Something Always Happens

Something Always Happens

Unemployed car salesman Peter is encouraged by his girlfriend Cynthia to approach the head of a petrol company with his plan for making petrol stations more attractive to customers. When the man rejects the idea Peter joins a rival company and becomes a great success.

Unemployed car salesman Peter is encouraged by his girlfriend Cynthia to approach the head of a petrol company with his plan for making petrol stations more attractive to customers. When ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ricardo H (kr) wrote: Unexpected surprise, much better than I expected. Everybody does a good job but I think Matthew Wilkas really stole the show with his portrayal of the golden hearted bubble head

Ben D (br) wrote: The cast is very good - and the inversion of usual familial roles makes for a more interesting drama than it could have been - but ultimately the whole endeavour feels so inconsequential as to be easily forgotten. And sadly it is.

Daniel W (us) wrote: I like a lot of this movie, especially the character of Sabrina! Man, Iwant to own a 1958 Corvette now!It's really too bad there are no extra features on the DVD, I don't ownit but that's what I've heard. I would have really looked forward to adirector's cut or bloopers, deleted scenes, interviews, film locationsbe disclosed. The movie had some big flaws, one of which is that we know nothingabout Sabrina's history and just how bad of a girl she had been in thepast (and how she came about getting that fantastic car). Makes me wantto watch a Prequel, or Sequel (after jailtime, is she reformed?).I have to keep in mind that it was a made-for-TV movie, and I am gladthis movie exists, despite it's imperfections. The character of RitaSummers, Mort's GF, wasn't very strong and didn't fight back againstSabrina's aggressiveness. That was disappointing.Maybe if it were a TV mini-series it would have been better. Then again maybe not. A full blown TV series, yes.I feel as though the only good acting in the movie was done by theactors of Sabrina and Mort. Also Sabrina's mother was pretty goodalthough brief. If you notice, the actor of her mother played aStarfleet Admiral in Star Trek: TNG.After watching the movie, I'm glad I watched it but at the same time Iam angry that the audience was left hanging without closure. Sabrina isclearly going to be different now, hopefully she will reform and be notsuch a bad girl anymore and finally get a college degree and be amother. Maybe I should mail Jamie Luner and ask if she'd want to do aSequel!

Nguyen Thuy H (jp) wrote: Starting off as a bizarre circus, tearing itself off bit by bit, and finally culminating in, perhaps, the most heartbreaking final contour ever.

Dane P (au) wrote: its insanely tasteless and is pretty much a hour of shock value and not the good kind. *the kind of stuff you want to take a shower after watching it. The movie also looks and sounds like garbage the audio is the worst I've ever heard the pacing is horrible by 10 minutes I was bored and ended up skimming the rest but in the end this was pretty much an experiment to make a X rated animated film... it failed

cody f (it) wrote: Amazing!!! Great script(based on a play) and flawless acting from the whole cast. This film is all dialog with almost no action, a big detour from most WWII films. This movie doesn't need action because the story is captivating and the acting is top notch from everyone. I was really surprised I have never heard of this one, and wasn't shocked when I heard that audiences didn't care for it when it was released because of lack of action.I am not going into detail of the story because you must find out for yourself. It centers around a General(Gable) who is losing planes and men at a alarming rate for a mysterious reason. Everyone is against him,the top brass, the press,and many of his own soldiers, but is their a method to his madness? Walter Pidgeon and Gable really drive this film with great direction from Sam Wood and a perfect supporting cast.The story moves at breakneck speed and is driven by total dialog. A must see!

Justin M (jp) wrote: Myrna demonstrates her wrestling ability with satisfying results.

Marco T (br) wrote: A great premise is unfortunately not quite utilised by flat handling and a rather dull central performance.

Nathaniel M (kr) wrote: Implausible and silly set up and headache inducing magical realism meet action romance. Sounds terrible, and thanks to extremely odd music and editing choices, it sometimes is. Still, I found myself enjoying it as a popcorn flick. Mads makes for a quality villain and the Romanian setting were both big pluses for me.

Patrick S (br) wrote: a very enjoyable boxing/comedy. great final fight, really enjoyable.