Soldier of Orange

Soldier of Orange

This film depicts World War II through the eyes of several Dutch students. It follows them through the beginning of the war, the Nazi occupation and the liberation.

This film depicts World War II through the eyes of several Dutch students. It follows them through the beginning of the war, the Nazi occupation and the liberation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicholas W (ag) wrote: They take drugs it's not good for you.

Nico D (fr) wrote: I hope the actors got well paid at least, because that was one bad film! So stupid...

Connor C (ag) wrote: A powerful and moving documentary devoted to shedding light on a singular event in the course of history where true evil reared its ugly head. The story of Nanking is so incredible for the fact that it is so forgotten by time, serving its purpose to show what hell on Earth can mean when allowed to grow and flourish. The atrocities committed are at times hard to listen to, especially when coming from the survivors who witnessed their families be killed in front of them and saw how little humanity humans are capable of showing.

Aniya H (mx) wrote: I love this movie sense I was 5years old and i am know 13

Andreas C (jp) wrote: It's a movie, I guess.

Christian H (it) wrote: Not the best acting at times, but it all seems to come together as one of Kevin Smith's best films, including his signature raunchy humor. It also explores a lot more serious themes than expected, all the while still remaining over-the-top and hilarious for most of the film's runtime. 8/10

Sam T (ag) wrote: A romantic comedy that had so much potential. If only we could have seen our leading man and woman explore the consequences (positive and negative) of the potion's use. Instead we get a typical case of Nice Guy syndrome exacerbated by a love triangle with the girl being reduced to a prize to be quarreled over by said Nice Guy and his underdeveloped rival. Seriously, Gary gets barely any screen time, implies that Diane put on a little weight once, and starts using the love potion to get with her. And for this we're supposed to hate him. Which I would, were it not for the fact that the morality of even using these potions is never brought up once in the whole movie. Instead of giving us a message about choice and volition versus coercion and forcing someone into being your lover, we get to watch girls exploit the potion to have guys give them stuff, and watch a guy exploit the potion to get sex. And then get mad when another guy tries to do the same. Paul is a biochemist who works with biologist Diane, and he secretly pines for her. Diane, meanwhile, has an on-and-off relationship with Gary, the movie(TM)s designated villain, and she seems oblivious to Paul(TM)s affections, since she didn(TM)t even realize he took her on a date once. Gary wants Diane, but shouldn't be allowed to have her because he(TM)s, in Paul(TM)s words, an asshole.? Yeah. Paul visits a gypsy palm reader who foretells a completely sexless, lonely future for him. She offers him a love potion to help him get some lovin'. Paul doesn(TM)t believe her at first, but takes a sample of the potion anyway and after seeing that it allows even his cat to get more attention than him, Paul becomes convinced of the potion(TM)s authenticity. Paul and Diane study it and decide to test it on themselves, albeit separately. They proceed to enjoy the benefits of getting whatever they want from anyone affected. But then Gary finds out about the potion, buys the whole damn thing from the gypsy and uses it to steal Diane from Paul. And that(TM)s terrible. Because Gary uses the potion to get one girl (who he planned to marry by the way!), while Paul used the potion for an entire sorority of girls. Eww. I will say though, I(TM)m proud of the movie for showing Paul packing condoms for his night out. As creepy as he was, at least the movie gave even a fraction of a damn about showing that it(TM)s important to use protection. The movie(TM)s greatest weakness is probably its main characters. Paul is a textbook Nice Guy,? the dread of many a woman who dares tread the boundaries of platonic friendships with men. While Paul certainly doesn(TM)t deserve the treatment he got from that bitch at the bar, he also has no reason to dislike Gary, other than the fact that he stole? Paul(TM)s girlfriend, because as we know, women are property and must be paid for. Gary gets the girl during the second act because that(TM)s what assholes do: steal girls from Nice Guys.? Diane, meanwhile becomes the most uninteresting character in the process, since her entire capacity to choose whom she loves is rendered moot by the potion. Diane is introduced to us as a nerdy listener of classical music who enjoys studying chimpanzees. She also has a piece of shit car that gets her traffic violations regularly, and also Gary called her fat. When she gets pulled over by the motorcycle cop for the second time in the movie, and the potion falls out of her purse, you really find yourself rooting for her to use it to get out of her jam. Then she starts putting the potion to other uses. Why couldn't Diane actually be a protagonist in this movie? For the early part of the second act it looks like we'll follow both her and Paul as they test the potion. She's the leading lady for sure, but she definitely isn't the protagonist, because Paul narrates the film, and is the one we're supposed to be sympathizing with. Furthermore she abused the potion too, not just Paul or Gary. She used it to get wealthy men to give her expensive shit (which is precisely what Marisa does too, and like Gary we're meant to treat her as an antagonist). And Diane's not some sex-negative person, as evidenced by her willingly sleeping with both Gary and Paul without the potion's influence. But when Diane's free will is taken away by the influence of the potion, she consequently no longer matters as a character, only an objective. That's the problem with this movie. We get to watch the protagonists have fun with the potion's influence, and then we're supposed to condemn the antagonists who put it to precisely the same uses. Obviously context matters, but are the differences great enough to make Paul (used potion for an entire sorority) more sympathetic than Gary (used potion for exactly one person)? Or Diane (used potion to get free shit from men) vs. Marisa (used portion to get free shit from men)? Back to the antagonists. For all we know Gary could be just as big of a Nice Guy as Paul. Or he could possibly be a genuinely good man, who also felt he couldn't win at love. We don't know because the movie refused to show us. What little there is of him is colored by Paul's skewed perspective, or else it just paints him rather neutral. Sure no woman likes to have a guy insinuate she's fat, but does that mean he's a hateful asshole who doesn't want to commit or whatever nonsense Paul alleged about him? We need more reasons to hate this guy, because really, we don't have enough reasons to like Paul. The two of them are too similar in that they can't catch a break