Snowball Effect: The Story of 'Clerks'

Snowball Effect: The Story of 'Clerks'

A feature-length documentary about the making of Kevin Smith's "Clerks" and the commercial success that followed.

A feature-length documentary about the making of Kevin Smith's "Clerks" and the commercial success that followed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Snowball Effect: The Story of 'Clerks' torrent reviews

Grant H (fr) wrote: Very good movie. Funny, smart, excellent performances. Doesn't follow the book's plot down to the nose, but Lillard does a great job in his directorial debut of keeping the general message and atmosphere of the book.

Kaustubh S (us) wrote: easily the best comic tongue-in-cheek movie which has come out in hindi

Philip W (br) wrote: Focused on GM Billy Beane and his struggle to compete with super star teams with the small market A's, Moneyball establishes itself as one of the best sports drama films of all time and is a hit with all viewers, regardless of their interest in baseball. With Brad Pitt at the helm and an A list supporting cast (Jonah Hill, Chris Pratt, and Philip Seymour Hoffman), the chemistry between them, the emotion and intensity is flawless throughout and keeps the audience highly engaged throughout the duration of this film. For baseball fans who can appreciate and understand some of the decisions and actions made throughout this film, it adds to the experience overall and will leave you satisfied when done watching this amazing story.

Bree (de) wrote: This movie was just that Johny was some guy that got into some ish

Vikki K (us) wrote: Love this movie. Best Ever!!~!

Anil D (us) wrote: Un film trs touchant qui montre que l'enttement ne mne rien ! Rahul est trop chou !

Brian B (kr) wrote: Brilliant just brilliant! Denzel Washington was superb. The scenes were masterful. Especially the scene Antoine Fuqua developed with Ethan Hawk in the bathtub about to get his head blown off but his earlier heroic acts ended up saving him! However, it would have been a greater movie if not for the use of the "N" word. However, the director Antoine Fuqua is African American so he has a pass to use it. In all I still liked Denzel Washington better as The Equalizer! Now that is a spectacular five star movie folks!

Meaghan H (au) wrote: Funny Great soundtrack!

Al S (ag) wrote: When i was younger i remember loving this film, it was cool, had great effects and was loaded with great action and fun from start to finish. Today? you it still kinda does as cheesy and dumb way that still makes for decent fun if you like monster movie chaos, cheap thrills and bad one liners.

Matthew B (es) wrote: How could Klaus Kinski, ranting and raving, wolfishly brandishing a rapier, gallivanting about bare-breasted African warrior-maidens fail to be entertaining? In truth, the fifth and final collaboration between Werner Herzog and the notoriously irascible Polish actor is not their strongest (that remains Aguirre: der Zorn Gottes); however, it is undeniably thrilling - with that signature, sun-drenched, phantasmagoric atmosphere only Herzog can deliver. (Examine, particularly, the bizarre, skin-crawlingly ominous scene with the crabs in the abandoned fortress, the seduction in the limpid jungle of Don Octavio's daughters, and the final portrait of the failed escape from the beach.) King Ampaw, Jose Lewgoy, and King Nana Agyefi Kwame II of Nsein create a typically bizarre cast, and Viktor Ruzicka's cinematography is magnificent in its meandering, probing, and uncomfortably penetrating gaze. A strange masterwork - fitting for the end of one of cinema's finest collaborations.

Melissa M (us) wrote: It's a very compelling story...however I really didn't like how the harsh reality was played up to the extreme. Just beware for those who would like to watch this. This movie/book definitely qualifies in the tragedy category.

Michael D (ru) wrote: Great movie and Great War movie. Made me want to serve the military. George C Scott was perfect.

Julia L (ca) wrote: my favorite doris day movie! :D

Greg M (kr) wrote: William Wyler masterfully portrays the dissolution of a marriage during a year abroad on the continent. Mary Astor stars in one of her best roles as the new love interest.

Ian G (it) wrote: A very interesting take on the Superman mythos that has followed the trend of the DCU Animated Film universe for taking an existing graphic novel and adapting it for the direct to dvd market. Done in an anime style similar to Gotham Knight, tracks the All Star Superman arc where during one of their many engagements, Lex Luthor exposes Superman to an extra radiation burst of sun which puts his immune system into overdrive which will essentially cause his transformation into pure energy/death in a matter a weeks. Much more reflective and engaging that some of the other DCU titles and presents some interesting conundrums as to the various relationships in the Superman world. This is one of the few times I can recall Lois asking herself how she feels about Clark lying to her for all of these years about his true identity. Pretty cool stuff and would love to see more of this style of tale done in the future releases.

Martyn M (us) wrote: Four losers - unrelated individuals and neighbours, are forced by varying circumstances to masquerade themselves as a family holidaying together in a Camper van, whilst attempting to smuggle a large stash of drugs from Mexico into the U.S. An assemblance of cheap gags that is best watched with mates over a few beers.It is all in good fun.