Sofazr: The Movie - Jiwa kacau

Sofazr: The Movie - Jiwa kacau


Sofazr, a group of musicians from Malaysia star in their very own movie directed by Tauke Raja Lawak dan Isma Af7. The film is a comedy horror about a group of mentally ill patients who are being haunted by a vengeful spirit. But how would they know that it is a real spirit and not a figment of their imaginations? Can they even protect themselves? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sofazr: The Movie - Jiwa kacau torrent reviews

Alex V (jp) wrote: Average and infuriating even if the lead was great.

Andrew C (au) wrote: Not as bad as some people may say. Its a Lifetime TV Movie so you can not and should not expect some good stuff. But, it is quite a great movie to watch with your friends and just laugh your butt off at the cornball acting, stupid plot, and predictable jump scares. A good fun ride for anyone a fan of modern day B-Movies.

Grant H (it) wrote: Pretty good movie. Decent. Cool, kinda funny, with good performance from Barry, and an interesting performance from NCIS's Weatherly.

Jason S (gb) wrote: its pretty good poker movie

Greg W (it) wrote: can't once again believe they lost my review of this bla bla

Vito C (br) wrote: My favorite gay romance flick so far. Both leading actors(Eduardo Noriega and Leonardo Sbaraglia) nail the roles and make the story so believable. The most impressive scene in this film is the one where Nene describes the relationship between Angel and himself. It's so touching that I have to pause the player, wipe all the tears, and then pick up where I was left. Anyway, this one may not be good enough to be credite as "trailblazing," but the idea of these two men had really been out there and loved each other so much totally makes this film a must-see of the queer films!

Giovanni M (nl) wrote: Myers charms his way through this hilarious black comedy, with a surprising underlying heart.

Jacob D (ca) wrote: Underrated with funny moments and great characters in it in my opinion.

iesha p (nl) wrote: im not a u2 fan but so-so influenced

Chrisanne S (ca) wrote: Personally I don't like it. It's really not all that bad though. And Edward Everett Horton has to count for something.

Edward T (fr) wrote: Good Film, Better than the other Paranormal Activity Films

Ayden W (mx) wrote: The story itself is wildly unrealistic, but Water for Elephants tells it cohesively with fine performances accompanied with rough, heartbreaking scenes of raw emotion.

Doctor S (mx) wrote: I wasn't expecting much and only decide to watch because I I had interest in seeing Margot Robbie and she rental at you for, but even with very little expectations this very slow film fails to entertain. Set up a simple and the characters are even simpler ; it's discouraging to think that when survival is the number one importance the three people left in the world still managed to complicate their existence is with junior high level relationship issues. Did you have for is an ass and for some reason feels he has to whisper most of the time when there's no one left to hear him but the person he's talking to. Another underwhelming movie that makes me wonder exactly why did the filmmakers feel this movie had to be made?