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Raj Matthews has been selected the best actor in the Bollywood Cine Awards. He dedicates this award to his pretty co-star, Preeti Sardesai. Raj has everything going for him. He is rich, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marty W (ru) wrote: Surprising as much for what it focused on as what it ignored: . Lomborg says statistics show enviro-situation as better than catastrophizers and media present (what a relief for all of us with apocalypse fatigue!) . however, Lomborg focuses on technological fixes, which got us into this mess in the first place, not on working with cycles and processes of nature (except algae fuel), and he (intentionally?) ignores dramatic resource efficiency & carbon reduction advances achieved since 1970s by Rocky Mountain and Wuppertal Institutes, Amory Lovins, McDonnough and Braungart (Cradle to Cradle), Natural Step, ISO 14001, Carbon Disclosure Project, etc., and doesn't include their work as part of his techno- and other fix palette, . presented higher annual world-fixing budget - $250 billion, than Lester Brown's $187 billion budget (Plan B 4.0, Worldwatch Institute), covering fewer initiatives-- was the snub intentional? . ignored human nature -- theocratic and dictatorial regimes, polarized international factions, and U.S. politics hampering progress; . gratuitously and oddly placed white guy feeding little black children in Kenya, without noting the kids may never be able to afford to return the favor for white people in Denmark, . agreed with Al Gore that climate change is afoot, found "Inconvenient Truth" exaggerations and errors, but proposed mostly same means to address them, didn't offer radically different ideas, . forgot to ask Mhyrvold (Intellectual Ventures) what kind of nuclear plant -- thorium? and what possibilities and consequences attend nuclear power, firstly, who's going to fund new nukes now? . rather, advocated imposing technical fixes without even hinting at possible unintended consequences, . no specifics on Simon's economics assertions that started Lomborg on this journey. Wha--?In sum: interesting perspective, nice optimism, gives perspective on "Inconvenient Truth," not much new. Lots of missed opportunities.

Bret B (au) wrote: An awesome surprise. Some fight flicks try to be about "honor", but this movie make those others look like boys. Chiwetel Ejiofor is fraking incredible.

Kristina K (kr) wrote: Sad sad world we live in. I still feel like I'm seeing a much much light version of what really happens. Could've been more controversial. What are the documentaries for if not that?

Jennifer H (br) wrote: You learn all about the opal hunting culture. So that's new and interesting. Kinda sad though

BJ P (au) wrote: Jordana Brewster was Cute..!! ^^

Jocey D (nl) wrote: It's perplexing and a little scary but not horrifying. It keeps you guessing because not everyone is who they seem to be. Yet the ending, although a bit surprising, doesn't explain much. What's the motive? What's the back story? Did I miss something?

ANGIE (ca) wrote: This was by far one of the strangest movies made! I haven't seen this since i was a child, but remember it causing fear/anxiety at the time! Not really a "kids" flick.

Private U (ag) wrote: Excellent historical account of the rescue of jewish passengers on a hijacked aircraft... also the the mission in which yoni nettanyahu died

Alex C (de) wrote: Edward G. Robinson as the prophet of doom. Fun.

Jerrod G (ag) wrote: Interesting melodrama that causes one to ponder Stella's decision in the end. Beautiful classic movie with an ending scene that many women break down during. Worth the watch.