with the ladies without the aid of potions. And what about Madame Ruth? Why is no one directing any negativity toward her for promoting this potion in the first place? She can't possibly be unaware that the potion could be exploited, and even has a super potion (in tiny quantity) for love triangles (or other polygons). So if there's a guilty party here, it's the gypsy for purveying a mind-altering substance that destroys one's free will. Instead of a world where you win a person's affection by respecting their right to refuse you, this gypsy seems to think we need to level the playing field for the people who don't know how to acknowledge a person's right to choose. "The greatest tragedy in life is when love fails," my ass. None of her potions are actually about love. The titular No.9 does not create emotion or love, it "purifies it." Okay cool, but that would mean it's only used to remove doubt and uncertainty. Love itself, is there to begin with, and many people do not require this potion to clear their fears and insecurities out of the way. But I guess that's about as close to real love as a potion can get. The real problem is No.8, which seems to simulate love, but do people really think that love is something that can be coerced? He that complies against his own will is of his own opinion still. Once the potion's effects wear off, your opinion of the user reverts to normal, and even possibly degenerates, as in Marisa's case. Why was this never mentioned? Why did no one question the Madame Ruth about it? Is it right to use a potion against someone this way? Because using it on someone at all implies they don't love you in the first place. To be fair, she probably knew this and was only doing it to get Paul laid since she felt so bad for him. But then she goes and sells the whole damn thing to Gary. Nothing suspect here, woman? Come on. One more thing. What happens to gay people? There are very few mentions of homosexuality at all. In the beginning, Ruth asks the priceless question: Are you a boy-kissing boy?? and it(TM)s only used to question Paul(TM)s orientation when she(TM)s so shocked that he has absolutely no women in his future. Then she gives him the potion sample. Back up a moment. What happens when gay people take this thing? Because they certainly don(TM)t need a potion(TM)s help to attract incompatible admirers. Just like straight people don(TM)t need help attracting gay admirers. So...what? We(TM)re later told by Paul that the potion makes the same sex hostile toward the user. Which would mean...using the potion could potentially be fatal to gays? In any case, Paul denies the question, so Ruth decides there(TM)s nothing at all irresponsible about giving it to him. But what if he said yes? Or what if somebody else did? What would she do for a lonely gay guy who couldn(TM)t get with anyone because of limited options? Later in the movie when Diane is exploiting the potion to get her insurance cancelation reversed, she approaches the sole male secretary in the office. The pictures in his cubicle and the Village People(TM)s song Y.M.C.A. are clearly meant to imply his true nature. When she speaks to him, he immediately directs his attention to her, but he seems merely confused by Diane(TM)s voice rather than pissed about it or infatuated with her. Neither of the standard reactions to the potion so far. He(TM)s not interested in girls so he has no reason to compete with other men for her. But he is interested in men, so wouldn(TM)t he be hostile to her for detecting the harlot(TM)s tool of the trade in her voice? Well, no. That(TM)s not what happens. As if to remove all doubt the man is gay, he gets very amused about saying Dick Webster(TM)s name, but doesn(TM)t seem in any way concerned that this potion-doped slutbucket intends to speak to him. To him, she is just a woman and no threat. It(TM)s baffling. So we know the potion does not affect homosexuals when used by heterosexuals. But what about the opposite? Will a gay person using it simply confuse everyone except the other gays? Remember, the secretary guy doesn(TM)t seem at all interested in Diane, so it would logically follow that heteros would be just as disinterested in a gay who used the potion...I think...See, we(TM)re never given a chance to find this out. Because the effects of the potion were equal and opposite in the reactions of both genders to a straight user. But if a gay man used it, the only people it should affect are gay men...I think... Does this mean it would make gay people both pissed off at and in love with gay users? Because if straight men hate straight male users because it(TM)s stealing their straight women, and straight women love straight male users because SEX... My head hurts. But seriously, is there a gay-friendly variant of the potion? It(TM)s this question that makes me interested in a remake of the movie. I want a straight and a gay protagonist to explore the potion(TM)s uses. I want different sexual orientation potions for the express purpose of fucking with everyone who takes the wrong one, or worse, MIXES them, thus creating the titular #9. This would give Marisa(TM)s whole stampede of boyfriends in the end an interesting spin. Have the gay guy, pining for his straight buddy, mix the potions in a desperate gamble that it will bring his straight friend around to loving him, and watch in horror as the WOMEN who hear his voice start making out with each other, and all the MEN start trying to kill each other to win him for their own. Then have them all decide they could SHARE him. Cue cut to gay drinker(TM)s petrified expression. Or something. Because the existence of such substances as love potions matters to more than just straight people. And also, put in some message about how using love potions at all is stupid and people shouldn(TM)t need them. If it's not clear, I love this movie. The whole idea of using love potions and observing the hilarious consequences, positive and negative makes it a fun watch. It has a funny female antagonist (who gets away with everything by the way) and some truly hilarious, if simultaneously creepy moments. But that doesn't excuse its weaknesses. While our villainess is awesome, our villain is not. He is a dreadful disappointment since he barely does anything at all. Similarly, the protagonist is weak, despite having more development, and he crosses the above mentioned boundary of hilariously creepy into straight-up disturbing. The worst part has got to be him detailing his plan to force-feed the super potion to Diane with the help of three male friends. Four guys versus one chick? Hmm...? Oh, 90(TM)s you so silly! Then there(TM)s the matter of how the love interest(TM)s character is infuriatingly retconned out of existence after she falls under the potion(TM)s influence, when she had so much potential as a main character. No one calls the gypsy out for starting all the insanity with her drugs in the first place, and the moral of the story is pretty ugly: It(TM)s bad to use love potions on someone except when the Nice Guy does it, then it(TM)s okay. Again, 90(TM)s.

