Trouble starts when Lars, a 25-year-old with few prospects for the future, discovers that an older man is fooling around with the teenage boys in his suburb. A terrible rage is triggered in Lars, and he embarks on a crusade to stop the abuser. But it soon spins out of control, and Lars' actions end up endangering those he set out to protect.

Trouble starts when Lars, a 25-year-old with few prospects for the future, discovers that an older man is fooling around with the teenage boys in his suburb. A terrible rage is triggered in... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John D (au) wrote: Now first of all, I have to say this is more of a "call of duty like" in terms of presentation (if you are a video game fan you know what I mean). I thought the first half was as generic as it could get though I'm a bit surprised bout the whole army action thing presentation. It really gets me up, especially when the action heats up. I thought the pacing was very well made. I never get bored when these actors know what they are doing (even as a terrorist or a soldier). With all the hype and criticism that this film gets, it is a well made action flick that reminds us how these spec ops are a big part of our nation. A good flick with no alcohol required.

Stuart R (us) wrote: Terrible. Didn't even get to the end

Elena S (nl) wrote: it's amusing enough, but it could be better than this. The ending was not cool , but it is still not bad movie.

Carroll H (de) wrote: Junk, really had to just skim watch to tolerate ... maybe watched 10 min total... just worthless film ...

M M (de) wrote: non credo di aver mai pianto sentendo dire "mi piaciuta la tua marinata", seriamente. pensavo fosse un film divertente. si astenga chiunque lo pensi. creeepy movie. mads mikkelsen commovente come sempre.

Farah R (ru) wrote: Sweet and heartwarming but resembles every other cliche romantic chick flick.

Jens T (gb) wrote: Jamshed Usmonov from Tajikistan is one of the most notable figures of the Persian cinema. He directed the first international acclaimed film from Tajikistan, Angel on the Right. A low budget film, that was shot in Usmonov's home village Asht, and starring his own family and other villagers. Angel on the Right is the story about Hamro, who after ten years in a Russian prison returns to his home village because his mother is ill. But this is only a scam to get him back to pay for his mistakes and restore his family's honor, by taking care of his son and pay all his debt, including all the money he has borrowed from the other villagers, like the mafia for instance.Angel on the Right is a sweet little story about honor and pride. And it's certainly a new world that are shown on screen. Even though this is credited as a comedy, our focus is more on the village itself and how they live, their occupations and traditions, which is a central theme in this film. It has the rustic charm, like a Kiarostami film. It's a film that captures the post-soviet depression and poverty. It's a good film with a real moral and an authentic look. Thumbs up.

Richard D (de) wrote: Quick movie. Lacks depth. Cute through and through.

Jameson W (ag) wrote: A mostly bland movie that builds to nothing. The drama and tension is non-existent. Mildly entertaining though. Features Amy Adams early in her career.

Jareth S (ca) wrote: Going in reverse chronological order: As would be expected, people gave too much praise for Otomo's segment "Cannon Fodder". The satirical "Stink Bomb" was a lot of fun and had an insanely catchy song ("Nobuo's Groove"). "Magnetic Rose" was by far the best segment of the three.

Eequiel C (au) wrote: Inquietante y emocionante, para ser una pelicula de suspenso es bastante buena

Natalie W (de) wrote: I loved this movie as a kid

Jack N (kr) wrote: This movie is very very funny. At the time I saw this I never watched the show but it made me want to and the show is one of the funniest I've ever seen. This is when ribaldry is used in a funny way.

Joseph W (us) wrote: Definitely one of my favorite films! I've seen it about 30 times & I enjoy it each time! Lots of great action sequences! Props the everyone involved in the making of this for their hard work!

Dustin D (ag) wrote: First-time screenwriter Larry Cohen cranked out a lazy sequel to one of the most iconic Westerns of all time, using basically the same formula. This movie can't escape the fact that it is boring most of its screentime, and it's painfully missing Steve McQueen (some nobody is cast as Vin), and couldn't even talk Horst Buchholz into returning as Chico. Elmer Bernstein won an Oscar for the soundtrack, which (as far as I can tell) is the exact same one used in the first film. No new music to match the tone of the scenes in this one. I will concede the finale which employed explosives and stunt actors on horses was impressive, but doesn't make up for the lack of any new ideas.