A socialist story of "atoms for peace" and compulsory labor in an East German uranium mine under Soviet control. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alejandro P (es) wrote: Although the plot does not have a good romance, we appreciate a version of snow white more darkest, dramatic and Fascinating action, where we see a snow white fighter, a skilled huntsman and a queen more cruel and vain.

Mat R (gb) wrote: intersting cast for a movie filmed on peanuts. val kilmers real life ad-lib converstion with his mother during the shoot earns this movie 2 stars.

Matt C (kr) wrote: Love it. Quirky, Insightful, Sensual, and so Australian. Wenham & Porter are great.

Luke S (fr) wrote: At one point I had 10 of those posters. Now I only have one faded one.

Jonathan S (gb) wrote: "Carnosaur" is the reason for B-movies.

TJ L (it) wrote: also one of the best comedies

Steve W (it) wrote: I thought it was a little slow, but its an interesting and disturbing little crime thriller.

Asli K (kr) wrote: it is a sam shepard text that's why i love it in the first place.but the film in someways is away from the soul of the play.but is it still an altmann film and is good.

Kevin R (ru) wrote: Rough and tough street tale about a brutal pimp (Wings Hauser of all people, firing the screen up as psycho Ramrod) hell-bent on vengeance against prostitute Season Hubley. Vicious, gritty, raunchy. A winner.

Dylan P (us) wrote: One of my top 3 favourite films of all time, Annie Hall is a work of art from a style that is generally very predictable. But then again it's sinful to call this a romcom. It's a creative, involving, beautiful and connectable study of a doomed relationship. With stellar performances from the entire cast, Annie Hall absolutely deserved to beat Star Wars for Best Picture.

Lee M (au) wrote: Utterly unconventional and strikingly unique; it begs not to be watched in the same manner as a conventional narrative film. Like a great painting, it is meant to be savored, pored over, observed from different angles and revisited in time.

Carl M (mx) wrote: A conveniently placed detour sign on a remote country road lands a group of Northern vacationers right smack dab in the middle of Pleasant Valley's Centennial celebration. The jovial Mayor Buckman invites the newcomers to participate in each of the town's festivities, but what the visitors don't know is that they are being lead to the slaughter as part of the locals' bloody revenge for a Civil War defeat! Herschell Gordon Lewis' drive-in classic TWO THOUSAND MANIACS is a vast improvement over his first gorefest, BLOOD FEAST, complete with a highly imaginative plot and several of the most memorable executions in shock cinema. Of the many carnival games the travelers 'participate' in, the bloodiest include a spiked barrel roll, a four-way horse race, and a smashing game of Hit the Target! The outrageously over-the-top acting and absurd dialog only add to the film's campy charm, but Lewis' no-budget approach to filmmaking produces the same flat results in terms of the actual production. Regardless, TWO THOUSAND MANIACS is the Godfather of Gore's greatest film, and an early milestone in the history of splatter pictures.-Carl Manes I Like Horror Movies

Lauren W (nl) wrote: Hayden Christensen is the only good part about this movie because he is hot as hell in this!

Brad S (it) wrote: Wow. Brilliant filmmaking. Stellar performances. Incredible cinematography. Powerful music.I can't believe this film was completely overlooked by the Oscars.