The second film from British director Guy Ritchie. Snatch tells an obscure story similar to his first fast-paced crazy character-colliding filled film “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.” There are two overlapping stories here – one is the search for a stolen diamond, and the other about a boxing promoter who’s having trouble with a psychotic gangster.

A diamond of prodigious size is stolen from Antwerp by an American thief. Here come fights among u . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Snatch torrent reviews

Brett W (nl) wrote: I wasn't expecting much from this and I was right. Idris was good, but the movie is pretty bad

Parker R (es) wrote: Despite a worthy attempt by the cast, this film lacks a versatile script and features bland dialogue that never creates any drama, but is rather nothing more than complaining and pettish pleaing.

Tarl W (ca) wrote: One of the best "weird" horror movies with quite a bit of whacked out, obviously stoner-influenced comedy.

Erica B (ag) wrote: Quite disappointing...

Graceann M (ca) wrote: Cyd Charisse steals the show as the Commissar sent to Paris and into the arms of Fred Astaire. She, Peter Lorre and Janis Paige are particularly fun to watch in this color-drenched (in "glorious technicolor," dontcha know) MGM extravaganza. Fred Astaire is clearly too senior to be chasing after such a young lady, and in the final musical sequence, actually seems to be in terrible pain. Cyd, however, is breathtakingly beautiful and I adored all of the dance sequences in which she took part. The one where she gets to wear her very first pair of, yes, you guessed it, Silk Stockings, is especially gorgeous. The film is a bit overlong and a couple numbers were immediately forgettable, but all in all, a fun film from the Dream Factory.

Sara G (kr) wrote: I love this musical!! IT is my favorite!

Ryan T (us) wrote: I am surprised that this is rated so low; it provides a solid crime thriller and it's twists and turns aren't as far fetched as many others. Freeman is always good, Wincott delivers too, but I agree with others in the miscast of Potter, who simply doesn't seem cold or methodical enough to be either an agent or a killer.

Leslie C (de) wrote: Not the same without Jason