Snow Queen

Snow Queen

The Snow Queen is a powerful story of friendship and the triumph of love over wickedness. The story follows a young woman who is forced to battle the wicked snow queen in order to save the soul of the man she loves.

A young woman must must journey through the seasons to rescue her boyfriend who has been kidnapped by the evil Snow Queen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amelia S (ca) wrote: i'm no movie critic nor am I american, but I love this movie because to me personally as I christian it highlighted some things I see happening in the Caribbean, we are rejecting the true meaning of Christmas and turning away from God. I hope more people watch this!

Bill W (us) wrote: Two hours of visually arresting but uninspired B-roll. Days of Heaven or The New World, this is not.

Yolandie G (de) wrote: so close to being very good, but then fell short..damn

BellaRay (jp) wrote: Not interested. Sorry Alex =P

Claire M (au) wrote: Pretty cute. Love Ben Stiller and obviously Teri Polo(she's in my favorite show, The Fosters). It's funny and the acting is well done in this movie.

Abu S (br) wrote: wat a movie aswell this one it just great

Raphael H (us) wrote: The Water Babies - 2.5 out of 5 starsThe Water Babies is a British live-action/animation hybrid from 1978. It is based on an 1863 story by Charles Kingsley (apparently the first British "children's novel"), which I haven't read, but apparently, it has a very didactic and moralistic approach. This is mostly toned down for the film, but the for all the changes to the source material, the core concept remains the same."The Water Babies" is set in the Victorian era, and follows Tom (Played by Tommy Pender), an orphaned chimney sweep used as an "apprentice" (read: slave) by the tyrannical Mr Grimes (Played by James Mason) and his sidekick, the alcoholic Mr Masterman (Played by Bernard Cribbins). Grimes and Masterman drag Tom to work at a mansion in Yorkshire. There, Tom strikes up a friendship with a girl named Elly (Played by Samantha Gates), but things turn for the worst when Grimes and Masterman, who are using the assignment to steal silver from the house, frame Tom for their thefts. Tom runs away, and in his attempt to escape, he falls into a river. However, instead of drowning, Tom is now able to live underwater, where he can interact with the underwater life. In order to return to land, Tom has to find the "water babies" and rescue them from the King Shark and his eel sidekick (who resemble, and sound like, Grimes and Masterman). Tom is helped on his quest by a variety of undersea creatures, with a Scottish Lobster, an acting-obsessed seahorse, and a French Swordfish proving to be his three most important allies. This story combines Live-Action and Hand-drawn animation, with the scenes on land being done in Live-Action and the Underwater scenes being animated. However, both the live-action and animation are generally very low-quality, fuelling the belief that the makers of this film lacked the money to bring their story to life. In the live-action sections, we get some lovely shots of the Yorkshire hills, but otherwise, you rarely get a sense of the Victorian time period which makes this story stand out, and the cinematography relies heavily on close-ups and feels limited - you never get a sense that this story is genuinely taking place in the past. The Animated sections are not very impressive either - they rely on a very flat, ugly animation style which was probably dated even in the 1970's. Limited animation and stagy camerawork don't necessarily lead to a bad film on their own, but they highlight the problem with "The Water Babies". It's very easy to tell that this film is based on a classic work of children's literature - it tells the story of a "hero's journey", with elaborate fantasy worlds and messages about how virtue can yield wonderful rewards. However, whilst the story can be compared to works like "The Wizard of Oz" and "Peter Pan", "The Water Babies" fails in its attempts to become a classic children's film. There are some songs, but they are either boring, or (in the case of the endlessly repeated signature song, "High Lochalory") very annoying. Most of the characters are thinly-defined stereotypes with little personality or growth. None of these depictions are particularly offensive (though the effeminate character of the seahorse leans heavily on the problematic stereotype of the camp actor), but they still lead to very boring characters.Only two of the characters in "The Water Babies" are interesting. They are Elly, who is depicted with enough passion and innocence to make her feel like a genuine, realistic child, and Mrs. Tripp (Played by Billie Whitelaw), a stern maid who is not nearly as cold as she seems. In addition to playing Mrs. Tripp, Whitelaw plays several female characters (An actress in a sideshow attraction, an old crone) who Tom comes across at different points during the start of the story, enhancing the film's fairytale feel. Several respected British actors appear in this film, such as David Tomlinson (Mr Banks in "Mary Poppins") and Jon Pertwee (who played "Dr Who" during the early 1970's), getting to participate in both the Live-Action and Animated segments (For example, Pertwee voices both the Lobster and "The Kraken" - the king of the sea - in the Underwater segments). They seem to be involved with this project based on the iconic status of the source material. As in the film of "The Wizard of Oz", many characters from the Underwater world bear a close resemblance to those from the real world, but as so few of them are memorable, this does not really improve the story very much.Overall, "The Water Babies" is the sort of film that airs on TV early in the morning during the Christmas Holidays. It has enough charm and positive messages to ensure that it is suitable for children, but it feels like a time-waster. This film has its moments, but there is a reason why this film is not regarded as essential family viewing.

Ben C (ag) wrote: Severed hands keep appearing throughout the years, and the Amicus studios take on this genre is quite satisfying. Although the most satisfying element in this film is Stephanie Beacham's cleavage, Peter Cushing and Herbert Lom are always fun to watch.

Benjamin Z (nl) wrote: One of the funniest film from Italy,one of the best in the world. A hilarious satire on all burglary capers that came before this masterpiece from Mario Monicelli. You can not help but feel for this wonderful account of misadventures of a sad-sack group of bumbling thieves and their desperate attempts to pull off the perfect heist,with surprising results. The whole cast is wonderful,from the great Marcello Mastroianni to the young and beautiful Claudia Cardinale to the famed comedian Toto,etc. A film that kill off one movie genre ,but started a whole new subgenre in the process. A treasure of Italian comedy!

Vicky P (ca) wrote: Fast-forwarded to the end after watching 20 minutes of it. Still found it too slow.