Gaspard, un jeune snowboarder talentueux mais peu ambitieux, vit et travaille à l'Alpe d'Huez, dans le magasin de surf de Beshop, un ancien entraîneur professionnel qui l'héberge et l'entraîne en échange de quelques travaux. Mais le rêve de Gaspard, c'est de devenir snowboarder professionnel, tout comme Josh Atterssen, champion charismatique mais imprévisible. Sa vie bascule lorsque ce dernier lui propose de l'entraîner lui-même à Gstaad, en Suisse, et de rejoindre son team. Naïf, n'ayant pas assez confiance en lui, Gaspard accepte l'offre et quitte Beshop sans état d'âme pour retrouver Josh. Une fois à Gstaad, la vie lui semble soudain plus belle et facile. Mais le peu recommandable Josh a un tout autre projet pour lui...

A young snowboarder with talent but no ambition, is introduced to the profession by a professional and Machiavellian snowboarder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (de) wrote: this movie just sucks

Tyler P (ru) wrote: Malgr la prsence de la dsirable Audrey Fleurot, c'est pour les mmes.

Robert B (mx) wrote: Not so bad as I expected - the movie does a reboot on the original 90's Leprechaun series of movies, but with a darker version of it. The story is ok, effects ok, actings bad - but there is enought tension to keep you watching what happens. 4,0/10

Farah R (nl) wrote: Disturbing and unsettling in every way. From its odd start introducing all the flaws in a 17 year old's sexual awakening to its unforeseen ending, this movie is one of the worst I've seen. It's a shame Woodley and Green had to star alongside each other in this failure of a drama.

Badr M (mx) wrote: though Katie did a big effort to direct and act in her own ways though nothing epic was brought into the sertup

Liam C (de) wrote: Im not a movie snob. So when you go into a movie like this you need to go into with a different mentality, it's not a big Hollywood budget gangster film. It's a small UK indie film and because of that, this movie wasn't actually that bad. I was a fan of the UK film The Sweeney and this film reminded me of it. I'm not sure which came out first but either way it reminded me of that film. It'd appear I have a place in my heart for native films. It's simple enough. It has a nice but desperate protagonist. It has fantastic gritty vivid visuals and nice music and for what it was it was well acted, you see other reviews calling it wooden, but you have to realise these aren't mega USA stars. The script was good throwing in comedic lines now and then. I'm not sure when this movie was set, just by looking at it, it seems modern day but there is a scene where someone smokes in a cafe and one of the TVs shown looks like it's from 1980 (maybe because the budget was so small and they didn't wanna buy an expensive TV just to be smashed.) Its no big deal, its just something to comment on. I did like how the film had a mix of shaky cam and still cam, in movies it's either full on or none at all. This movie is very short ( an hour and twenty (if that)) and I can't help but notice quite a big of padding, they included many pointless 5 minute shots of a disco and I have the DVD and there are quite a few deleted scenes that I feel would have been good in this movie. It's a grim movie filled with some shocking moments. And like The Sweeney I can see myself watching this again.

Buket A (kr) wrote: my favourite so far.

jay n (br) wrote: Whiny drama about a selfish foolish woman and her conflicted annoying daughter.

Joby D (jp) wrote: This movie was much, much better than I thought it would be -- kind of a precursor to the TV series "Monk".

Adam R (ca) wrote: (First and only viewing - 3/23/2013)

Noel R (br) wrote: Communists + stylish noir + Richard Widmark = Grade A Film

Steffi E (es) wrote: One of the first film dealing with homosexuality. A film which was pretty innovative for its time, later destroyed and forbidden, so that only one copy survived - a film worth watching.

Craig T (it) wrote: Well done. Richard Boone is wonderful

Iain B (jp) wrote: shat it you slaaaaaag

Yasmin O (mx) wrote: Abso-freaking-Lutely crazy&bizarre.. I really liked it

Jesse F (jp) wrote: Like Halloween, Carpenter brings us another chilling horror vehicle into his directing career.