Solomon & Gaenor

Solomon & Gaenor

A tragic love story between a Jewish young man and a Welsh woman in the beginning of the century. The movie is mostly in English with parts in Welsh and Yiddish

A tragic love story between a Jewish young man and a Welsh woman in the beginning of the century. The movie is mostly in English with parts in Welsh and Yiddish . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Solomon & Gaenor torrent reviews

Els M (fr) wrote: A beautiful movie about women and their struggle for recognition and respect. Very moving and funny... nice equilibrium between both feelings.

tp b (jp) wrote: One liners and Stormare all in one :) well it's not very good or even interesting.

cli o (de) wrote: it sounds really gud

Alexander C (br) wrote: This is appalling material.............

Deric T (fr) wrote: Seen this a couple of times on TV. It's a little pretentious and implausible but I enjoyed it. I quite fancied Kate ;O)

Charlotte N (ca) wrote: This is great, but It has to be the swedish version. The very weird thing with this movie is, Astrid Lindgren is Sweden's most loveable storyteller but this movie is english! I don't get it, why english characters play in a swedish movie, it's filmed here in Stockholm too so it's weird. It's a magic story, Astrid Lindgren is the best. The songs are great too, the melodies and the wooden-tubes-whistle.

Brad S (mx) wrote: I liked this one more than the first film. There are some great new character additions and more laugh out loud moments. Brings back good childhood memories, used to love these films, at least the first 4. Check it out!

Steve G (ag) wrote: Either everyone in France is a deviant or everyone in the theatre. Probably both. Tired of this ethic of everyone having a "#2" on the side, because commitment means nothing to pleasure. It is beautifully shot, but less than interesting. Awful, really. I had to turn it off half-way through. Truffaut's a perv.

Gil B (mx) wrote: If I could give negative stars to this utter waste of gray matter I would. They should pay me to take stars away from this dogpile. Age of Tomorrow isn't even significant enough to be considered a bad parody of the culmination of the worst movies ever made. Don't watch it! Ever!Really.Don't watch it.

Eugene B (de) wrote: An all-star cast, indeed, but the film is lackluster in comedy even in romance. America's Sweethearts is a rom-com that does no favors in providing attention or even inspiration to the audience despite the amount of stars on display. 3/5

Chris B (fr) wrote: The second outing for Craig's Bond and he seems to have settled well into the role. Unfortunately the film is nowhere near as good as Casino Royale but watched back to back with it makes a good companion piece. Bond's treatment of women in the film are a bit suspect compared to his portrayal in Casino Royale and the action set pieces aren't as good. The villain is also a bit dull but i liked the way he was more of a puppet master than Bond Villain with something wrong with him.

Isla B (au) wrote: The occasional nice bit of dance, but not CT's hottest moment.

Spencer K (ru) wrote: a compellingly entertaining post-apocalyptic film that boasts stellar direction and wonderful performances from its leads. it's a dark, gritty and dirty film that is thought provoking and compulsively watchable.

Tiago R (es) wrote: Um filme muito legal pra alguem como eu que gosta de filmes trash hehehe