Snuff 102

Snuff 102

A young Argentinian reporter is writing an article about snuff films - which depict real torture, rape and murder of people. But seeking the films and those behind them might backfire. She herself is in danger of becoming one of the suffering.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:torture,   camera,   violence,  

Why being moral... If we can be anonymous. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Snuff 102 torrent reviews

Ashley M (nl) wrote: Awesome doc. Extremely heartfelt. Ms. Wilma Stephenson is truly an angel.

Jason M (gb) wrote: A must-see for actors.

LUCA Z (kr) wrote: Infascelli is the only hope for italian horror. We should protect him!

Nicki M (jp) wrote: To be honest, it's not *that* bad considering it's a movie about sports betting. I didn't expect to sit through all of it as it was, but I got increasingly more and more bored as it went along. There wasn't enough story outside of the betting, though the two lead characters were strong and had potential to be interesting. More Alexandria would have maybe improved the story. I think some of it is down to me. I really aren't into sports and sports movies. At all.

Chilexion B (us) wrote: Perfectly visualised! Very realistic and intimate story!

Elin G (gb) wrote: Good hearteed swedish comedy with a fun script couple of briallant scenes that unfortunatly takes it all a bit far, going over the top in the last ten or fifteen minutes.

Aram A (ca) wrote: Do you think that is true?

Joby D (kr) wrote: REALLY?!? You have GOT to be shitting me? They made this many fucking sequels to the original shitty movie (only redeeming quality to that one was one of the characters shares my name!).

Linnea H (ag) wrote: Utterly strange but the great acting performances (especially of Rickman) still makes it stunning. But I must admit that it was quite hard to follow the plot because of it's complexity.

Andrew B (au) wrote: It's a shame I couldn't get a better transfer of this - it's an interesting examination of a patriarchal home forced into submission but it manages to keep a light mood the majority of the time, getting the point across without feeling forced. In some ways it feels like more of a moral lesson than a work of art, but it sure keeps its own better than something like "Fireproof" (though I hate to use such a comparison).

Henrik P (ru) wrote: (mykk) komediaa parhaimmillaan

Christopher E (es) wrote: Great story one of the only movies these days that needs a sequel we will get 100 sequels and prequels to mind numbing brain dead bull shit but not for this good stuff

Peter W (au) wrote: Really liked the film but the monster reveal at the end the design kinda sucks.

cooper h (nl) wrote: All star cast, so it could be good. It has a lot of potential. Nicole Kidman is always good in her movies.

Andy G (kr) wrote: I've seen this movie several times, and always find it enjoyable. Tim Allen doing his thing. He's great in thee type of roles. Not too childish and not too adult, similar to his role on Home Improvement. I also found it interesting that the lead female role was played by Julie Bowen, who I now know from Modern Family , and a brief role on Lost. Also, Hayden Panettiere, who I know from Heroes plays Tim Allen's daughter. Both actors I wasn't really familiar with until their TV shows, so I found it quite surprising even though I had seen this film several times. Overall I gave this film 7.3/10* * I tend to rate movies higher than most people (sometimes even going over 10/10), simply because I tend to enjoy movies more often than others. To help put my rating in perspective, this movie scored better than approximately 35% of the movies I have reviewed since joining this site.