CIA employee Edward Snowden leaks thousands of classified documents to the press.

The film reveals the incredible untold personal story of Edward Snowden, the polarizing figure who leaked classified information from the National Security Agency to The Guardian in June 2013. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Snowden torrent reviews

Jack T (de) wrote: This movie is terrible. Don' waste your money.

Jos L (ca) wrote: Meryl is brilliant. She looks and speaks just like Lady Thatcher. Oscar number 3 completely earned.The film, though, falls into a completely irrelevant story that is based on a left-wing phantasy. It doesn't feel right to name a film about dementia "The Iron Lady". This isn't showing Margaret truthfully - it seems like a form of revenge.Poor directing, bland script and brilliant acting. Oh, the score is excellent too. These two factors help uplift a film that feels empty.

(nl) wrote: This movie get me a headache !

Jon P (mx) wrote: The main characters are awesome in their own right, but never manage to go in the right direction or far enough.

John S (ru) wrote: Time Code has a mountain of potential and it could have been one of the most important films of all time. But sadly, the story is only interesting for the first half, the impressive technological innovations are never fully realized , and the film is just too smug and in love with the smell of it's own farts (South Park reference FTW) to really get anywhere past narcissistic and pretentious. I hate to use the word "pretentious" because it so carelessly thrown about these days by wannabe film critics, but "pretentious" is the perfect word to describe this film. When analyzed past all of it's bells and whistles, Time Code isn't really anything special. And perhaps the worst part was the wannabe Jean-Luc Godard-like Brechtian techniques that were just not executed well and made the film feel even more pretentious. Strike that, the worst part is when the film proclaims how awesome it thinks it is, by bragging about it's impressive technological feat. Yes, it's impressive. But you don't need to tell us about it. But I also have to admit that I enjoyed the film on some levels. The four stories linked together very cleverly, at least for the first 30 minutes or so, and it was addictively intriguing to watch how each story unfolded. There were also several moments that made clever use of it's structure that interested me. But in the end, the film sort of falls flat. Then again, i don't feel like giving this film anything short of 60. I don't know, I guess I still liked it on some level.

Lindsay A (kr) wrote: Great love movie! Sandra Bullock is a great actress!

Dan K (kr) wrote: Great movie for the aspiring pilot - it's a bit hokey with the young son of an Air Force officer flying an F-16, however, this movie is very entertaining. Great movie for pre-teens hoping to join the military. Very fun.

