Soldier Girls

Soldier Girls

A documentary about women's basic training in Fort Georgia.

A documentary about women's basic training in Fort Georgia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Soldier Girls torrent reviews

Jaime M (ru) wrote: Buen (muy buen, de hecho) documental. Con un toque propagandstico...

Private U (ag) wrote: Just an amazing trip, visually rich and unpredictable plot

Michael S (ag) wrote: Broad and cartoonish, not in a good way. The humor seems geared toward children, yet there are two scenes in strip clubs (What the H?!?!). Waste of a good premise and cast.

Andy R (nl) wrote: BCSD! Julie Walters at her best..

Vitor A (ru) wrote: No SUBSDirector's Cut (92 min.)

Guillaume H (nl) wrote: Totally inept and boring, apart from the final 20 minutes that has good tension. Otherwise, suffers from a total absence of a story and the little it got is in bad shape. The final girl has zero sympathy capital.

Scott W (fr) wrote: Enjoyable, occasionally quite gruseome inspiration for Alien sees a space crew being hunted down on their way home from Mars by Crash Corrigan in a rubber suit. The acting is typically square jawed, wooden and quite sexist - the female crew members seem to be there just to make the dinner!

Justin R (de) wrote: Enjoyable gangster comedy with a great cast and a good script.

Colby D (au) wrote: Brilliant. It is just so intense, yet witty in some places.

Jim S (br) wrote: This film is highly underrated, and is actually quite fun with solid performances from its young cast, who, unfortunately never really went on to bigger or better things except made for TV stuff. If you enjoyed "Near Dark" or "Vampires" you'll probably like this and it was ahead of its time dealing with "no fangs" vampires that was made popular with the "Twilight" series of films (this one is much more entertaining).