Sonic Impact

Sonic Impact

A dangerous criminal hijacks a plane with his fellow prisoners and threatens to crash it into a populated area. The agent who captured him sets out to stop him.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   convict,   airplane,  

When a deranged criminal is caught, he is then being transported by plane, along with some other criminals. Through a stroke of luck he is able to subdue the Federal agents assigned to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike S (kr) wrote: It is difficult to really sum up my feelings on the film, as I watched it as a biopic of George Reeves, only to find it more of a fictional thriller, interwoven with facts and conjecture about Reeve's death.Brodey works hard to create a complex and downtrodden character, however, the film works best when focused on Reeves, who is very well played by Affleck. Affleck not only plays Reeves off camera very well, as a cool and charming yet conflicted and frustrated personality, but he also recreates Reeve's on screen performance of Superman very well, mimicking the campiness of the era in TV. Diane Lane is also good, in her first performance linked with Superman (before Man of Steel).However, the run time drags on as the film becomes bleaker and once Reeve's life starts to become darker, the flashbacks no longer lighten the mood from the dark fictional story of Brodey's character. That the film is unable to give a real conclusion on Reeve's death only adds to a feeling of incompleteness and bleakness.

Tia C (ca) wrote: a little creepy but amazing!

Elgan D (ag) wrote: Another interesting low budget horror from the director of the excellent 'The Woman' (2011). The film builds unease very well up to a point with plenty of inventiveness. The final act doesn't quite live up to the early work but still a worthwhile view.

Enrica C (nl) wrote: A real feminist movie, or at least this is what I got while watching the movie. "True Women" is set in Texas and reminded me of "Gone With the Wind", but it explores other sides of the late XIX century such as women not being able to vote and trying to get on with their lives while their husbands were busy fighting war or working, and slavery. Pretty great values for such a small, forgotten movie but that completely makes the movie to me. To me this really was a surprising, profound story about three generations and how times do always change. "True Women" is not perfect, but it kindly mixes a story that feels real with many great human values such as love, kids, and rights. I ended up watching it just because Angelina Jolie was in it, but I found lots more than what I expected.

David J (it) wrote: This film's premise had promise but as you go on the story starts to make less and less sense. For example one of the Robots in the film has a "Water Bar" Why would a a Robot need to drink Water if it is non organic? Rutger Hauer and the actor who plaid "The Head" seem to be the only two actor's in this film who could act! This film feels like a really bad attempt at a Blade Runner sequel and fails on almost all levels!

Doug R (ag) wrote: Definitely not one of the better Christmas movies although it was ok for an Ernest film. It's that typical fake, unbelievable, 80's flick. There really is a Santa trying to pass the torch... Ok!

Milena K (fr) wrote: This film is simply well as is Scotland. Especially Denis Lawson is charming. If you want a good laugh and nice scenery...just sit down and watch!

Bill B (de) wrote: Um, I went into this thinking that the PACK in question referred to werewolves or something fo that nature, so when I ended up with a bunch of horseshit about cannibalistic ghouls that a diner owner kidnaps travelers to feed, well, you can imagine how little I cared about at that point.Pass, unless you have more patience than I do.

Joseph B (it) wrote: Katherine Hepburn plays Jane Hudson, an American who takes her first trip to Venice, Italy, in the 1955 David Lean film "Summertime." Hudson has a modest job in Akron, Ohio, and she tells everyone who will listen that she's saved up for years. Upon arriving in the city she meets several Americans and spends time with them getting to know the city, but when they go their separate ways as couples, Hudson starts to feel lonliness. Hudson then meets a charming Venetian antiques dealer in a shop named Renalto (Rossano Brazzi) and they begin a romance that lasts the remainder of her stay in Venice. The film was shot entirely on location in the city of Venice and the postcard like scenes are capitivating. Jack Hildyard would go on to work with Lean on "The Bridge on the River Kwai" in 1957 and in many ways this is an epic romance that would pave the way for the many films that would follow.

Sgt C (fr) wrote: (57%)A bad ass Spencer Tracy takes on a small town hiding a dark secret. There's not a huge amount of substance to this well made little flick, and it's not really a must watch, but it's still a decent sit if you do so.

Ahmed M (es) wrote: Minority Report is a movie with a good story, great action scenes and is a great thriller movie. Despite all of that, it does get slow once in awhile.

Steve W (de) wrote: My friends once mocked this movie. Brandon: "Jean Claude Van Damme and Dennis Rodman in the same movie? This movie writes itself!"I must say its pretty terrible, not in a "so bad its good" type variety, just bad.JCVD plays Jack Quinn, a super spy or something who has a nemesis named Stavros (Mickey Rourke) and Stavro's son is killed during a failed bust. Quinn is later then kidnapped by a sinister organization (ala The Prisoner), until he escapes because his pregnant wife has been kidnapped.Quinn teams up with Yaz the arms dealer (Rodman), and it just gets weird from there. The finale battle is in an abandoned stadium full of landmines, and Jean Claude Van Damme kicks a tiger (seriously).With one semi decent fight scene involving a toe knife wielding henchman, Double Team is a laughable but not enjoyable action movie vehicle.