Inspired by true events, Solos explores relationships among three individuals who are struggling to open up their feelings towards each other. Filmmakers Kan Lume and Loo Zihan co-directed this pathos that dramatizes the selfishness of love and its tragic outcomes. Set in contemporary Singapore, Solos follows the endeavors of Boy, Man and Mother. Having been in a relationship with Man (Lim Yu Beng) for years, Boy (Loo Zihan) eventually grows up and wishes to quit the relationship. Conversely, Man still wants to be with Boy and for them to settle together. Meanwhile, Mother (Goh Guat Kian) is devastated that her son (Boy) has abandoned her and has been in relationship with MAN. As the three characters fight their own demons, Solos juxtaposes reality and surreal scenes in order to give clues of each character’s inner desires. The film has minimum conversation to give freedom to the audience individual interpretation of the film.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:77 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:student,   guilt,   revenge,  

Inspired by true events, SOLOS explores relationships among three individuals who are struggling to open up their feelings towards each other. Filmmakers Kan Lume and Loo Zihan co-directed ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff B (de) wrote: Ripped from the national headlines, this locally bred American Horror Story makes for a ridiculously engrossing documentary even if though it leaves an ill feeling in the pit of your stomach by proxy. Sadly, the true events prove too unbelievable to be mistaken for a narrative film--despicably stranger than fiction. The fact that Pennsylvania's justice system became a Draconian super villain to children would almost be deemed too melodramatic if sold as a drama. The staggering facts play out almost like a Dickensian tragedy, which makes this subject and its subjects well worth documenting. And aside from some stylistic gaffes, the documentation gets expertly presented. This R-rated documentary looks behind the notorious judicial scandal that rocked the nation, exposing a shocking American secret where millions got paid and the justice system got waylaid. Robert May produced amazing films from both the narrative (The Station Agent) and documentary realm (The Fog of War). These experiences obviously provided a brilliant training ground for shooting hundreds of hours of interview footage, securing actual news coverage, and compiling them both into an informational but digestible piece of pop culture. When the mother of a deceased victim confronts Judge Mark Ciavarella on the steps of a Federal courthouse, it comes as a jaw-dropping climax more powerful than something Herman Mankiewicz (Pride of the Yankees, Citizen Kane) could even craft-all because it smartly comes at the precisely perfect moment of running time. Of course, there are the missteps. To offset the monotonousness of watching endless interview footage, a child's constructions - paper dolls amid a cardboard suburb - gets integrated. At first, it perfectly offsets the very real tragedy of victimized youth. Then, when integrated too prominently and far too long during some segments, this device starts to lay this editorial voice on too thick. Also, the film leaves audiences with multiple codas, statistics well worth first. The first three provide the perfect dropping off point for further inspection. But then, the information overload nauseum. This statistical glut almost derails the whole experience. Bottom line: Children of a Lesser Judge

Abel D (au) wrote: As basic as any thriller could ever be, Penthouse Northis the definition of been there, done that. A lanky script, lack of suspense and rather clumsy character development dont help.

James W (ag) wrote: Hasn't the greater scientific community agreed that global warming is legit?

Thomas B (fr) wrote: ***An entertaining movie, with a serviceable plot and a good performance by Chris Pine as Jack Ryan. It's not revolutionary, and not even the kind of movie you'd go back and watch again, but for the most part it kept me entertained.

FloRence N (jp) wrote: A Movie for all the Guys Must Watch! A.K. is the man!! Spread the orgasms :P

Kerr L (fr) wrote: What a great movie. Always love Margulies, and Alan Arkin as the acting teacher was awesome. Go Team De Felitta!

Andy S (es) wrote: This movie introduced me to a shit ton of good music. Awesome movie!

Andrei D (ag) wrote: Se duce de rapa in ultima juma de ora dar altfel e interesant pentru amestecul de (i)realitate si filozofie

Addison K (gb) wrote: Don't agree with any of the critics. This was a great and fun film to watch. As entertaining as it gets. No not the most incredible writing ever or most in depth character development but who cares? I had a great time and was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Love this movie for what it is!!!

Jaime R (fr) wrote: Todd Field's portrayal of flawed suburbia remains his best vision to date.

Jon W (es) wrote: Master Director Sam Firstenberg doesn't really impress with this outing. The action is kinda shitty, and so is the acting, and the plot, and everything. But more often then not it's the sort of, "why am I watching this?" shitty and not the "OMG this is amazing" shitty. Sure parts of it are funny, but mostly the whole cyborg aspect is pretty dumb, and a little random. I guess you could do worse, but this movie just isn't fun enough to bother with.

Alexander C (kr) wrote: Want to see it! Will have to take into account!

Emelyn W (mx) wrote: Jennifer's Body narrowly beat this one (I'd give this -9000). Rather watch Nick Cage than this time-waster again :(

Connor G (ag) wrote: Gripping drama about a lawyer, and an interesting look on how justice works.

Robert L (us) wrote: A little masterpiece. Why this film has been underrated for so long I don't know. It's an honest film about the most serious of issues, it's accomplished with the sort of sophisticated technique of Kurosawa's finest films, and it's acted impeccably. As a side note, I've seen fifteen of the director's films so far, and I find this one to be the most Shakespearian of those not actually based on a play by the Bard. Warning: if you watch this film on DVD, get the Criterion Eclipse version!

Brenda M (gb) wrote: Not as good as the first. It tried to recycle a lot that made the first one good.