Soldaterkammerater på efterårsmanøvre

Soldaterkammerater på efterårsmanøvre


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1961
  • Language:Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sequel,   army,  

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Soldaterkammerater på efterårsmanøvre torrent reviews

claudia n (gb) wrote: Funny and happy.I found the main character Duncan very relatable to because I'm a socially awkward kid who is only happy at one place and I don't want to leave. This film was amazing brilliant acting and brilliant story line. I highly recommend you to watch it.

Marian D (fr) wrote: High school, Prague suburb, graffiti, hiphop. Enjoyable movie with great Jiri Madl and solid Tomas Vorel jr. ("nejsem drzy, jsem uprimny")

Alberto M (kr) wrote: Actually i think people should be framed for making movies like this one.

Alex V (fr) wrote: Powerful. Damn Michelle is intense.

william m (it) wrote: This move has not aged well, and Whoopi wasn't doing it for me.

Matthew S (au) wrote: Time has not been kind to Peter Yates' John And Mary, but it still holds merit thanks to Hoffman and Farrow.

Sameen M (jp) wrote: Have you ever seen two dicks slowly mash themselves together into a chain-link of dicks? Well I have.

Orlok W (de) wrote: Early sci-fi Technicolour extravaganza--Great Technicolor, Great Effects, Weak Acting!!

Mandela W (mx) wrote: The late Robin Williams was one of the great talents in the comedy world. He could not only crack some super hilarious jokes in standup and in movies but he had such a high paced energy to him that found its way into his impressions and voices that he used to do. Mrs Doubtfire is a film that absolutely showcases his ability to do just that. Williams plays Daniel Hillard a voice actor who gets fired from his job at the start of the film. We then are introduced to a man who loves his kids and does whatever he can to make them happy even if it causes a ruckus with his estranged wife Miranda who finally divorces him. As per a deal with the trial if Daniel can get his life together and create a suitable living environment for the kids the judge may reexamine the case. Miranda mentions to him one night that she is hiring a baby sitter and this sparks the lightbulb in his head. Daniel then proceeds to use his skills with voices as well as his brothers makeup team to become a female nanny named Mrs Doubtfire. From their hilarity ensues. Pretty good film here. The humor was decently funny to say the least. Good directing from Chris Columbus. great script and plot, I was stunned by the early curveball in the story. I wont say what but it was quite surprising to see so early on. It shares some similarities to tootsie. Only its more family friendly and the stakes are different this timeRobin Williams range of voices is absolutely amazing! he had true talent for that. He pulls off a remarkable performance in the title role. The same level of desperation that Dustin Hoffman's tootsie character had is here too with Daniel. He looks so unrecognizable here. this film I think most displays his ability to improvise on the spot I was stunned at the stories he was coming up with and how believable they were he coulda been a con artist if he hadn't done acting. sally field plays quite a headstrong woman here. This is sort of the role men play but she does a good job of flipping the script. Tremendous costume design. the final scene was predictable that's the only negative thing I will say about this flick. the ending however was a surprise. Great comedy film go check it out

Wendy H (gb) wrote: This was a very heartfelt and heart warming film. It has its ups and downs as in true life and keeps your attention from start to finish. The scenery was beautiful because it was filmed in Big Stone Gap where that area is beautiful. The coal miners are hard workers and the area is georgeous and breathtaking. As is the film. Down home, sincere country folk, Trail of the Lonesome Pine outdoor drama, hard working people, and a love for life and others is what you see and what you'll get. Don't miss out on this film or a chance to go visit this area in person.