Some Voices

Some Voices

Schizophrenic Ray tries to adjust to the outside world after being released from an institution.

A schizophrenic causes havoc in his brother's restaurant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jared S (it) wrote: Week doc. with not much to say. Way to much time is spent on beards. Hard to recommend this to anyone.

Daniel L (kr) wrote: So biased and broken at its core it requires dry humor to mask its flaws.

Niloo R (de) wrote: the acting was pretty awful, the plot was completely ridiculous and the characters, especially the ex-girlfriend were all very one-dimensional, it started out as a mediocre film and just got worse and worse

Justin A (es) wrote: Had potential to be something more with a great cast and some great themes and topics. Unfortunately, it dumbs itself down by the third act and becomes just another revenge/exploitation movie. The dynamics between characters and issues this movie addresses are very good, but the movie veered down a path it didn't need to. This movie could have been recognized on the same level as A Clockwork Orange without the murderous third act, but the movie is what it is.

JJ M (br) wrote: Burnett evolves a true, humanistic approach in his experimental filming of life in an LA ghetto in the late 70s. Evidently with little money to work with, he carefully weaves together an emotive story, bound in normality but set beneath a cloud of burdensome and chaotic reality: kids growing up in poverty, parents with little money to provide for them. The struggle is personified in the troubled but likable main character, whose distaste for his job and yearning for renewed romance with his wife provides the central focus of the story. Here, there is heart, soul and artistic endevour. And an unforgettable scene soundtracked by Diniah Washington's 'This Bitter Earth'. A gem.

Alyson C (gb) wrote: One of my favourite musicals. Joel Grey in particular is amazing.

Michael T (us) wrote: As dumb as a rock, and just about as interesting.

Eric R (de) wrote: A assistant professor is having an affair with the wife of a wealthy businessman. During one of there escapades, they strike and kill a cyclist on a country road. No one appears to see this happen, so the two of them run from the scene of the crime. As time passes, the couple becomes increasingly paranoid that someone has scene their horrible act. Death of A Cyclist is a pretty great thriller that really does an excellent job at getting into the pscyhe of the two characters. There is tension and paranoia in almost every scene as the couple tries to hide their secret. The editing in this film really stood out too me. For one thing, there are some beautiful transitions in this film. Without giving anything away, this is a film that slowly builds steam, as the two characters own paranoia and fear begins to get the better of them. Great climax too.

Zahid C (au) wrote: Day: TuesdayDate: 26 Aug 2014Time: 10.45 pmWith: NooneOn: HDTV