Sock-a-Bye Baby

Sock-a-Bye Baby

The stooges mistakenly kidnap a baby they find on their doorstep. When the cops and the baby's mother come looking for the baby, the boys panic and flee into the country with the cops (one of them is the baby's father) pursuing them by motorcycle. It all ends happily with the baby reunited with its parents and the stooges running off disguised as bushes.

The stooges mistakenly kidnap a baby they find on their doorstep. When the cops and the baby's mother come looking for the baby, the boys panic and flee into the country with the cops (one ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Manu G (ag) wrote: Drive hard.Mediocre Movie! The film just seems like a B-grade movie which they tried to make into a decent one with two great actors, but not even Cusack and Jane could rescue this.A former race car driver turned driver's training instructor (Jane) is abducted by a mysterious thief (Cusack) and forced to be the wheel-man for a crime that puts both in the sights of the cops and the mob and leads them all on a chase across Australia's Gold Coast.

Jordon J (gb) wrote: I'd write that it's the worst thing to happen to the Boy Scouts in quite some time, but the organization appears to have bigger fish to fry these days. Bad film just SKIP IT!!!

Colleen M (ca) wrote: I enjoyed it! I thought it was beautiful!

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John T (fr) wrote: Because of 911 they reinstate the draft. I really liked this one. You have a group of guys trying to deal with the fact that they're going to war. The actors are all superstars, so it's a pretty great movie. I think if the cast was any different this movie wouldn't have been nearly as good as it was.

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Andrew B (nl) wrote: A good foreign film that doesn't get seen enough.

Ally T (nl) wrote: This was an alright watch. In a way I ended up feeling sorry for the guy for his obsession with becoming more famous. Talk about never being happy with what you've got.

Jesse W (au) wrote: What I like about the films of Tran Ahn Hung is how he captures culture in such an elegant, slow and delicate way. The traditions and harmony- well, harmony on the surface - of the family in the film is something of a wonder to me, and makes m want to go and live with them. Even if the film is tackling relationship troubles and spousal betrayal, the backdrop is the beautiful city of Hanoi, Vietnam. The meals and every characters interests are shown with real intimacy and colorful beauty. Tran and his DOP have a real eye for colors and how they interact, making them a bit of a rival for the team of Wong Kar-wai and Christopher Doyle, in my worthless opinion. Every room or cafe, house boat or mountain is so rich and vivid I can't imagine how one couldn't be happy in those surroundings. But hey, some people have certain longings or secrets that are eating them away.Like CYCLO, the soundtrack uses some Western music, specifically Lou Reed, which is balanced by an original score that at times feels a bit unfitting, and would work better in something like an uncanny, suspenseful moment in a Hitchcock film where the atonalities and discomfort would suit material like that more effectively.I thought all the characters were interesting, especially the three sisters. And Tran should continue to use his pretty wife in his films. I never knew watching a woman wake up could be so enjoyable.

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Eduardo L (fr) wrote: 8.5/10, 9-17-2015. Original rating: 8/10, circa January 2012.

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