Sons of Liberty

Sons of Liberty

Three Los Angeles friends stumble out of their 20's, searching for love, purpose, and what it really means to be an American in 2007.

Three Los Angeles friends stumble out of their 20's, searching for love, purpose, and what it really means to be an American in 2007. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David M (kr) wrote: you want to know how to live your life and win? This movie has the answer and it is in a simple realistic way with only a touch of sci-fi as part of the storyline. This movie has made it to the top % of my favorites!

Adam A (it) wrote: The premise now had a clear shot to go where no movie had been able to take us before, instead of the multi-million dollar financial mogul we had seen before in movies like Wall Street. Eddie Morra could have become a new Steven Hawking, or cured cancer or invent a time machine. Limitless IS a really good flick in my oppinion with a premise that made me inspired of becoming the "enhanced Adam":P But as I said, it could have gone beyond the limit.

Johnny N (ag) wrote: Its good... love the tradition of reading bedtime stories. This films pulls into that feeling with a twist.

Jade C (it) wrote: all the stars are for tony...

Al M (ag) wrote: Decent giallo flick that is well directed and follows in the line of films like The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh in that it examines the nature of fidelity and perversion. Nice surprise at the end to that I, at least, didn't see coming.

Samantha F (nl) wrote: After the typewriter dance there is nothing worth staying for (and that's stolen from Ready, Willing, and Able anyway).

Barry R (es) wrote: True to the spirit of the novella (even though transplanting Newark and Short Hills to The Bronx and Westchester respectively). Ali McGraw the definitive Jewish American Princess in all her bob-nosed duplicity and Benjamin as the decent schmuck she throws under the bus. Like the book, a devastating look at the way men cede power to females; watch the heartbreaking face-to-face between Mr. Patimkin (Klugman) and his daughter at his son's wedding.

Thomas B (it) wrote: Good movie with a great cast. Spencer Tracy , Ernest Borgnine , Walter Brennan , Robert Ryan , Ann Francis , lee Marvin. This allstar cast make the movie a strong thriller. Spencer Tracy makes a great one armed tough guy. Keep and eye out for a great bar room scene where Tracy beats the tarr out of Borgnine.

Michael M (us) wrote: If you're a fan of the View Askewniverse this movie is essential viewing as it ties in all the former movies with all the same actors/characters. The cameos are amazing, the lines are classics by this point, and I feel it's only gotten better with age. So much better than that shitslopper Dogma.

Taija H (fr) wrote: Harmiton,hauska hmpp, jonka jaksaa katsoa useammankin kerran - ylenpalttisesta kreikkalaisuuden korostamisesta huolimatta. John Corbett on ihku (niinkuin Villiss Pohjolassa ja Sinkkuelmsskin).

Mister C (us) wrote: Probably the greatest of the Doris Day-Rock Hudson comedies and when this came out in 1964,this was to be considered the last of great comedies of the 1960's that starred Doris Day and Rock Hudson. Hilarious hijinks ensumes with Tony Randall,Edward Andrews and the great Paul Lynde. Clint Walker also stars.