Some Where in Delhi

Some Where in Delhi


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Jacob H (jp) wrote: Comparison of all the conjuring movies. Conjuring 2: more story a little less scary than the original. Conjuring: a little less story but scarier than 2. Annabelle: Less story than conjuring 1-2 but is the scariest

EWC o (it) wrote: Emotional, upsetting, tense, and keeps you guessing, all with Hardys impeccable acting.

JT K (br) wrote: Harrowing drama (oh let's call it what it really is, a horror movie) that is the perfect antidote for anyone's ticking biological clock. With all due respect to Miller (who's got some excellent performances under his belt), Teenage Kevin just comes off as a surly brat; but the earlier iterations carry a quiet malevolence that is the stuff of nightmares. Really, it's Swinton's show all the way, with her intense and nuanced portrait of a shattered psyche in the aftermath of soul-crushing tragedy.

Tom S (ca) wrote: I sat through the whole credits looking to see if they spelled the dog's name Mahler or Mauler. I missed it and I still don't know. It's a pretty sweet name either way. I did find out that one of the drivers was Alfredo Arriola. Another sweet name.

Brian C (nl) wrote: Rambling noisy nonsense, terrible camera work, and a banal story.

Rhonda W (kr) wrote: Loved the dancing. Some of the songs were ok.

Doctor S (gb) wrote: Within the wide realm of softcore movies, Virtual Vegas lands smack in the middle. There are elements that could be improved, and there are an equal number of elements that could have gone a whole lot worse. For positives, let's start with star Susan Featherly who features in 4 nude scenes throughout the movie. She has always been one of the more, shall we say, enthusiastic actresses in the field with a great smile and knockout knockers. The hook to this movie is that people pay to use an experimental virtual reality device to experience their fantasy, so we get a lot of different women in different settings.On the down side, I find only a few of these other women attractive (the schoolteacher sequence leaps to mind) and for all segments the director employs too many quick cuts and sweeping camera movements. And to add insult to injury, several scenes are poorly lit. All told, you wind up with about 20 minutes of "the good stuff."

Sonia S (ru) wrote: An interesting movie about necrophilia. But a depiction of a true necrophilia love-affair is def. "Nekromantik".

Ryan J (nl) wrote: the phone is dangerous haha

Julian L (us) wrote: Inspiring, and provoking, this film is one of Cronenberg's best

Tracie S (de) wrote: It's Elvis...he's great in everything.

Nina S (gb) wrote: This should have been a lot more fun. Perhaps Ben Hecht is not the person to translate Noal Coward.

John B (ag) wrote: Nice! One of the earlier intelligent films addressing real issues without honey this case the mental issues of youth. Charming and better than the most recent efforts on the same topic.

Luciano G (nl) wrote: If you're looking for a slasher movie, there are many better ones out there... and it doesn't even help to watch it as a B-movie,..

Lucas B (ag) wrote: Everything in this movie was just extraordinary.

Gavin P (nl) wrote: Arguably a classic, this certainly has some great skits, such as the breadroll-fork-feet and the house-balancing-on-a-cliff. But, at 68min, it doesn't really hold up as a cohesive film. Still, plenty of laughs at Chaplin's pratfalls and hijinks.