Sonhos Tropicais

Sonhos Tropicais

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:120 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

Polish Jewish woman arrives in Brazil dreaming of marrying but has to become a prostitute to survive. At the same time, sanitarian doctor Oswaldo Cruz comes back to Brazil after three years... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sonhos Tropicais torrent reviews

Paul A (it) wrote: very good movie thought it was very inspirational, great camerawork, enjoyed the movie

Brett H (de) wrote: A great movie about the racing scene.

Rhys T (au) wrote: what a great heist filmlove it dearly

Damon H (ru) wrote: Another Juliette masterpiece. A lot of action and romance set to the backdrop of the third plaque.

Brendan N (au) wrote: much better than Ernest Rides Again, that really saying much though. The franchise didn't suffer after the direct to video switch, considering the debacle of Ernest goes to jail. The film was never going to win awards for its storytelling or acting but Varney is likable as ever.

Nicholas P (it) wrote: Honestly one of my favorite films growing up. The characters are memorable making this a really fun film. Kids love it.

Aimee C (nl) wrote: Sort of a guilty-pleasure movie. Can't defend it artistically, but it has its merits.:P

Niklas C (ca) wrote: Gammalt hederligt fantasifoster, en saga verkligen! Kr den hr som en dubbelmacka fre eller efter Harold & Maude och Du kommer frst dina frldrars generation... mindre!

richard c (gb) wrote: I was a big fan of the fllm Malevolence of which this film is a prequel too. Well despite some better production values it doesn't even hold a candle to that film. Filled with an unnecessary amount of violence overkill we learn the roots of how the killer in the first one came to be. The other actors/victims in the film are decently developed and are surprisingly solid for a genre film. The direction and screenplay are the problem film. Besides looking gorgeous the film doesn't any real gratification the killers story is somewhat developed but the real truth is never explored. The film is kept as realistic as possible and is very mean. Building characters only to tear them down brutally for no real reason. the evolution of the events aren't very satisfying and the over abundance of shameless gore and pointless nudity feels crude. The best thing I can say about the whole downer experience is that it's well made and looks pretty besides that there's not much to offer here that you haven't seen before and explored more in depth and less bitingly.

John R (de) wrote: 170423: Years and years later, this is still a good film. Other than some weaker special effects when the Ark is opened, I really enjoyed seeing Raiders again.

Andrew K (kr) wrote: Some hilarity and a great performance from the cast (especially Sudeikis) ensues but there's plenty of missed potential and unfunny stretches.

Michael M (au) wrote: This movie licks nuts. I hate myself for watching it all the way through.

Douglas L (br) wrote: This movie started out so great. Rhames was such a prick, and Snipes was so humble. The fight was so unrealistic, but it didnt build up quite to the way I wanted it to. All of a sudden it happened, and all of a sudden, it was over. It was funny how Snipes felt like the good guy and he was in prison. All the elements are there, but it just doesnt all come together. However, I liked the blue prints of the prison, there are so many different characters and I like how they are introduced.