Somebody Help Me

Somebody Help Me

The screenplay centers on characters Brendan Young and Darryl Jennings who take a trip to the Lake Arrowhead with a group of college friends to celebrate Young's girlfriend's birthday. One-by-one the coeds begin disappearing until a mysterious young visitor arrives and helps them begin to unravel their tangled web of terror.

The movie tells the story of Brendan Young and Darryl Jennings as they head off with their friends for a weekend's stay at a remote cabin in the woods. One-by-one the coeds begin disappearing until a mysterious young visitor arrives and helps them begin to unravel their tangled web of terror. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Isaac B (it) wrote: Our Idiot Brother is a good family film with an A-List cast being lead by none other than Paul Rudd in which he plays the lead role perfectly. Although his character Ned was lovable, full of joy, and funny at times, he was not as funny as Paul Rudd can be, and Ned should have been. With a few more comedic set pieces and one liners, this movie would have really excelled. By that I don't mean give us the Paul Rudd from Wet Hot American Summer, I actually loved the small bits of humor particular to this character such as trusting a stranger with a stack of cash, or selling a police man weed. These moments hit the mark which is why all I wish is for a few more of them.

Dan G (es) wrote: This was a GREAT flick. A lot of action, a very cool dramatic plot, and the ending was really great. Not a "popular" movie. But very worth watching to me!!!

Dimity P (mx) wrote: It was no "Super Troopers" but it did make me chuckle in a couple parts. Amazing how much younger the broken lizard guys look without facial hair.

Paul C (fr) wrote: This film had a lot of problems. But there was one good thing about it. That would be Kiralee Hayashi. She plays Satinka who is the ghost. Not just any ghost. A fricken creepy ghost. But the rest of the movie interrupted the scariness of the film. The bad acting was part of it. I mean why cast someone who cannot speak English and have them try to speak it? You would see Satinka and it would be stop go motion creepy and then right after; bad acting from the rest of the cast. The story line makes sense, but is in pieces. So much was left out. They just wanted to focus on the scary parts. But like I said before, they were ruined by the rest of the movie. If they would of just focused on the character Satinka and got a better cast or at least cut down the bad dialog, this movie could of been more scary.

Claire T (de) wrote: it was ok but it wasn't better than the first film, that was the best, it was watchable but I won't watch it again though, it's an good movie but I don't want this movie on DVD

Mio A (us) wrote: This is nostalgia for me. When I was little, this movie scared me. But when I watched it again, now that I got a little older, I appreciate it very much. Swedish animation at its best.

Fredrick R (br) wrote: The first Almodovar film i've been disappointed in. It's gay Fatal Attraction

Eric R (br) wrote: The main reason I wanted to see this picture is for the fact that it stars Sonny Landham as the psychotic villain. Don't recognize the name? Well do you remember the bad motherfucker from "Predator" who was the tough ass native American tracker? Yes the guy who cut his chest with the machete before taking the Predator mono-e-mono. Yeah this guy is B-A-D-A-S-S. He even had the balls to have a security gaurd hired for him on the set of Predator not to protect Landham from people, but to protect people from Landham. Yeah, B-A-D-A-S-S. I also wanted to see it for the fact it was based on the novel by Brian Garfield, the same guy that gave us "Death Wish" and "Death Sentence." Landham playing a psychotic Vietnam vet villain in a film based on the author of "Death Wish", bring on the popcorn bitches!The film opens with an odd written backstory of how a Native American Vietnam Vet left four people to die in the middle of the desert due to a disagreement over opinions on Native American magic. Four psychologists found him to be mentally ill so he is sentenced to life in a mental health ward. Is any prison strong enough to hold Landham. Fuck no and he easily breaks out. He soon gets a vehicle and weapons and heads around the state kidnapping the psychologists and leaving them all in the middle of the desert to die while he keeps a watchful eye on them.The problem with this film is it doesn't live up to its potential and comes out looking more like a made-for-tv would-be thriller. It just degrades to a boring survival film with Landham wasted as the mad vet only appearing at the beginning and end, disappearing throughout most of the middle of the film. The acting is decent but the characters are blah and the ending is FAR from satisfactory. Looking for a violent mad brawl between the psychologists and Landham? Well you won't find anything exciting here.The poster artwork was promising making this look like a variation on the Rambo theme which it is far from. This film had so much potential to be a taunt survival film with a strong casting choice for the Vet but thanks to boring filmmaking and blah script, we are left with a hollow shell of what could have been. Sonny Landham is sadly underused... yet again!

Dillon L (ag) wrote: Even though I believe he ended up making a few more movies after this, 'Limelight' is clearly Charlie Chaplin's swan song. It could be called just as good as anything else he directed.

John H (ca) wrote: Evoking both his previous "Gentleman's Agreement" and his later "Streetcar Named Desire", this is Elia Kazan's first trip to the Southern Gothic, with expressionistic imagery and fine performances from Jeanne Crain and both Ethels (Waters and Barrymore).

Chris B (jp) wrote: Going into the film Swordfish, honestly, I wasn't expecting much more then a mindless action film with a barely believable premise. I was not entirely wrong as the film does focus a lot of big shoot outs and explosions and other superficial things to keep the viewer interested. It at least held my attention and had just enough of a plot to keep the film moving forward and only a few major characters with little backstory and development. The film is directed by Dominic Sena, who also directed Gone in 60 Seconds. While it isn't significantly better, it at least uses its characters and doesn't waste talent, like the previously mentioned. Here Halle Berry isn't left with nothing to do and the bare minimal lines like Angelina Jolie. The plot is quite absurd and takes many liberties in its characters and their abilities with a seemingly unbeatable boss (John Travolta) who is always several moves ahead. Hugh Jackman plays an expert computer hacker who, after being arrested and locked up, loses his girl when his ex-wife moves on with someone else. His ex-wife has serious substance issues and the new man is a porn producer of all things, leaving his daughter to fend for herself. He wants nothing more then to get her back and he is willing to do anything to get her back and that is where our film begins. While computer hacking isn't that interesting to watch, the film at least balances it out with super unrealistic expectations and violence thrown in to keep the viewer interested. You can certainly do worse then Swordfish, but also much better, as it really doesn't leave a lasting or meaningful impression once the credits have rolled. I believe as long as your expectations are tempered before going in, it will make for a passable viewing experience.

nefnie l (es) wrote: I can't believe that more people haven't seen this little gem from 1984. A decent storyline with a strong cast and good sountrack. It's funny, it's serious, and it's a little crazy. An interesting mix of comedy and drama.