Sometimes in April

Sometimes in April

Debra Winger, Oris Erhuero and Idris Elba star in this drama framed by the Rwandan genocide.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:English,Kinyarwanda
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   suicide,   hotel,  

Debra Winger, Oris Erhuero and Idris Elba star in this drama framed by the Rwandan genocide. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David L (br) wrote: After a credible original instalment comes a sloppy second which I struggled to bear any resemblance with the video game. Not only that but I was confused as to whether the story was set before or after the first movie. Aside from the title character, there were practically no recognisable names, and what's worse is that the concept didn't include a great deal of quality fight scenes, and instead focused upon a lot more dialogue and character interaction. The acting was poor and on a cringeworthy level in some instances, demonstrating that people had perhaps been selected for their ability to throw a punch as opposed to speaking with any conviction (or talent). I was never expecting a blockbuster but was at least hoping for something easy to watch and not mentally challenging. Unfortunately I didn't even get that and instead had to endure what turned out to be a poor excuse for a prequel. Wouldn't call myself a true fan, but fanatics of this combat game would surely feel cheated and let down by this as there is simply no links to the popular arcade attraction.

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Jamey M (jp) wrote: I LOVE this one! Totally Lifetime ;)

Yeaton C (gb) wrote: I do not think the reviews given are entirely fair, although they were essentially positive, because I think it is actually one of the 10 best episodes of the series. It has distinct characteristics, for example it is a rare instance of BSG actually winning an Emmy, (for the segments that were originally broadcast on the web). The segments do have an important role in the over all story because the efforts of the centurions to evolve before they encountered the Earth Cylons is a part of the ver all story. The segments also help us understand how Adama views cylons before realizing that one of those Earth cylons is his best friend. So to the claim that it is filler, I would point that the Emmy people seemed not feel that way, and I believe correctly so.Regarding the claim that it is only for people who know the story not withstanding that it was billed as a stand alone episode for people who were not following the series. This really was the first episode of reimaged BSG that I saw, I did not find it hard to follow just because I had not watched BSG since 1980. The underlying story about Kendra Shaw (Jacobson) who was essentially warped by life surviving under Admiral Kain is compelling, and the extent to which this character is sympathetic is the extent to which you can imagine her choices (mutiny against Helene Kain would likely be fatal, and the good things she does in the end require that she live long enough to do them). She was warped and made hateful by the war, but as noted above to a great extent so Adama, and that is a story not told much by many space operas. It should also be noted that the part of saga where Cylons (other than Athena) become somewhat sympathetic characters does not start to get told until two episodes later. In short the story has significant depth, and does play a major role in the over all Galatica/Caprica saga. It actually bares several viewings on DVD. Of course, it is not clear what version of the story the reviewers saw. For example, did the reviewer who saw the episode in theaters see the flashbacks (which were separate entities from the broadcast version until the two flashbacks were merged into the mains story on DVD). Broadcast a story part on cable, and part online then merging the two parts of story for the DVD makes things confusing especially when the best segments were originally only seen online.

Hemant Singh C (br) wrote: A movie, which lives up-to its tittle till the end. Having said that, there is no DOUBT about the performance you can expect from all the A-listers star cast.

M C (es) wrote: Religulous makes some great points. Exposing some of the problems with religion in a comedic way. As a non religious person I enjoyed the arguments the film brings up, and I think anyone liberal about their religious beliefs would appreciate the film also. Bill Maher backs all his opinions up with logic and facts, but the overtly religious may be offended, so I wouldn't recommend to anyone really into their religious beliefs. 77/100

Jayson G (de) wrote: Even the poster looks like it is gonna suck.

Brian S (nl) wrote: A waste of time. See critics reviews below.

Derek A (gb) wrote: typical scary movie. I was just glad that it got resolved at the end and that the hauntings had a point... sorta.

Jos C (ca) wrote: Comica, divertida, Anna Faris como siempre

Champ S (it) wrote: Easily great film with interesting comments about stereotyping anything, and awesome cast.

Jeremy B (it) wrote: Great storyline but the movie itself was put together rather horribly. Seemed extremely corny, fake, overly choreographed. Made a good storyline unpleasant to watch.

Nathan H (de) wrote: A well executed premise with some laugh out loud moments

Brett W (jp) wrote: this is one of my favorite movies! its funny, cheesy and even has a surprise twist at the end! its great to see your local neighborhoods on film!