Harry W (de) wrote: Being a popular science fiction film featuring performances from both Dennis Quaid and Max Von Sydow, Dreamscape sounded like a fun adventure.Dreamscape is clearly a dated film. This becomes clearly apparant in the opening dream sequence where a woman is sceen running in front of a clear green screen before the background changes and yet the colour scheme does not. The artificiality of this scene makes the low-budget nature of Dreamscape all the more apparent, and it proves itself repeatedly throughout the film. The visual effects are no longer surprising because it is easy to isolate the use of green screens in the film, although it is slightly admirably for its low-budget nostalgia nature. They have their moments, but most of the time they prove to be rather obvious by today's standards. But even then, Dreamscape is a film which is more focused on narrative than visual effects. And yet even there Dreamscape fails to make the same amazing impression. Dreamscape maintains a premise very similar to Christopher Nolan's inception, though it is explored in a much cheaper way which prevents it from being much of a spectacle. It has its visual appeal at times, but Dreamscape is far more focused on being a film about the story at the heart of the feature. In that sense there is a certain sense of admirability in Dreamscape, but as well as that the feature is a genuinely slow one which gives it a tendency to drag on a lot of the time. In a sense the film is cleverly written so that it is able to play with an interesting concept on a low budget without being overly reliant on visual effects, but as a result it takes the approach of using a lot of talking which really slows the experience down. And while the science fiction concept at the heart of the story is fairly interesting, the characters themsleves are not always precisely on par. The intentions behind the film are charming though, and for what it's worth I appreciate the intended efforts of director Joseph Ruben. But it just wasn't as fun as I expected.Though Dreamscape is praised as being a film which combines in elements of science fiction, action and horror all into the one film, for me I felt that things were really scattered. The story itself did not feel consistent enough as there was constantly new themes being thrown in from all kinds of unpredictable angles. The concept itself is interesting, but it is all thrown into a slow moving feature which just fails to make the same impact today that it did upon its original release. The crossover of political themes and various characters against the backdrop of a science fiction film with deadpan comedy proved to just be sporadically entertaining at best. The dream sequences themselves were very creative which I hand high praise to, but it was the rest of the world around it that failed to make an entertaining impression. At heart, Dreamscape is just very much a B-movie which has fun when it sits back and embraces that notion. But it too often makes the mistake of getting caught up taking itself too seriously which is when the story is less than entertaining. And due to the low budget nature of Dreamscape, the visual style of it can be rather dull a lot of the time. Though the visual effects have their own cheesy appeal, the cinematography in the film always follows the most conventional of angles which are hardly atmospheric in any way and the general visual quality is a little bit rough or grim. This is particularly poor in some scenes which are shot with monochromatic backgrounds or nighttime settings. The one major techincal aspect of Dreamscape that is worth boasting about is the musical score. It is interesting to hear Maurice Jarre taking on a retro style 1980's musical score for Dreamscape because it is great in capturing the level of nostalgic and smooth atmosphere for the story, even getting rather intense during the more powerful scenes.The cast of Dreamscape also supply their own charms to the film.Dennis Quaid manages to stand consistently strong as the lead actor in Dreamscape. Dennis Quaid shows off that he has a Harrison Ford type charm in Dreamscape which works in the sense that it capitalizes on some of the Indiana Jones type moments in the film. He maintains a likable sense of sophisticated charm, and yet at the same time he has the bold and swift abilities of a smart action hero which means that he intergrates his physical capabilieis with his skill at creating an intelligent character. The balance is great, and he finds it without turning his character into an overly melodramatic one but rather keeping his balance on a steady level. Dennis Quaid leads Dreamscape with the right serious tone and plenty of charm.Max Von Sydow is a charming presence as always. Dreamscape sees him returning to the science fiction genre and bringing his iconic sense of wisdom along with him, making him the ideal casting deicision for the role of the exposition within the story. His charming tone of voice and effective chemistry with Dennis Quaid see him put to good use in Dreamscape, even if he is limited by the one-dimensional simplicity of the role and the minimal screen time. Christopher Plummer manages to bring along the same kind of charm, although he achieves it through more antagonistic means. David Patrick Kelly is also welcome to see once again.So Dreamscape benefits from Dennis Quaid's charisma and an original story with many creative dream sequences, making it all the more dissapointing that they are buried beneath a series of extended dialogue sequences which stretch the slow pace of the film on for too long while they cram in all kinds of unsuspecting and inconsistent themes which leave Dreamscape as a film which has aged strangely.

Thomas W (es) wrote: Amazing, if only for the D&Dness.

Joe H (mx) wrote: This is supposedly a classic and I was looking forward to it.Just does not offer anything to the viewer.The editing is farcical. The swift transition and jump cuts at the murder scenes is distracting. Its like the production company held a competition for special needs children to visit the set and one of them managed to get into the editing suite and went mental.I will never watch this crap again.Troma seems to be a tag for shitess.

William W (it) wrote: This Mamoulian classic is absolutely stunning. There has never been an actress even remotely like Garbo, and she shows her luminous qualities, that kept her at the height of Hollywood stardom till she had enough, to full effect, especially in scenes opposite her ex-fianc John Gilbert.

Alaide M (ru) wrote: Of childhood. One of my favorites, although not the great film it's tender and brings me good memories.

Daniel D (es) wrote: Um fuzileiro aposentado volta para sua terra natal e a encontra dominada pelas drogas e por um cassino na cidade, porm o cassino de um ex-desafeto e assim que ele tenta acabar com as drogas brutalmente espancado, porm retorna mais forte e se torna xerife, desta forma consegue colocar ordem na cidade e matar todo mundo!