So Far Away

So Far Away


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WS W (fr) wrote: Quite amusing actually.

Vasco M (us) wrote: Like 'Shaun Of The Dead', but with more elderly humour. Well done, just not that great.

Nicolas B (ru) wrote: Great documentary of a great musician

Andrew B (es) wrote: I'm severely on the fence with this movie.

Justin C (au) wrote: "kim il jong"? i should've stopped watching right then.

Joanne N (gb) wrote: Saw this on the airplane. Twice. Read the book a few years ago. Can't believe the mediocre results given to the movie. It was SO GOOD! I loved the actress who played the little girl, and of course Geoffrey Rush.

Jim H (ru) wrote: This movie asks the viewers to take a tremendous amount of leaps of faith along with it. Steve Carell as a dramatic lead. The thought but Juliette Binoche would actually be interested in him. That Dane Cook can actually act. And yet, with the exception of that last one, just about all of them work. A very slow moving yet entertaining flick.

Jens R (de) wrote: Less driving, more talking. And more silly jokes.

Willie J (ru) wrote: Katharine Hepburn and Henry Fonda star in a film together...that's an achievement in itself. These two acting legends had reportedly never met before this film in 1981, which is hard to believe seeing as they'd both been going strong since the 30s. To wrap the review up in a nutshell, so I don't spend all day going into it's sensational qualities, the fines thing about this film, and it's most essential quality, is that it comes off as 100% real. The entire casts' performances, the writing, all of it comes off so natural we forget we're watching a movie.The most cinematic things about "On Golden Pond", and possibly it's best assets, are the score and cinematography. The beauty of the opening sequence can't be put into words. It was like a moving painting with soothing, beautiful classical music to accompany the mood. "On Golden Pond" is simply filled with beauty and naturalism- and no film can wrong with that. Near perfection.

Stuart K (es) wrote: Written and directed by James Bridges (The Paper Chase (1973), September 30, 1955 (1977) and The China Syndrome (1979)), this was made when country music had an unexpected boom in the American charts. It also gave it's star the chance to do something new, and show he wasn't just a teen idol. He needed a hit after Moment by Moment (1978) was a massive flop, and it was one of his last successes before Pulp Fiction. It has Buford Uling Davis 'Bud' (John Travolta) moving from the small town of Spur, Texas to Pasadena, Texas, which is just outside Houston. Bud has taken a job in an oil refinery in the hope of getting more money. For the time being, Bud is living with his Uncle Bob (Barry Corbin), who introduces him to the Honky Tonk side of life, including the local bar Gilley's. It's here Bud meets Sissy (Debra Winger), and they start a relationship. Bud also takes part in mechanical bull riding competitions, competing against tough arch-rival Wes (Scott Glenn), who is abusive, and wants Sissy to himself. It's a bit overlong, but it has it's moments, including some good music by the Charlie Daniels Band and Bonnie Raitt, and it shows a tough but honest side to American life, one which is still going strong now.

Jennifer R (es) wrote: EXCELLENT!!! A drunk horse?! Classic. No joke; I have seen this movie more than 500 times over the years. I totally LOVE it!!

Kevin R (nl) wrote: Why are you interested in vampires? A rich man believed to have committed suicide had his family abandon the house after his death. Since leaving the house a mysterious group has moved in that some believe to be vampires. After another murder, a group made up of an investigator and members of the family, returns to the house to discover the ghoulish people. Are they really vampires and could they be responsible for the original death? "I don't want any police in this. Just do what I tell you." Tod Browning, director of Dracula (1931), Freaks, The Unknown, Mark of the Vampire, The Blackbird, Where East is East, and The Mystic, delivers London After Midnight. The storyline for this picture is very good and a nice blend of "who done it" and horror. The acting looked like it had a lot of potential to be very good and the cast includes Lon Chaney, Marceline Day, Henry Walthall, and Percy Williams. "How did you get here so soon?" "That's my business, young man." This restoration of a long lost silent picture is a series of images along with the original script from the movie (all recreated and provided by Turner Classic Movies). Despite the limited view of the movie, this was an amazing tale with interesting characters, unpredictable subplots, and a very good conclusion. I recommend seeing this picture. "She saw the living dead people in the Balfour house." Grade: A-

Amy C (ag) wrote: looks like it will be good.... or really not

Lyndsey C (us) wrote: ..really.. really stupid