Sons of the Desert

Sons of the Desert

Stan and Ollie deceive their wives into thinking they are taking a medicinal cruise when they are really going to a convention.

When Stan and Ollie trick their wives into thinking that they are taking a medicinal cruise while they're actually going to a convention, the wives find out the truth the hard way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kostas C (jp) wrote: There is a mistake near the end of the movie,where Zatanna is talking to Batman there is Superman in the background but when the image zooms out there is no Sups in the scene.

Farah R (us) wrote: The Rover is excruciatingly prolonged for such a simple plot. Amidst the bleak and dull hours of its runtime, Pearce and Pattinson deliver commendable performances.

Helga M (ag) wrote: This movie is definitely underrated.

Walter M (au) wrote: "The Mindscape of Alan Moore" is a first person documentary about legendary comic book writer Alan Moore that is underwhelming, despite its subject's captivating presence. Moore starts off by detailing his origins as a working class lad in Northampton, England, followed by a series of menial jobs, eventually hitting rock bottom as a comic book writer. It's at this point that the documentary loses any forward momentum, randomly going from one book to another. There is some insight into his inspiration but there is nothing new about the politics behind V for Vendetta or Watchmen that I have not read about before. What would have been much more interesting is a closer look at how Moore views the medium of comic books since he has spent so much of his career deconstructing them in his stories, outside of how they are adapted which is always a tricky business.(I disagree with him and think comic books are ideal to be made into movies since they are both primarily visual, the only drawback being budgetary.) Instead, there is a lot of personal philosophy towards the end which has no relation to his writing which is why we are here. However, his healthy attitude towards sex does lead to him writing some very provocative sounding pornography.

Brent D (jp) wrote: Despite some neat visuals and decent characterization, the voice acting was only "meh" and the plot was a mish-mash of all the origin stories from the comics, making this little more than mindless entertainment for Lady Death fanboys to drool over until they realize how much better it could be.

Ian T (ca) wrote: My god this is terrible. Shockingly terrible. How was this ever allowed to be distributed? How was this even allowed to be finished?Someone finds the script to Rear Window, and drops the Judas Breed into it, for no real reason. Add a dash of constant unexplained plot points, and just a pinch of irrelevant and regularly ignored character backgrounds, and you have the basic idea of this film.Everyone puts in a stellar candidate for worst acting performance ever, but Alexis Dziena really steals the show... infact she makes it almost worth watching, but only if you are a hopeful young actor in need of a tutorial on exactly how NOT to act... she stinks this up... big time. Amanda Plummer gives her a decent run for her money too. Infact I almost struggled to finish it because they were both so disturbingly bad. Lance Henriksen gives probably the worst of his "hi, I'm once famous actor Lance Henriksen, can i have my cheque now?" performances to date, but probably the best of the movie... although I'm stumped as to what he was actually supposed to be doing in it.1/2*, because I don't think I could give it 0. Avoid at all costs.

Shane E (kr) wrote: 3 Stars to the Theatrical cut. The Director's cut 4 Stars.

Aaron C (nl) wrote: a solid debut for rossum in this music-centric period drama with great costuming, contrasting the mountain folk with city dwellers. interesting take on music as a cultural heritage, and even a way of life. A pity they didn't have tape/mp3 recorders back then.

Bry G (ca) wrote: Had a bonding moment w/my eldest daughter while watching this movie. I think we almost finished 1 box of kleenex :).Whether you're 3 or 33, you can relate to this story. "She told me, learn to be happy".

Matt H (it) wrote: Solid thriller, but can't say I'd want to see it again, and have already forgot most of it.

Leong C (ca) wrote: A warm science fiction by Ron Howard, beautifully executed by the mostly senior casts...

Luke H (es) wrote: This carry on surrounds the idea of dick turpin aka Big Dick, as a result plenty of puns and trying to capture the culprit in question.

Marc B (nl) wrote: One of the best Giallo's out there! "WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO SOLANGE?" has style to burn, and even if it is slightly short on gore, if that's your bag, the off screen violence is super nasty. It's a fine example of the classic Italian-Giallo formula but serves it with a slightly brooding atmosphere, adding a certain sophistication, which is often missing from this genre. The overall tone is similar to that of Giallo-favorite "THE HOUSE WITH THE LAUGHING WINDOWS." Likewise, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO SOLANGE?" details an equally as engaging mystery, with the Catholic school setting providing a lot more in the way of distraction/red herrings. What differs "..SOLANGE" it's approach seems to abandon suspense, especially when it presents its formulaic POV murder set pieces. But it does so in favor of objective intrigue and perversion. Presenting the audience-as-murderer POV as rather matter-of-fact, transforms the Whodunnit mildly, almost making us question which suspect among many, the audience is supposed to be.Much is said of the sleaze factor, but I think it's worth noting, that the unusually satisfying solution to "...SOLANGE?", actually makes sense out of some of the seemingly misogynist content. If one wanted to, you could look back, after secrets are revealed, and read the whole thing as bitter feminist commentary. That said, perhaps it's controversial subject matter and themes of religious perversion is what kept "...SOLANGE" from the American audience it deserved over the years. Then again, the subject matter was likely far more controversial in a 1970's Italy, than it ever was, or is, here in the states. Massimo Dallamano directed "..SOLANGE," the first of 3 films in a little-known "School Girls Trilogy." The second part "WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO OUR DAUGHTERS?" is equally as good, but certainly more sensational, and harder to find (Region 2, PAL only). For the third in the series, this "WHAT HAVE THEY/HAVE YOU..." stuff has been abandoned for "ENIGMA ROSSO." This was likely to draw comparison with the popular Giallo "DEEP RED," whose Italian Title: "PROFUNDO ROSSO" was a worldwide hit. Oddly enough "ENIGMA ROSSO" is available in Region 1 format, but has been packaged with it's alternate title "TRAUMA," and is not to be confused with the 1993 film, by the same name, directed by DARIO ARGENTO,.. who also directed "PROFONDO ROSSO" AKA "DEEP RED!" That film, is NOT related to the "School Girls Trilogy." It's not even part of DARIO ARGENTO'S "Animal Trilogy," but this oddball connection is curious because, to my knowledge, these two trilogies are the only to exist, within the greater Giallo-genre.

Marilyn T (gb) wrote: I saw this by chance originally on late night Disney over ten years ago and I immediately fell in love with the humor and French farce of it all! Every time I've seen Dean Jones in an old Disney movie, he hasn't disappointed.

BLACTACULAR (ru) wrote: This black and white film was good.

Cindy K (gb) wrote: I would have preferred the alternate ending included on the DVD, but this was a really good movie!

Claudette A (ru) wrote: I never liked Astro Boy as a kid. I don't think this film is much better.

Allan C (fr) wrote: Joan Collins and the captain from CHiPs running for their lives from giant radioactive ants. What's not to love about this film! And of course a film about giant ants would have it's thrilling climax at a sugar mill. Pretty entertaining nature-gone-wild film, but somehow I doubt the HG Welles story it's based upon was quite as silly.

Simon R (mx) wrote: interesting concept. slow paced.

Kandis A (gb) wrote: It was a cool movie. I would watch it again.....