Socha Na Tha

Socha Na Tha

A boy who forced to "see" a girl, whom he have to marry with. but the girl and boy, follows the constraints they made at their first meet, and , unfortunately, was unable to follow it.

A boy is forced meet a girl for an arranged marriage but even though he refuses the match, they secretly become friends. As things get complicated and both get engaged to different people they realize they've fallen in love with each other. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin M (gb) wrote: A brief look into the life of a young mans path through the Child Care "System" of America. Although the subject matter and situations were very real. It came off a bit after-school special-ish. Or late night made for TV on CBS. None the less Rosie O' Donnell puts in some of her best work.

Regie P (de) wrote: A touching and endearing story, and if you manage to connect all the loose ends together, you might find it a little intriguing as to why Judy Ann's character acts the way she does. Still, it is worth a few commendations, specially on its effort to present and/or preserve Filipino traditions.

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Chad P (kr) wrote: I feel retarted for not seeing the end of the movie coming! Gotta give its props though, even though its not that high action.

Anthony I (ru) wrote: Fails at every level at being uplifting and inspirational. If anything, it patronizes the disabled. Sean Penn is an embarrassment here. He is not any bit convincing as a disabled man. This is a great story, squandered by Hollywood phoniness.

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