Son of Terror

Son of Terror

Somebody's killing homeless people in Pioneer Square. John, an artist in the area, thinks he has a psychic link to the person and knows who it is. Or does he?

A descent into the nether world of the psyche. We see a step by step metamorphosis of a tortured soul as he becomes his alter ego, a murderous fiend who kills without quarter. The war between good and evil in his mind propels him into an Inferno of his own making. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Son of Terror torrent reviews

Mohammed A (ru) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Mike D (ru) wrote: If you like Muscle Cars And A good story line this movie is for you!

Timothy H (ru) wrote: adam sandler + disney = a very fine comedy do you need more?

Connor D (ru) wrote: Cool, scary, sexy and contains hypocritical Christians

Michael F (us) wrote: Okay. Nowhere near as good as the first film.

Mikael S (es) wrote: THIS IS TERRIFIC STUFF. Pure popcorn heaven.

Jamey H (us) wrote: This is a really creepy movie, which is just what I expected. I'm glad I watched it mid-day. The suspense is intense. Johnny Depp has some amazing bits, and John Turturro is out of the park spooky -- well-played. There are a few awkward moments, but eh... The ending is so strong that its easy to let go of those.

Lee D (jp) wrote: Classic gruesome tale. I Followed along with the Shakespearean script. Had no idea how wicked it was; more so than "King Lear." Not for the faint-of-heart. At least I know the story now.....

Zach M (au) wrote: Standard movie with some good acting. Only watched it for Parker Posey,

Lal S (jp) wrote: We need a sequel to this please!

Zain K (es) wrote: WOW! .... i am short of words here. nevermind, it doesnt matter.... which was the best movie of 1991 by the way? man, i dont believe in these damn awards n critics anymore!

Deborah M (es) wrote: Brilliant film, that is perfect Halloween tale

Dylan H (au) wrote: A solid story of redemption with a great soundtrack and (now) iconic 80s actors.

Steve W (fr) wrote: Basic sports film finds a young hotshot skier trying to break a new record. He does. Its a very straight forward sports film with some good actors in it. That is all.

Tim S (br) wrote: In the late fifties, there was a surgence of a lot of films dealing with the nuclear scare and the Cold War, and The Space Children is really no exception at all. It's not even a highlight, if you ask me. It deals with a group of families whose kids somehow come under the power of a mysterious alien that has landed on the beach nearby. That's about all I can say without getting into spoilers, but trust me when I say that even spoilers couldn't hurt this movie. It's not all that engaging, and boring most of the time with trite dialogue and situations. The kids do a decent job I suppose, but everything surrounding that is just tiresome. Nothing more really needs to be said, other than the fact that The Film Crew did an episode on this movie.

Tyler R (de) wrote: This certainly isn't one of the best road trip films out there, but it also isn't the worst. Guilt Trip falls somewhere in the middle, purely for the fact that it doesn't go for insane amounts of vulgarity, which is a blessing and a curse. The film follows a mother and a son who take a road trip to Los Angeles for business. The film's first issue was the casting of Seth Rogen. His vulgar humor is obviously toned way down for this family friendly film, but he doesn't do much of anything outside of get mad and yell. Yes, it can be argued that there is always someone like that in all road trip films, but at least those films provide humor with a firm foot on the tone they want. Another issue is the tone. The film goes from comedy to sappy melodrama and back and forth repeatedly, and the film and pace suffers. The only real saving grace is Barbra Streisand, who actually appears to be committing to the role and giving her character some type of dimension. By the time it ends, the film is decent, but not as good as it could have been.