Son of Flubber

Son of Flubber

Medfield's lovable but hopelessly absent-minded professor -- Ned Brainard (Fred MacMurray) -- bounces back in this classic Disney film with hilarious new mishaps when he experiments with the amazing by-products of his startling anti-gravity substance, "flubber." Windows shatter, football players fly, and thunderstorms materialize indoors as Professor Brainard fights to keep Medfield College from falling into the hands of ruthless land developer Alonzo Hawk (Keenan Wynn).

When Professor Brainard experiments further on Flubber derivatives, he gets in trouble and only his students can help. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greyson M (ca) wrote: Incompetent on all levels. Quite possibly the most insulting excuse for a film ever. The Room has more quality and FAR more entertainment value than this.

Leandro O (it) wrote: os kras so transportado pra um filme porno, acho q jah dah pra ter uma idia... no porn nem comdia, algo terrvel =P

Parker R (fr) wrote: CGI Crocs and a few other glitches make this sequel kinda "bite"

AJ T (us) wrote: so stark it sings. anyone who doesn't like this movie can't be in love with film - only stories.

Peder S (fr) wrote: I thought that it was a kind of weird little story, since it was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle I had to watch it, I think that the book is probably pretty good and tense, but the film, not so much, the budget for the special effects wasn't existent and that really hurt it, but it appears that J.J. Abrams watched this/read the book to figure out Lost (and since Lost started before this came out, probably read it) but it seems like he borrowed a lot.

Christine C (mx) wrote: Powerful, realistic, thought-pprovoking; it stays with you after its over. I thought that this portrays with horrible clarity the dangers and temptations that must surround young urban people who haven't got strong support and back-up. Dog eat dog; the false glamour of violence, the ease of petty crime, the loneliness of life in a city and within this people trying to work out where they stand morally; what is acceptable and what is death-dealing. Fine.

Stanley C (fr) wrote: Both brilliantly funny and emotionally dramatic, My Sassy Girl adds onto South Korea's achievements in the comedy-drama film industry.

Jessica W (ag) wrote: I find it interesting how very few of the other reviews (here at FB, that is) discuss this movie as a "gay film". Quite simply, I am very, very pleased with this. Because it's not especially a "gay" movie, even though much of the subtext deals with issues about conflicting sexuality. This film is universal: its themes are universal, its characters are universal, and this small snapshot of two lives (Nico's and Dani's, that is) is very real and relatable. We have never been them, but their feelings and complex thoughts are understandable and intriguing throughout the film.And to speak from the "romance" angle, here's a movie that's both romantic and heart-breaking, but it never makes you irreparably sad, or leaves you in the dark. There is no completely wrapped up 100% Finished ending, which feels like real life, and mirrors the title characters' ongoing paths and story together. It never ends, only continues, beyond what we see in these 90 minutes. This is a sweet, pleasant ending because we as an audience are given a chance to see a movie break free of our age-old expectations, with surprises and turns that are not deceiving or manipulative. As said, the ending is not what one has come to expect, from years of Hollywood teaching us (*especially* in several of the less-remarkable "gay" films) that there's only one real plotline: Boy meets boy/girl, they fall in love and live happily ever after. This film takes a different path, and ultimately winds up with a more appropriate, but comfortable and natural fate.

Leonardo Malacay S (kr) wrote: es una historial real y tiene pega pero en la manera que esta narrada es un fiasco

J J (jp) wrote: Ethics extra credit assignment

Ylve T (ru) wrote: Det var en gang tre finner i Paris; en komponist, en dikter og en maler. De drakk og sultet og bar seg og snakket veldig drlig fransk.

Wendy B (mx) wrote: This movie is cute and funny, with some scenes that put me and my four-year-old in stitches. It also shows how talented of an actor Donald O'Connor is, playing in a non-musical role as Bobby Darin's exasperated, neurotic employer. Good movie all around. :)

Ken S (au) wrote: Totally irresponsible 70's machismo fun! Burt Reynolds plays the ultimate Hollywood stunt-man. LOTS of explosions and drunk driving ensue!

Jukka H (au) wrote: A tolerable but not recommendable drama about sports betting.

Cheryl D (de) wrote: Wonderful, good feeling movie! A must see for everyone!

Paul N (jp) wrote: Well, that's the second classic of the Christmas period I assumed I'd seen before but hadn't. Very good, non stop happy action. DvD's accent and the very weak child acting was the downsides.