New Orleans, 1981. Sonny Phillips, just discharged from the Army, returns home. The only life he's known is as a gigolo, working for his mother, but he wants to leave that behind. However, the job his Army buddy promised doesn't materialize, and he can't escape his past.

An honorably discharged soldier returns home to New Orleans, hoping to break away from his upbringing as a trained male-prostitute, but his brothel-madam mother has other expectations. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenny P (au) wrote: Aside from Rani Mukherjee's bad acting, this movie was pretty good. I enjoy these occasional bollywood films that are not interrupted by song sequences and actually has a ongoing plot that makes sense.

Rob P (ru) wrote: Definitely a tear jerker! A bit too long and a somewhat preachy, but also a really good story with great values. Every father should watch this movie!

David L (de) wrote: Poignant and brilliantly acted, this is one of those rare instances in which multiple protagonists work to the film's credit. Bravo.

Jasmina (it) wrote: After this movie I see Korean people in a completely different light! :)

Tanner M (es) wrote: Obviously this film is a low point in the Texas chainsaw Massacare series. It has many scenes that just tend to drag on. For most of the film we just see Matthew McConaughey slap people, and slit himself multiple times on the chest. Leatherface on the other hand has some very weird masks. Such as a woman mask, and a old lady mask. Also it seems all leatherface does is just scream, and that's about it. So if you want to watch a very whacked up movie with cannibles eating pizza then this is your film. Still I was very entertained throughout, and that is why it has this high of a score.

Grant S (gb) wrote: Harrowing portrayal of life in a Nazi concentration camp during WW2, based on a true story. Interesting, engaging plot. Maybe doesn't explore the moral dilemmas of the main character thoroughly enough. Also, a bit more explanation of certain events would have been in order.Great performance from WIllem Dafoe. Decent supporting cast.

roger t (fr) wrote: Uneven throughout, but "Hey Big Spender" is tremendous.

Jonathan P (jp) wrote: Abraham lincoln vampire hunter if you just read the name of the movie u think it will be a Crap B movie that just SUCKS. If u watch the movie how ever u will see that its a realy good movie the premise of the movie is the title of the movie sound stupid but they make it work and i never heard of anyone who seen the movie that said its bad. i was quite shockt when i saw that it had 35% of criteces and 50% of audience on here. i feel like ppl just coulden t get over the Lincoln as a vampire part and didnt bother to see the whole movie its worth your time just trust me watch the movie.

Albie F (de) wrote: I loved the Spinosaurus!

Nathan M (it) wrote: #scenicroute features decent performances and an interesting concept, but director Kevin Goetz isn't able to sustain interest long enough.

Scott H (au) wrote: See it for Robin Williams. He is amazing.

Jayakrishnan R (ru) wrote: 95%Viewed this on 20/11/15Very similar to Memories of murder, but not based on true story. The secret in their eyes is a touching, gripping and suspenseful drama that no one will regret watching. It's engaging, well directed and most of all it's extremely well acted. It is also a vibrant look at love even after death and a richly suspenseful film.

Jonathan B (it) wrote: It's really kind of touching in the end. Reminds me of Sling Blade except ofcourse..this movie is completely messed up.