, veers into Moore-ish waters at times. But GoldenEye was written for Timothy Dalton, the most serious and deep-thinking Bond, resulting in a relatively serious, deep-thinking script, and an appropriate performance by Brosnan.Martin Campbell does a great job of bringing everything together. It looks great, it moves at a cracking pace - for the most part, it all just clicks.The theme song is kind of a weird one. It's written by Bono and The Edge, fortunately not in the style of U2, but apparently as their take on a '60s-style Bassey number. It's sung by Tina Turner, doing her best Bassey impersonation, and it's produced by super-'90s producer Nellee Hooper, in a '90s electronic approximation of a '60s theme. The result sounds nothing like an old Bassey song, thoroughly modern from a technical perspective, but still like a throwback. But somehow, despite it going against all my criteria for a good Bond theme, and my general musical taste, I really like it.Apart from a few dud lines, my biggest problem with this movie is the BMW Z3 showcar Bond is given. Regardless of whether it sucks for Bond to be driving a BMW in the first place (it does), my real problem is that so much reference is made to the gadgets (stinger missiles, rear parachute, etc) but none are ever used. I understand this was due to a lack of time to make any tricked-out versions of the car, but it comes off as lame. 'No, the Beamer's totally a spy car. Honest! What? Use the gadgets? that really necessary?' Yes. You give James Bond a car with gadgets in it, he's bloody well gonna use them. But the flaws are more than compensated for by a thrilling story, lots of superbly-staged action, humour, interesting characters and great performances all round. One of the best.