Snow White: A Tale of Terror

Snow White: A Tale of Terror

Based somewhat more authentically on the Grimm Brothers' story of a young woman who is unliked by her stepmother, the film includes the talking mirror, a poisoned apple, and some ruffian gold (not diamond) miners (and they aren't dwarfs or cute). It takes place at the time of the Crusades, and depicts the attitudes of the wealthy and the peasant classes toward one another.

In this dark take on the fairy tale, an innocent young woman finds refuge from her wicked stepmother (Sigourney Weaver) with seven forest-dwelling outcasts. The real tale of Snow White is a tale of relentless terror and unimaginable horror. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris C (it) wrote: This movie is just dark. The only way to happiness is through eating trolls?? What a weird plot. You can figure out what the ending will be in the first 10 minutes of the movie. Songs were good, that's about it. My kids were "meh" on the whole thing.

Julio D (nl) wrote: Nosotros los Nobles fue una obra de esas que no esperas que suceda gran cosa, en lo personal desde que vi el nombre se me hizo un tanto burdo nadando entre nuestra cinematografa que abusa de obra tras obra similar o parecida, sin embargo pero desde los primeros das escuche buenas cosas desde la capital sobre esta pelcula, cosa que me animo a darle una oportunidad.Lo que uno encuentra en esta pelcula es un guin muy agil, muy entretenido, divertido, sin pretensiones de a ms, que busca y logra hacernos pasar un rato muy agradable, desde la manera que esta grabada, (se nota mucho el grano flmico) se puede dar uno cuenta de que se hizo un esfuerzo grande por parte de la gente que invirti y confi en ella para verla realizada y la buena manufactura y cuidado que tuvieron les dio enormes frutos posicionandola como una pelcula trascendente en la escena nacional, que la verdad esta harta y cansada de asuntos dramticos y de violencia que permean muchas de nuestras cintas."Los nobles" cuenta con un reparto muy fresco encabezados por el experimentado actor Gonzalo Vega que teniendo ya una vena para la comedia desde que realizo muchos aos "la Seora Presidenta", lleva la batuta muy bien entre el grupo de jvenes. Actores que no son tan vistos pero con talento y experiencia llevan el peso de la pelcula, divirtindonos con una realidad bien estudiada entre la sociedad mexicana y de la que se hizo uso para argumentarla y darnos un producto fresco.No es la joya artstica, no es la innovacin de produccin, no es la obra de los mejores efectos (que ni los tiene), no tiene grandes dilogos y cualquier cosa que se les ocurra, pero eso s, vale cada peso que pagues para pasar un buen rato, y el factor de entretenimiento y hasta de leccin no tiene precio en estos tiempos. Recomendable.

Theresa G (br) wrote: An entertaining black comedy about how physical and mental handicaps can hit you in your best years and the question: Do I have to be positive about my situation to be able to keep on living as normal as possible?The bottom line of this movie is: No.F*** healthy people. F*** everyone that thinks he knows better. F*** you and me. The art of this all is, to realise that you were happier before and that you have the right to be damn mad at whatever caused your loss. In this special case, share it in community with some dope, alcohol and Johnny Cash...

Mariana M (au) wrote: Great love story for a period piece. I Florentino was kind of too sensative for me. But a good movie, nice work from John Leguizamo and Beniamin Bratt. Javier Bardem was a great actor too covering 50 plus years of age progression..Great makeup work!

Rachel L (es) wrote: This is probably the most sad and disturbing documentary ever! It really exposes the fact that wrongful imprisonment is not as rare a phenomenon as we may think.

Tara H (fr) wrote: One of the best films I've ever seen - looking at America from the outside, as the rest of the world must do. Nicole Kidman is one of the few actresses still alive who can evoke vulnerability and power simultaneously. The story touches on good and evil, mercy and revenge, and suggests that most people are capable of both. The Depression era setting is once again relevant to our times. This is a film you will either love or hate, but for me it confirms that Lars Von Trier is one of the most brilliant filmmakers around.

Tom H (br) wrote: Oh dear I've seen this.

Rika A (gb) wrote: I watched this movie long time ago.. I'm easily touched by death.. and this one was particulary full of emotions

Noname (gb) wrote: Great performance by Al Pacino once again in this thriller about a killer on the loose. John Goodman had a decent role altho im more use to see him in comedies. There is not much to say more then if u like Al Pacino and thrillers this one wont fail u. Enjoy

Simon C (ag) wrote: Great fun, silly dialogue and cliche spoofing all the say in this self knowledgeable B-Movie. Best seen with tongue firmly in cheek.

Jessi t (gb) wrote: Great carporn, the ending makes up for any other flaws as far as I'm concerned.

Samantha S (br) wrote: I saw part of this and was fascinated. Can't wait to see all of it the next time.

Matt B (gb) wrote: Not what I expected. Turns out the zombies aren't undead. They're just black... Anyway, the first appearrance of a stereotypical funny black guy sells the movie. He's pretty funny.

Kyle E (kr) wrote: Although imperfect, "Insidious" is one of the best horror films to date, and is the prime reason that jump-started my love for horror movies. To start out, James Wan is my favorite horror director to date. He is extremely smart, and he knows what real horror movies should be made of. He created an excellent script, and created a franchise that has given us three great movies. He knows what not to include in a horror story, and his movies often have an impact on its viewers after the film ends. He's a director I definitely admire, and I'm thankful that he gave us the "Insidious" movies.What I really loved about this movie is that it is just downright scary. It's scary during the film, and the effect it has on you afterwards is daunting. Like I said, James Wan knows how to make quality scares, and he really shows his talent in this film.. There are plenty of quality jumps scares that actually contain something scary, and there are also plenty of disturbing moments. There are moments where our characters are looking at a dark corner, and it's obvious that they see something, but the audience is unable to see that. That is some of the most effective methods to scare your audience, and they really did that here. The movie also affects you after you're done watching it, as every little shadow and sound in your house will stop you from falling asleep.I also loved the soundtrack in this movie, while simultaneously hating it. The soundtrack was used to perfection, and they were able to set the tone with their creepy, yet exciting soundtracks. They utilized the music, and the sounds really well in this movie, to a point where I used to get nightmares as a young kid just from hearing certain songs from the movie. The story is also very interesting, and they do a great job of establishing a world where these demons and the further actually exist. It's really hard to create a believable world in the movie, but they pull it off here. When watching it, you really are interested in watching a second film, and it makes you want to learn more about this world.There are also plenty of clever and creepy moments if you really watch the movie closely. By paying close attention frame by frame, you can always notice little stuff in every creek or corner, and it really makes the movie even more chilling. They are so subtle in their approach, and it's easy to miss some of the little hints that they drop in this movie. It really makes the viewing experience even more fun, because it feels like you constantly find more and more stuff every time.The villain is also menacing, as you truly are scared of this demon from the other side. Actually, all of these demons do an insane job of wreaking torment on these people's lives, and the villains in this movie were top notch.The acting was also fantastic, as Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, and Lin Shaye were all great leads. I love them all, as they really are the faces of the Insidious franchise.In the end, "Insidious" really made my childhood for me, or broke it, however you want to see it. This is the film that gave me nightmares as a kid, and I've watched it about 15 times by now. It never gets old, and it consistently manages to scare the hell out of me. This is one of the smartest horror movies out there, and is truly one that I loved. It does have its problems, resorting to some cheesy moments at times, but overall, I loved the movie, and it'll get a very strong 4.5 stars from me.

Tyler E (fr) wrote: It's a hilarious nod to the history of the mythology that has plenty of laughs, gore, and a surprisingly heartfelt ending. [A-]