Soar Into the Sun

Soar Into the Sun

After he performs a dangerous dare-devil stunt at an air show, South Korean Air Force pilot Tae-hun is kicked out of the elite Black Eagles flying team and transferred to a combat unit ...

After he performs a dangerous dare-devil stunt at an air show, South Korean Air Force pilot Tae-hun is kicked out of the elite Black Eagles flying team and transferred to a combat unit ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Giovanni M (fr) wrote: Digital Currency 101. Great documentary.

Kevin R (kr) wrote: Never give up until you're up to where you want to be.Santa is approached and kidnapped by a shipping package corporate owner that wants to steal Santa's ideas to improve his business model. A down on his luck elf, who cleans stables, has always wanted to impress Santa and become an inventor...but his inventions never work. Can the elf on the bottom of Santa's totem pole save him?"So, you're proud of me?""I'm not disappointed, if that's what you mean."Leon Joosen (who worked on Space Jam, The Little Mermaid, and Oliver & Company) and Aaron Seelman (who worked on Ben 10, Space Chimps 2, and Lego Atlantis) collaborate to deliver Saving Santa in their directorial debut. The storyline for this picture is pretty straightforward and non-imaginative. I did think the animation style was pretty good and the voices were well selected. Voices are provided by Tim Curry, Joan Collins, Martin Freeman, and Pam Ferris."I'm no hero. I'm just a pooper scooper."I watched this off Netflix with my daughter and we both found it interesting for about two-thirds of the movie. However, the songs were a bit boring and the movie kind of progresses slowly for a kid's film. She found herself coloring about half way through the film. Overall, this is very average and isn't worth going out of your way to see."As of this moment, Christmas is outsourced."Grade: C

Annabel H (fr) wrote: It's very strange but it's ok

Sinem K (nl) wrote: I watched too many horror-thriller but also between them can only mediocre movie! Word of the movie is undoubtedly annoying tick tock! As meaning that the unconscious man's behavior during sleep, showing an adaptation of the so-called Parasomnia words but quite irrelevant to this word on a strange movie! Obviously made on a low budget. Sucks because the shootings be called-in effects .. Frequent errors in my camera to see he does not need too much effort to draw upon ... Watch a movie with a lot of criticism so much as someone making efforts to badmouth disrespect, but maybe not really a movie I would recommend. If you do not watch too lost in you know something you do not!

alan j (us) wrote: slow moving french film about the machinery of capitalism and one woman's determination to put a dent in the inherent corruption that lies within. Terrific acting by Huppert and Berland, but otherwise one soon realizes the futility of her struggle and the movie seems to slow down rather quickly, almost to a halt toward the end. Its an ok watch for the acting though.

Movie F (it) wrote: First installment of this story line. The story is about what the title says and the antics that come along the way. I would you think a girl would respond to: " Hello, I'm going to be Santa Claus, but first I need to get married. Would you be my Mrs. Claus?" lol...think about it. I want to know what he is saying to all the women he meets that the film montages over. Good flick to pass the time or put in the family gathering background.

Michael A (us) wrote: Incredibly ludacris plot about an up and coming action star forced to take the law in his own hands against a group of stalkerazzi...the only thing this movie does have is an interesting set of cameos.

Melissa R (us) wrote: What a way to ruin a perfectly good book. If you've never read the books, you might come out liking this movie, but if you have, prepare to be wildly disappointed.Meg and her brother Charles Wallace are the odd children of the Murry family. They're just a little too different and after the disappearance of their father, Meg becomes more than a little angry. But things change when an odd woman shows up at their door and tells them both that they're needed. Along with Calvin O'Keefe, a new friend, they are swept away to a different planet where they learn an evil being is keeping their father captive. They have to try to save them without being taken under control by the Evil IT who is there.Characters:Katie Stuart: Meg MurryGregory Smith: Calvin O'KeefeDavid Dorfman: Charles Wallace MurryChris Potter: Dr. Jack MurryKyle Secor: Man with Red EyesSean Cullen: Happy MediumSarah Jane Redmond: Dana MurryKate Nelligan: Mrs. WhichAlison Elliott: Mrs. WhoAlfre Woodard: Mrs. WhatsitMunro and Thomas Chambers: The TwinsI'm sure the actors tried their best but the vast majority were downright awful. I don't know if it was the way they played the characters or just the way the script was written, but they greatly deviated from the characters in the book. Mrs. Which especially wasn't very good and didn't seem the wise all-knowing being that she is in the book. Mrs. Who too had some trouble in that regard as well. In fact, of the three Mrs. W's, only Mrs. Whatsit seemed believable and likable to me, although she was a bit strange. Charles Wallace was the greatest disappointment. He was a little brat in this movie and was completely unlike his character in the book. They made him less spectacular than he really is. Meg and Calvin were ok and were the closest to their characters in the book, but even they weren't the beloved characters I grew up reading about.The plot greatly deviates from the book as well with all sorts of random things happening. While the basic premise is the same, it was definitely "spiced up" for the theatre and I think that it loses some of its charm because of this. I do have to say that I was kind of surprised that, for the year this movie was made, the graphics were rather terrible. They were kind of blotchy for special effects and I think they could have made some of the more fantastical elements more realistic than they did. The creature Mrs. Whatsit turns into, especially, could have been much improved on. The music as well was pretty cheesy and didn't really fit with the movie as a whole.Definitely not what I was expecting and rather a let down. I think I'll stick to the books and avoid any sequels that come out for this movie.

Monte B (au) wrote: holly cow i have not seen this movie in forever

Shawn E (gb) wrote: An indie film that was one of Goslings first lead roles had some powerful and ugly moments. But it kind of fumbled trying to put the ending together.

Chris M (ca) wrote: I first saw this brilliant film at the Varsity, an art house cinema next to Drake University, in the summer of 1990. Having watched it again after all these years, I am still in awe of the acting and beauty of Isabellle Adjani as Camille Claudel.

Tom H (jp) wrote: A suspenseful Thriller focusing on two couples witnessing a satanic ritual with human sacrifice. The rest of the film is basically a run for your life type scenario, which works pretty good in this film.

Drew R (fr) wrote: Classic story about angst, love, and post-high school doldrums.

Ashleigh D (au) wrote: This movie was pointless, and I hated both characters.

Michael Q (jp) wrote: Better off watching re-run of Star Track !

John W (ca) wrote: The trailers contained all the funny bits...

Dusty H (au) wrote: Best ending ever. Even better than the Wild Bunch