After Athens falls under the government of the Thirty Tyrants, the lives of citizens are no longer safe. The philosopher Socrates, meanwhile, continues his so-called philosophical "preaching", gathering more and more young disciples. The youth of Athens like Socrates, although the conservatives, such as the comedian Aristophanes, ridicule him, believing him to be one of the sophists.

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Joshua L (jp) wrote: Whether you know the story or not, I think this is simply an important film about injustice that everybody should view at least once in their lifetime.

Sugeiny T (nl) wrote: This movie I've seen many times on the racks of the video rental store I go to. Over the year I'd seen it there thinking that it's probably lame. But the other day I was zapping through channels and catch it on a venezuelan channel I get and it was jst starting, so I decided to watch it since I had nothing better to do. I have to admit that it was surprisingly good. Mexico's entertainment industry is usually mediocre, but this movie shows that when they get their minds to it they actually manage to create good stuff. The screenplay was definitely smart and somewhat funny in a serious way. Mauricio Ochmann is one of the best mexican actors of his generation and he didn't dissapoint here. Ninel Conde and Adriana Fonseca are horrible actresses (an artists all together) and here was no exception, besides they both looked ugly as fuck. Fonseca's attempt to look natural and real while giving birth were disastrous, but the overall of the script and the rightful choice of casting Ochmann was main character made up for their lack of talent.

Chris C (au) wrote: "Are these the kind of people you hang around with" exclaims Billy Blanks (as a character named, and I'm not kidding... Billy) to his sister. He is punching a man repeatedly in the face. This man looks like one of the Chuckle Brothers. Not happy with the answers he receives, he proceeds to throw this man out of a window. Moments like this make "Back in Action" (or, if you were in the UK "RODDY PIPER and BILLY BLANKS are Back in Action") one of the greatest action films not made in the halcyon days of over the top action, the eighties. It easily ranks alongside the great shoot em ups of Arnie, and Stallone. Take on martial arts knowing fitness trainer, and an over the hill wrestler, and mix violently to create sublimely ridiculous action. How many men can sit behind a miniature tractor in a gun fight, and how many will survive? One of lifes many questions, that can be answered by this slice of pure, idiotic entertainment. Watch in awe, as a man gets shot of a boat, and hits a car. Truly a masterpiece.

Aj V (es) wrote: I loved this biography movie, and I don't usually like biopics that much. The actors are fantastic, and it's full of all the great songs from Lewis. I highly recommend this movie to both fans of the actors and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Al H (it) wrote: A classic comedy from the mastermind of Mel Brooks.A must see.

Chris C (es) wrote: This film is almost like a dream come true for me. It is set in Old Shanghai of the 1920's and 1930's (a period and place I have always been fascinated by). It is a romantic gangster story inspired by one of my all-time favorite John Woo films (BULLET IN THE HEAD). The film has stylish elements that reflect the influence of the great Sergio Leone (especially Leone's Western, ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST).All of these elements would exist in my own film if I were to make it, could this movie possibly miss with me?Others may find the pacing too slow, or something lacking here or there; but, for me...this film is very close to perfect. But, that is just my opinion...

Daniel H (de) wrote: A classic of the spy-genre, in its all-out parody glory. Age has only added a new sheen of humor, as we guffaw at the retro aura (the kung-fu grips, the 1960's womanizing, go-go dancing, and ridiculous faux-buddhist upper-class chicness.Our Man Flint is an essential entry in the genre of parody, and actually manages to stand on its own without knowledge of what it is trying to parody in a way that the more recent (and less sophisticated) Austin Powers has managed to do. Yet where Austin Powers is slapstick hilarity, Our Man Flint is buffoonishly mock-serious.... a parody style that fits the spy-film genre far more comfortably and more satisfyingly... and has aged remarkably well for a highly topical parody.

Blake P (de) wrote: Imagine "12 Angry Men" done in Italian with real Italian politicians playing many of the roles and you'll have some idea of the intensity of this movie.

Kevin N (it) wrote: A generally unremarkable sci-fi B-movie which plays out like a decent 'Outer Limits' episode. The premise is timely and interesting- the first man into space discovers an invisible menace which doesn't want him there. The movie works well until the (rubber suit) monster is fully revealed, and then things go down hill. There were worse sci-fi cheapies to come out of the decade, but there were also a whole lot of better ones.

Nathan W (nl) wrote: I don't understand how this movie got positive reviews, its one of the most boring and awkward movies I've ever seen.

Jeremy H (ru) wrote: I was pretty interested throughout the movie, but before there was any real development of the plot, it had such an unexpected and awful ending that ruined the entire movie.

michelle w (it) wrote: a must see classic movie everybody has to watch

Marvin T (ag) wrote: A great true crime film. This movie is just awesome. The Hulk(Ruffalo) & Iron Man(Downey Jr) couldn't stop the great supervillain known as The Zodiac who's even more awesome than Loki in my opinion. This movie really got me into the true case about the Zodiac. This is one of my all time favorite movies.