Something for Everyone

Something for Everyone

An opportunistic young man working as a servant to a European countess uses his sexual talents to better his station in life.

Konrad, a handsome country boy in post-war Austria, charms his way into a butler position at the castle of a widowed countess that lost her fortune. Before long the opportunistic boy is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Something for Everyone torrent reviews

David S (it) wrote: que horrible peliculaa jaj aburrida y el nivel de gore esta bien espaciado

Hatsuto K (nl) wrote: It's good movie, but it tells too much about Remu. It really doesn't tell about other members Albert and Cisse.

Joe G (br) wrote: this is one of those movies that i'm not sure what to rate, since I can't really say I enjoyed it, but it does genuinely disturb and few movies can disturb you on the level Begotten does. it is not a movie you watch to enjoy, as much as you watch it to say you've seen it, and if you do watch it be sure to read up on the movie some, or you will be very confused, as the film has no dialogue at all, and never really explains what is going on

Austin M (nl) wrote: 0.5/4 Stars My ex-stepmom gave me this movie at a thrift store when she was living with us. When I watched this movie with my friend, Daniel, we were heavily disappointed. Horrible acting, terrible plot, and everyone in this movie was really stupid. This is a cult classic to some critics, but I disagree with everyone. When someone gets eaten, nobody does anything. They don't call the police, they don't kill the zombie, nothing. My dad was right; this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I should ask The Nostalgia Critic to review this film.

Sarfara A (us) wrote: One of the worst comedy films from Dan Aykroyd - I don't know what were Carl Gottilen Rpnert Npros, Bruce Jay Friedman thinking. A complete disastrous movie.

Erin D (br) wrote: ahahaha, how lamely awesome was this film? classic late 50s drivel.

Logan M (mx) wrote: With its much darker atmosphere, it's just as imppressive as its predecessor.

Samuel M (ca) wrote: Enjoyed the movie..Shocked to see it rated so low

Allan C (mx) wrote: Another fine John Milius directed old fashioned adventure film. This WWII jungle story does kind of plod at times, but there is enough to like about the film to make it well worth watching.

Y M (us) wrote: I always loved 'Car Wash' it is so funny to me.I can watch it over and over...I like movies u can watch again and still get enjoyment from it.