A woman sees her best friend murdered before her eyes, and thus becomes very traumatised. Her husband tells her to stay at home, where she discovers a little gris-gris bag. She opens the ...

A woman sees her best friend murdered before her eyes, and thus becomes very traumatised. Her husband tells her to stay at home, where she discovers a little gris-gris bag. She opens the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sobrenatural torrent reviews

threeayem (au) wrote: Doesn't have the economy of concept that I think makes the first film so enjoyable, causing the still-awesomely-choreographed fight scenes to feel more like they exist to fulfill a requirement. Still, it's very enjoyable, and the lead proves he's definitely got what it takes as a purely dramatic actor and not just a martial artist. Worth a watch.

Tim M (gb) wrote: War Witch, you're the one for me baby, I'm ready to meet your parents. You what!? "Brutal without turning exploitative, the result is harrowing and heartbreaking." "Canadian writer-director Kim Nguyen spent nearly a decade researching this docudrama about child soldiers in Africa, and the film feels as authoritative as a first-hand account." It's "a powerful and upsetting portrait of a young girl compelled into horrific circumstances.

shanul h (de) wrote: It's a well made film that lacks a strong ending.

Beth S (kr) wrote: Kate Winslet and Jack Black are charming and their story works well. The side story with Eli Wallach provides some depth and he and his buddies are captivating. Jude Law is charming. The one reason I merely like this movie instead of loving it is Cameron Diaz. She just didn't seem right for the role and didn't bring any depth to it.

James B (de) wrote: I just didn't get this. I thought it was boring to be honest. There were some amusing parts, but they were few and far between.

Jonathan P (kr) wrote: Quaid and Grace lacked a bit of on-screen chemistry but the acting by both did enough to hid it behind Grace's spazy boss attempt and Quaid's cool and composed veteran persona. In Good Company was much better than I had expected. It may not be laugh out loud funny or even that captivating but as the title implies you feel like you are In Good Company.

Emily P (gb) wrote: i will love this movie until i die straight up 16 years and counting

Jason D (jp) wrote: Famed cult director Fred Olen Ray, king of 80's schlock brought us his most demented and absurd film yet way back in 1992 (even though the look of the film suggest mid-80's) called Evil Toons. Many years ago, the owner (David Carradine) of house haunted by demons from a book eerily resembling the Necronomicon kills himself by way of hanging (how about that for a premonition!). Years later, four sexy young girls (including Monique Gabrielle, Suzanne Ager and pornstars Madison Stone & Barbara Dare [dubbed Stacey Nix]) are hired on by the great Dick Miller to clean up the infamous house. Instead the girls occupy their time by getting naked a bunch for no apparent reason and using the book to summon a (singular) Evil Toon, which kills one of the girls and inhabits her body throughout the rest of the movie, save for a small blip at the film's climax, leaving the Toon to actually be present in the film for a whopping 1-1 1/2 minutes. Honestly, Fred, why even bother calling it Evil Toons, you old boob! Anyways, the story is dumb, the acting is dumb, and the overall film is dumb, but if you have a soft spot for the work of Fred, or enjoy looking at some amazing early-90's naked chicks, this film will suit you. Aside from Carradine and Miller, there's also some cameos from TV star Arte Johnson and the ultimate 80's underground scream queen (and my true love) Michelle Bauer (yes, she does pop the titties out in her brief role). Yes, the girls get naked a lot, but that's NOT softcore. People nowadays do not understand what softcore films are. Imagine a hardcore adult film...ok, now take away the insertions and cum shots...and there you have it: softcore. Lots of naked chicks in this film, but nary a single sex scene (though it does come close to one). That's not a softcore film folks.

Ryan V (jp) wrote: Foreign Correspondent was Alfred Hitchcock's second American feature and he used the bigger budget to craft a more visually elaborate version of the chase movies that made him into one of Europe's hottest film directors. The plot follows an American reporter (Joel McCrea) who stumbles upon a conspiracy by British traitors to give valuable defense secrets to Nazi Germany. The story is executed with Hitchcock's masterful sense of pace, some cool set pieces involving windmills and a sinking airplane, and the wry humor that colors so much of Hitchcock's work (the "love scene" in the middle of Act 2 is practically a fourth-wall breaking rant about how staid and contrived love scenes in suspense thrillers tend to be). I wouldn't call Foreign Correspondent the perfect Alfred Hitchcock spy movie since North by Northwest exists, but it's consistently entertaining while also serving as an interesting time capsule of the period it was made in.

Heather M (ru) wrote: This is not at all like that other Leprechaun moves that we have all seen and hated. There is actually some interesting folklore here that is believable enough for a slasher flick.

Don W (us) wrote: Excellent movie about faith and the power of prayer. Absolutely loved this movie. And as it shows MOST CRITICS are so desensitized to a good movie that they truly don't know what a good movie is.