Solnechnyy udar

Solnechnyy udar


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Prem B (de) wrote: Third class ghatiya movie. One star for the nice songs.

Barbara J (ca) wrote: Entertaining enough on a Sunday morning. My favorite part was when they played polo with the bat-dinos.

Craig D (it) wrote: Just recently watched this. Picked it up for like $3 off of Amazon, cause it had Evil in the title. Micheal Madson, helped the story along, but to believe that Ed Furlong could get a wife that looked like that, is less believeable then all the cgi in jurassic park! had some good points, but overall, it was barely worth the $3. Skip it, if i were you.

(it) wrote: This is easily one of the worst films ever. The acting is implausible, the plots ridiculous. The main actor looks and behaves more like an intern and part time hoodlum. There is no way he could be Vice President of anything, let alone a big company. He is just not bright enough. He doesn't even look bright. His eyes don't have that intelligent look. For example, he seems surprised that his bank account has been frozen, considering the circumstances of his firing. One would expect an ex Vice President of a big company to have suspected this after one or maybe two attempts to withdraw money. Certainly by the time he enters the bank to speak to the manager, this thought should have, by then, crossed his mind. But alas it doesn't seem to have done. The little doctor's suicide is cliched and disappointing as a plot line. Usually a death, especially a suicide in a film, is part of an interesting twist or cliff hanger in the plot. Something that enhances the film, but this suicide does nothing but produce even more confusion.The setting is all wrong, the characters, plot lines are all absurd. Even though Q Tip only appears sparingly, he does his little bit poorly indeed. That whole lesbian situation feels more like a fantasy. This is atrocious beyond words and I actually like Spike.

Aaron G (ag) wrote: Very entertaining... but somehow I never quite followed what was going on. Also, a few years after the fact, if you asked me to recall a single scene from this caper I'm not sure I could. Not good.

Jareth S (jp) wrote: Going in reverse chronological order: As would be expected, people gave too much praise for Otomo's segment "Cannon Fodder". The satirical "Stink Bomb" was a lot of fun and had an insanely catchy song ("Nobuo's Groove"). "Magnetic Rose" was by far the best segment of the three.

Amanda W (ru) wrote: Different/Weird/Strange/Gross/Didn't really Like.

AW C (ag) wrote: Midnight in Paris is the definition of whimsical. It's a film that revels in nostalgia and aching, existential romanticism--that is, until it isn't.