Snow White

Snow White

A prince, seeking the greatest treasure, stumbles upon seven little men guarding a coffin. They tell him the story of Snow White, a beautiful princess who was forced to run away from home after her jealous stepmother tried to have her killed. When she realizes that the girl is still alive and living with the dwarfs, she sets out to destroy her only rival once and for all.

Dame Diana Rigg (TV's "The Avengers") and Billy Barty ("Willow") star in this feature-length, live-action, musical version of the classic fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chandradeep D (gb) wrote: There are very few truly poignant and beautiful things in this world. This is one of them.

Andy C (mx) wrote: Flying dragon like beastie wakes up near a sleepy town and begins eating the locals left right and centre. Decent production values for a low budget scify channel affair and action is frequent. In this case when the police and local military characters fail it all falls to a truck driver to sort matters out.

Fernando L (it) wrote: A beautifully made movie that can you feel the love....Claire has all the courage of a woman that tackled every inch of a loving wife to his husband...Joe. A love story of two people who separated by the language of the end, they are meant for each other...You can feel can feel can feel the nearness but you cannot reach...

Genevieve V (it) wrote: A great psychological thriller that had me confused and baffled, even after the movie ended. Perhaps a bit too ambiguous of an ending, but it makes you think, which I love. The two main actors had incredible chemistry as well, which added great intensity to the plot.

Jack S (fr) wrote: Even better than the original film

Private U (mx) wrote: worst movie ever!! do not watch it!!!

John M (ru) wrote: One of my favorite when I was a teen. I watched this movie dozen oftime. This is a twisted and hilarious slasher flix that will make you laugh out.

Mark T (ag) wrote: Pretty good movie of its time n sort of a mix between Aliens/Battlestar Galactrica/Screamers. Dialog is quite pitiful in the heat of battle but the characters r enjoyable. My childhood classic n gitty missed scifi setting.

amber w (jp) wrote: yes like to see this

chase (de) wrote: an interesting and absurd study in xenophobia. more fascinating as history of prejudice than anything else. i personally couldn't watch a lot of the animal torture/death scenes.

Allen M (ag) wrote: Great 1960's classic

Jackie M (kr) wrote: It's a bit long and a little drawn out, but the plot is cool. Judy Garland is amazing as usual. :D

John S (mx) wrote: Oh please, one time I saw it, I laughed at how bad it make matters worse its based on Twilight which makes it ten times worse. Not sure if I want to watch Fifty Shades Darker...I'll prefer La La Land over that lol. :P

Jarek M (ca) wrote: Low budget Walking Dead with vampires instead of zombies.

Joey T (au) wrote: Data's brother will replace Data from the end of the movie22%

Jamie C (de) wrote: Liked this film more than I should of, Maybe critics were a bit harsh, Maybe the run time and the silly plot may have something to do with it too.