Some More of Samoa

Some More of Samoa

The stooges are tree surgeons who are enlisted by a rich old man to find a mate for his rare puckerless persimmon tree. The boys sail to the tropical island of Rhum-Boogie to find the tree. When they arrive they are captured by the natives and will be eaten unless Curly marries the Chief's ugly daughter. The stooges escape with the tree and, after a confrontation with an alligator, sail off with their prize.

The stooges are tree surgeons who are enlisted by a rich old man to find a mate for his rare puckerless persimmon tree. The boys sail to the tropical island of Rhum-Boogie to find the tree.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lily N (ru) wrote: I was expecting more comedy and less crying, but it was ok.

Peter O (ca) wrote: dalsi z filmov ktore je lepsie preskocitherecke vykony, dialogy ako zo slabeho pornofilmu (vacsina hercov by sa asi neuzivila ani tam), vizualne film akoby za 1000dolarov a nezachrani to ani vinnie jones, ktoreho mam inak radbojove sceny uplne o nicom (co je dost, kedze cely film je na nich postaveny)akasi totalne pokazena kombinacia karate kid + undisputed + a klasickej 'kovbojky' zly policajt vs. dobry policajt

TheSecond P (nl) wrote: its not often that a movie gets me so exited to see it and enjoying every second of it

Andrew T (ru) wrote: An unexpectedly smart high school light comedy/drama. I'm writing this recently out of high school and enjoyed this movie to a decent extent because of how much I could relate to it. I don't know if I will feel the same way in twenty years or so but for now I still liked this film. With a pretty impressive cast, this movie was pretty fun. The main character could have a lot better, but saying that I thought he did well with the more impressive cast around him. I mean you had Jon cryer Chevy chase and Winona Ryder to work with. Chase was one of the characters that did not work for me. He was really the main character of that one story line that was really unrealistic and irrelevant. While I will say that obsessing with your high school for twenty years is ridiculous, being months out of high school I found the plot to be very interesting and creative. Obviously brining adults into a high school movie like this was not done well, where I was asking they know he's not really in high school, right? There were also a bit too much subplots that seemed to be used to fill in time when they could have done some really good stuff with what the movie is really about. That being said,I did enjoy them no matter how unnecessary they were.I see how some say that this film is cliched and a ridiculous plot for a high school movie, but for me I found its current, personal relevance very fun to watch and reflect on. It's not something to be taken seriously as a statement on the four years of high school we all have but rather more of a fantasy where your high school thoughts are with you for years. Take it as a reflective work of your high school memories and enjoy!

Octavian (it) wrote: [Interested: cannot find.]

Andy W (de) wrote: The opening 10-15 minutes are brilliantly original, but it soon settles down into crazy stalker territory. Which is a shame, as Daniel Craig turns in an interesting performance. The problem with the film is it doesn't follow up on its promise - some of the sub-plots are actually more interesting than the main one of Craig being stalked by Rhys Ifans. Also, some more character insight wouldn't have gone amiss either, but on the whole its a well-made, nicely shot drama that keeps you on your toes.

Mireya S (br) wrote: I spent half the time with my hands over my eyes saying, "oh jesus". It's disgusting and disturbing, but also very funny with a surprisingly heartwarming message. It's a very dark shock comedy.

Najd G (ag) wrote: Had Hollywood kept the facts straight - facts that don't even take away from the Vince Papale experiment - this could've been the best football movie of all-time. Even still, a pretty good story that is almost true.

Mic R (it) wrote: Remains a decent movie and window into the '70s. Looks good in HD in terms of picture detail.

SD W (ru) wrote: I watched this movie in the early 70s on t.v. with my dad and I think it was one of those Premier Sunday Night movies of the week. This movie made a strange but strong impression on me. This movie is different than any western ever made even for Eastwood because most westerns up to this point in time were nothing but shoot 'em up movies. It's not a typical good cowboy v bad cowboy with a gun fights, Indians, and saloon drinking. We've all seen it before. IMO this story could be a true story of any western town where the law is simple, people and the sheriff are scared, resources are scarce, and the bad guys basically will kill you in a heartbeat. If you look past the ghost story idea, this story is easy to believe. While watching Eastwood being whipped I was thinking how many times this really happened in the old wild west and all those bodies have never been found. Even as a kid I knew that Clint came back as the ghost of Sheriff Duncan to exact revenge on his killers. It's no coincidence that his ghost returned just before the killers got out of prison.

Wes S (br) wrote: Cheap but interesting concepts. You don't really get to see the monster too much, but the characters are good enough and the setting is nice, and there are some fun B-movie moments.

Patrick M (ru) wrote: While not completely terrible and with a (somewhat) intimidating B-movie monster, it's certainly slowed down by the long talky scenes that add absolutely nothing.

Kenny V (kr) wrote: Ingrid Bergman. Just amazing.