Miedy B (jp) wrote: Still a great thriller.

Julie B (fr) wrote: Lacking Action & Adventure. Has a great cast Frank Sinatra, Gina Lollobrigida, Peter Lawford, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson. The story is I found lacking. Like a leader of a guerrilla in the jungle during finds times to time to romance a lady. The acting was a bit over the top. In one sence you have Steve McQueen hanging over the side, driving and shooting a thomson submachine gun. It was a wonder he was able to drive the truck straight. Oh, I love Gina Lollabrigida outfits. They were beautiful but her character seem to be out of place in the story. Director John Sturges had great cast to work with but they did not to work. The movie is billed as an Action/Adventure but you do not see much of that. The movie had possably but it does make it.

Annette G (it) wrote: A true classic! Tim Conway and Don Knotts at their best.

Orlando O (es) wrote: American Heist is a dumb action thriller that has hollow characters, dull direction, and stale acting. This film is like the cheap budget version of Ben Affleck(TM)s The Town. The action scenes tried to be intense and even the visual effects were tacky. Hayden Christensen is a low-key underrated actor, who does have the potential of giving a decent performance, if he accepted better scripts. The acting in the movie was quite stale coming from the talented cast like Adrian Brody, Jordana Brewster, and Hayden Christensen. The script was not any better; it had no character development, no exposition. It did not leave much to show any sympathy for the characters. James (Hayden Christensen) is a man, who had a rough past with family issues and his brother Frankie (Adrian Brody) is now out of prison. James thought he could start over and get a better life for himself. Frankie decides to bring him back to this underground group of thugs in trying to do a heist in robbing a bank. The script was horrendous, and a plot that has been done before. A guy trying to do good until his family brings him back into the crime world. The guy falls for a girl and has to distant himself from her to protect her. The characterization between Hayden and Jordana was bland, and it just felt awkward with the two on screen. It needed a better-written script to even see that. The direction was boring, basically seeing majority of the whole movie of James, feeling sad, and angry with his brother for forcing him into the crime world. Until the big bank robbery occurs, and it is an all out guns shooting. It feels like a redundant version of Michael Mann(TM)s Heat film, which was way better with the acting and direction. American Heist is a horrible action film that goes nowhere with the characters, boring action, and a terrible script that does have plot holes.

Gavin M (jp) wrote: The movie itself is an absolute classic thanks to a killer performance by Anthony Hopkins, who plays bad guys like no one else. Ryan Gosling himself stood up to plate with Hopkins in this movie, proving that he he is one of the best actors of this generation working today.

Keith B (ru) wrote: Ok it's starting to really lose it's luster. First, how is that black guy still alive? Then when you think you've cut off the head of the devil more trouble is on the way. Anyways, not really that great and borrowed some of the dodging bullet effects from the matrix which I didn't have a problem with but really didn't make the story better.