Something Beneath

Something Beneath

When a mysterious black slime oozes up from the plumbing to infiltrate a new conference center, it causes attendees at an environmental convention who come in contact with it to have horrific hallucinations and nightmarish visions of past tragedies. Environmentalist priest Father Douglas Middleton (Kevin Sorbo) must team up with conference coordinator Khali Spence (Natalie Brown) to stop the slime -- or die trying -- in this sci-fi thriller.

Just under your feet lurks an evil so deadly, so intelligent, it's scary. The attendees of an ecological summit are about to discover a bigger problem than global warming. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas L (mx) wrote: This is a very compelling biography of an incredible man. Not only has Hugh M. Hefner built an empire from next to nothing, he has, interestingly, been a champion of social causes throughout his life and career.He has been involved, both directly and indirectly, including, but not limited to: the Civil Rights Movement,desegregation, and Women's issues (abortion, contraceptives, etc.). His intelligence and compassion are unparalled. Yet, he is still villified in the media and by the conservative Right, as well as so-called 'feminist' organizations. He has left a tremendous legacy, which will be hard to match.

Kristina K (jp) wrote: The voice actors cast is extraordinary. There are jokes that kids would appreciate and most importantly understand. The animations don't have to be made always for adults. This movie is a great combination of both.

Paul T (ca) wrote: I expected to see plenty of action scenes of apes wreaking havoc and I certainly got to see that. What I didn't expect was the emotion behind the plot. There were many scenes that made you feel for Will (James Franco) and the ape Cesar. The story was good and flowed very nicely. I hope it will be followed with a sequel.

Don S (br) wrote: Low budget Australian horror movie; part of the After Dark Horrorfest '09. Very similar in theme to Welcome to the Jungle: young adults in isolated area looking for easy money by finding a "treasure" assumed to be dead and instead running into cannibals they knew existed but they went anyway. Unfortunately, this one wasn't made any better than the other and suffered from the same deficits (boring, poorly acted, and substandard effects).

David S (ca) wrote: Based on the true story of Harvey Milk, Sean Penn delivers a masterful performance. The story is sad and moving and Penn and the rest of the cast. The script is so good and really carries Milk swiftly till the tragic ending.

Pourya E (gb) wrote: I'm a fan of French cinema, however this film has not much to do with the French cinema as much as it has to do with British humour! The main thing that makes this worth seeing is Cantona's awesome portrayal of a stereotype French director! Who knew, the man's a natural talent!

Tim M (gb) wrote: Very slowly scripted and animated. Seems like it was made for old people.

Johnny B (kr) wrote: Cheesy, probably the worst of the series.

kan T (ru) wrote: dnemin kaygan zeminini etkileyici bir ?ekilde aktaran,gzel bir film olmu?. seri,dlleri hakeden bir filmle ba?lam??.

Derek H (nl) wrote: Boobies. worse Ilsa movie of the bunch

Michael H (br) wrote: Lon Chaney is ridiculous as a bloated, bewhiskered Dracula

Daniel V (fr) wrote: Brian DePalma had an ambitious idea and he kinda of pulled it off. Only by revealing the bad guy halfway through, the mystery is gone and my mind began to wander. I still paid attention in chunks but his telling a story from 3 different points of view never really coalesce into a coherent enough ending. There's something about weapons or a peace treaty or a senator or some such blah blah. See what I mean? However, Nicholas Cage is excellent. And not his crazy, off the wall, terrible actor excellent, he's actually excellent in this movie. One of his best characters.

Dillon L (gb) wrote: well acted has heart and a great surprise ending

Stephanie D (it) wrote: Super funny! Had a lot of awesome one liners that had me laughing the whole time!

Sunny W (fr) wrote: Entertaining, but not brilliant.