A former OSS agent is assigned to rescue two atomic scientists from the dastardly Russians and spirit them away from behind the Iron Curtain.

In this Cold-War thriller Steve Roark (Gene Raymond) helps nuclear scientists in their desperate attempt to escape the ruthless Russian Communist agents who are chasing after them. Roark is... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sofia torrent reviews

Natesh P (kr) wrote: Excellent commercial entertainer... Chillax...

Jamie H (it) wrote: Ryan Reynolds played this role perfectly!

Tom D (fr) wrote: This is interesting documentary that shows that racism is still around today. The subject matter is interesting and many of the real life people are interesting characters. I recommend this thought provoking film.

Greg K (ca) wrote: A friendlier, kid version of 'The Wire.' But not as good. I'm not sure as to the premise of the movie, but it to covers lives from actual poverty to that of drug laden trust fund faux poverty. Parts are touching. Gather what you will, but I'm proud to be drug free.

Vikram T (kr) wrote: one of the best of 90's hehe

Bradley W (fr) wrote: Regarding Henry was a decent drama about a man who must learn his life all over again. Harrison Ford does a good performance, but its very difficult to take him seriously in this kind of role. The story is trying very hard to be some deep and dramatic tale but it ends up feeling very overdone and melodramatic. It has some good themes but it just doesn't have the story or characters to truly show it. There was a really good movie in here somewhere, but its hard to see it.

Heather M (nl) wrote: Peck and Loren made this movie worth the watch. Overall the story wasn't that spectacular, but these are two attractive people with plenty of talent that you have to watch.

Jeff B (it) wrote: I like the visual style of this film. It is very creepy. However, there is ridiculous and egregious overacting all over the place. I think that's just the style of Tennessee Williams adaptations because I really haven't liked much of his work translated to the screen at all. Hepburn varies between low key and over-the-top villanous. Bizarre.

Private U (jp) wrote: I bought this as a birthday present for a friend and I'm still not sure whether it is funny or not. I guess it is largely based on how drunk you are when you watch it.

Anders A (gb) wrote: A utterly smart and creative fictional comedy. In the midst of a building were a half floor is rooming lots of absurd companies and a mystic portal. Watching the inside of John Malkovichs eyevision is pretty unique and intriguing, along side a great cast such as Cusake, Diaz and Keener this movie has good legs to carry this absurdness.