Soldados de Portugal

Soldados de Portugal


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  • Country:Portugal
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Soldados de Portugal torrent reviews

Marvin B (br) wrote: Boring but beautiful. A lot patience is needed to appreciate this unconventional film.

Andrew L (us) wrote: The best super-hero film of recent years & the first since 'Superman' to attempt to portray the origin story of it's protagonist. It's only glaring problem being the lack of proper screen-time & development for Dafoe's brilliant & complex villain (a problem that would carry on throughout the sequels).

Nick B (nl) wrote: It was a terrible excuse for a movie

Miguel Angel L (ca) wrote: Injustamente infravalorada, es tan grotesca y al mismo es GENIAL. Una gran descripcin grfica de como es el cuerpo humano :P

Gregory W (nl) wrote: interesting and different

Sam S (ru) wrote: As a kid I LOVED this movie! It's every kids dream to go to a camp with no rules and no strict schedules. I think the actors were great, though looking back I might question some of the situations that they encounter as slightly questionable considering the intended audience.

Stuart K (nl) wrote: Directed by David S. Ward (Major League (1989), Major League II (1994) and Down Periscope (1996) and produced by Sydney Pollack. This was adapted from the 1980 novel Headlong by Emlyn Williams, but after the producers decided they couldn't make a faithful adaptation of the novel, they tinkered with it, keeping the central concept there, but making it more accessable to Americans. It proved to be a good decision, but it has heart and good laughs along the way. After the entire Royal Family is electrocuted in a freak accident, the hunt is on for an heir to the throne, Sir Cedric Willingham (Peter O'Toole) and Duncan Phipps (Richard Griffiths) lead the search, and they find an heir in Ralph Jones (John Goodman) who works in Las Vegas as a lounge singer. He can't believe it, but when he's flown to London and schooled in English etiquette by Willingham, such as English history, foods and how to play cricket. After Ralph sneaks out and meets exotic dancer Miranda Greene (Camille Coduri), he believes he's met the love of his life, but Lord Percival Graves (John Hurt) uses that to ensure he gets the claim to the throne of England. It's a silly film, with a lot of culture clashes going on, but Goodman is likeable as a monarch, showing the aristocracy how to loosen up and have fun, plus this film puts Love Thy Neighbour stars Jack Smethurst and Rudolph Walker together again!! :P

Jason P (kr) wrote: Epic and tragic, true to Kurosawa's later form. A hard film to summarize in a sentence or two.

Jonathan K (de) wrote: Urban is one of my favorite actors. That being said, pathfinder is terrible. It was a major waste of time

Panos Y (ag) wrote: 6.5/10 Quite entertaining, but it could be more.