Soh Hwa-ja of Guangdong Hall

Soh Hwa-ja of Guangdong Hall

The evil Dong Won has unbeatable kicking legs and proudly travels the land proving his expertise. But when a young man loses his foster parent to Won's deadly kick, he seeks out an old drunken master to learn a way to defeat the Master of the Leg.

The evil Dong Won has unbeatable kicking legs and proudly travels the land proving his expertise. But when a young man loses his foster parent to Won's deadly kick, he seeks out an old ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ravan Florentin P (de) wrote: in 30 min , no interest

Evan B (ag) wrote: A smart, deadpan, and cynical relationship drama with a healthy dose of black comedy. This had some of the best dialogue I have seen (subs) in a while. It gets tedious in the second half, however.

Justin A (fr) wrote: Very well acted and an amazing, moody house. The first 40 minutes or so are pretty good. When George C. Scott is just walking through the house spooked out, it's entertaining. Once it becomes a "let's solve the mystery, Scooby" kind of movie, then it sort of goes downhill a bit. Everything up to the seance was great and one of the best I've seen, topping recent movies like Drag Me to Hell and Insidious. It's simple, but effective. Once the movie goes into Ring-territory (it's very, very similar to The Ring) then it loses momentum. The twist isn't that compelling and I really didn't care. The ending confrontation with the "villain" felt underwhelming. And the entire thing felt off because it seemed like he could have just moved out whenever. He didn't seem that interested in bringing down the bad guy, and if he was sick of slamming doors he could have just left. I think it had something to do with the main characters wife and daughter dying years earlier, and him feeling a need to solve this, but it felt unclear and like something I was trying to make up myself. Anyway, it's a pretty good movie, but a bit long and honestly not that scary. There are some spooky moments, but no spooky ghosts or moments that make you jump or dig your nails into the seat.

Countess N (kr) wrote: Just about watchable...just.

Frances H (ca) wrote: Very different. I loved it. The story was absorbing and it was visually fascinating. How this got such a low score, I'll never know. I just watched The Dirties, which got a high score and it was just dismally juvenile, but this was imaginative and wonderful. I'll never understand critics.

L F (es) wrote: A well done film. I appreciate the time spent on this and all with marionettes! Love it.

Melvin W (us) wrote: Jeff: It doesn't matter what I do as long as I don't care about the results. And that's why now, I'm getting naked.I really didn't think I was going to like this movie after the first twenty minutes. All that was going on was the characters saying "Fuck you" a lot and flipping everybody off, while they walked away backwards. But from the movie turned into a good little hang out/what are we going to do with are lives, "Oh nothing, that sound good" film. It's sporadically funny and takes some turns towards the dark and tragic.I do like the honesty of the film. The characters sit around and the ones that have given up drink heavily and the ones that have aspirations of bettering their lives talk about stuff they truly don't understand. When it comes to these hang out movies, this isn't one of the better ones. Linklater did it better with Dazed and Confused and there are others like Barry Levinson's Diner which far exceed SubUrbia. That isn't to say that this is a bad movie, because it happens to be an intelligently written(Eric Bogosian) and directed film.The movie runs a little long for the content and it doesn't seem like they really knew how to end it. I wasn't expecting so much to occur during the last act because nothing occurred during the first two. This is a plotless movie, that threw a lot of heavy issues into the mix, especially down the home stretch. It sort of started to feel like a mess and it started to feel a little longwinded,but overall it made its points while being funny and entertaining.Suburbia is worth a look, especially if you like movies that occur in a day or a night. Don't watch it if you don't like movies that really don't have an active plot. All this really is, is conversations between characters. Think Mallrats, but a lot heavier.

Brandon W (au) wrote: From Dusk Till Dawn is a hybrid of a crime and vampire film that stars George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino, Harvey Keitel, and Juliette Lewis in a film that's directed by Robert Rodriguez and written by Quentin Tarantino. When Robert and Quentin work together, I was expecting nothing but great fun, and I was curious to see Quentin Tarantino write a vampire film, which it shows that the film can have a lot of fun and definitely not take itself seriously. The crime aspect of the film is really good with some intense action scenes. I didn't necessarily get why Quentin Tarantino was nominated for some bad awards for his acting, I thought that he was fine in it, not groundbreaking, but was decent. George Clooney is having a lot of fun in it and was just terrific in it, and Harvey Keitel is really good as I haven't seen him in much films except for his main role in Reservoir Dogs which he's also great in. The writing by Quentin Tarantino is very Tarantino-ly which is just as great as his other films for his style of dialogue and great jokes. If the film was just about the crime plot, I would've been fine with it and would like to hear more of the conversations between George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino, but it goes to the other plot aspect which is the vampire genre. Even though I would've been fine with the whole film being about the crime plot, I'm glad that it went this route because that's when the movie gets even more fun. Some of the new characters are really cool and memorable with some of the aspects being odd, but cool at the same time. The designs of the vampires look really cool, and since I get to know a bit more of the characters, the action scenes get even more entertaining. I like how accepting they are to vampires, but in a smart way, and you have no idea about what characters are going to die or survive. The only issue with it that I have is that the vampires are very dumb in this movie and could've easily kill some of the main characters if they stop talking and start biting the humans. As is, From Dusk Till Dawn is one of the most fun vampire films that I watched, and I'm glad that it has a cult following for it.

Bill B (mx) wrote: If this is even a tenth of the bullshit you have to put up with to get a career going in Hollywood, I don't know why the streets there aren't awash with blood all the time.Because Jesus H. Christ.Spacey does have some hilarious lines tho.Recommended.

Terror A (ru) wrote: This is a wonderful little gem of a film. The performances were really good (David Keith was great and having a ball as Elvis Presley), the script is nicely written and there is a lot of charm to it. While the plot may be to unbelievable for some people but if you just go along with it there is a lot to enjoy.

Thomas L (fr) wrote: it was really entertaining, i loved the performance of Emily Browning, Xavier Samuel as well as Cam Gigandet. love that the film brought Catherine Hardwicke back to the drama routes. outside of twilight thirteen is defently Hardwicke's best film ever.