Sonja is struggling to deal with her parent separation, and find her feelings for her best friend might not just be a phase.

A teenage girl, Sonja (Sabrina Kruschwitz) tries to deal with her separated parents and her boyfriend as she becomes aware her love for her best friend isn't just a phase. Eventually she ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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D J (ag) wrote: Clearly thought provoking. A movie that left me wondering what would happen if physics ruled our positions in life instead of emotions and money. I enjoyed it the first time and watched it a couple more times seeing things I missed.

Keith C (kr) wrote: It's rare that a movie is this stunningly incompetent in every conceivable field. A complete lack of suspense or even effective gore, and some of the most aggressively unfunny attempts at humour I've seen in quite some time.

Tim G (kr) wrote: I don't know much about the Jewish culture, so maybe some of the humor went over my head. I didn't think it was very funny.

ShOoOSh F (de) wrote: that was a really good movie i love watchin it

Carla N (it) wrote: nice movie to see when you're bored, and I find it funny

Radka H (mx) wrote: This is my number one heart-movie. We called our tomcat after little Simcha from the movie. Awesome.

Pansy G (ca) wrote: Sumptuous. One of my favourite french period dramas.

Leo L (it) wrote: Now, this movie I don't mind watching often.

Armando P (fr) wrote: So people think Aliens is better than Alien? Really? Come on...

Trent R (br) wrote: Incredible for it's time. Shemp is a waste, but Martha Raye is surprisingly great as a manic man-chaser.

Dennis W (au) wrote: I watched this movie quite by accident. This is about multi-facited pivotal values which our present day society has cast aside, and those things are personal honor, integrity and committment to what we as a constituionally established nation are supposed to stand for. EXCELLENT!