A zamindar and his family called "The Sooryavansh family" of Bharathpur village has a God like image among the villagers. This generation is headed by Thakur Bhanupratap Singh.

A zamindar and his family called "The Sooryavansh family" of Bharathpur village has a God like image among the villagers. This generation is headed by Thakur Bhanupratap Singh. He has 3 ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sooryavansham torrent reviews

Maark T (de) wrote: Although it lacks energy it makes up for it with its interesting photography and quirky, subtle humour and decent script.

JY S (kr) wrote: Hiroyuki Nakano's Tajomaru is a samurai film that never jumps off the screen.With a plot stemming from the bandit in Rashomon, the 2+ hours never seem to move by fast enough. The first few minutes actually show some promise; however, after the jump in years, the film begins to flatten. The story is not without plot holes, while the style of the film moves from serious to playful and back to serious again. When the picture gets playful, the soundtrack suffers, as the music sounds out of place.Tajomaru is fairly light on the action and there is nothing convincing or memorable about any of the swordplay or choreography. This is definitely not a movie to watch because of the action. It is more dramatic than anything else.Shun Oguri and Yuki Shimaboto are monotonous, while Kei Tanaka is more of an evil laugh rather than a treacherous villain. There is no one worth noting.Tajomaru does succeed with the camera work, setting selection, and costuming, but none of that is enough to push this film past mediocrity.

Nicolas M (ag) wrote: La Fraction Arme Rouge japonaise et son histoire... Ca ressemble parfois plus Battle Royale qu' autre chose... une bande de jeunes universitaires font leur rvolution en huis clos et les mcanismes tournent la secte et les deux gourous font assassiner leurs anciens amis tour de bras dans un atmosphre digne d'Evil Dead... le message "moralisateur" est clair : jeunes de maintenant avant de faire la rvolution regardez ce que vos devanciers en ont fait... Est aussi l'histoire de nos Armes Rouges occidentales, une bande de paums en boucle tenant des discours abscons et assassinant y compris au sein de leur propre camp tous ceux qui ne sont pas de leur avis: Baader = Manson ?

Sean C (mx) wrote: Has an interesting if over-familiar premise that gets squander in the final third. Shame as had the potential to be much much better.

Michael M (de) wrote: Another mid '90s gem I watched for the very first time this week. I wouldn't necessarily agree with the box that says it's the "best coming-of-age story since Stand By Me," but it's a cute little movie with a good amount of heart. I also like the message of the importance of good friendships that last a lifetime which I am lucky enough to have myself. Young Christina Ricci and Thora Birch were pretty hot and this foreshadowed hotness as they got older.

JH K (ag) wrote: La mejor pelcula de George Lucas tras las cmaras. Podra deberse a que en este caso s sabe de qu estamos hablando y puede empatizar un poco con los personajes, el pblico, y trasladar perfectamente las sensaciones del Cruisin.Podra incluso considerarse cultura viva americana. Del Lucas. Quien lo dira.

Roberto B (ag) wrote: shalako was a great idea and a good film in hindsight however it wont probably be the most amazing fikm youll ever see and certainly not the most amazing western ever made. first of all, the actress performance was below sufficient and credible and some of the shots did not synchronise with the action. not worth wasting two hours upon.

Eric M (kr) wrote: "Amistad" has a compelling and important story to tell, and with Spielberg at the helm it shows glimpses of being something truly special, but Spielberg indulges in a few too many Spielberg-isms in in creative ways, and the story is somewhat preached to the audience rather than shown. When it is shone though, as in most all of the sequences onboard the slaving vessels and directly involving the captured African slaves, but the courtroom drama, while getting off to an engaging start, grinds to a halt in the final act. Almost every scene is treated as climactic, with swelling strings and speechifying on the positions of historical figures. There are beautiful and haunting moments scattered throughout (Gustav Dore's illustrations for the Bible inspiring the slaves a particularly moving one) but this film needed a tighter, more focused script that emphasized characters and complexity. Even the cinematography is pretty average for Spielberg. "Amistad" is good as a history lesson, but not necessarily as film.

sai n (ca) wrote: Roman Polanski's gripping movie about the great Victorian novel 'Tess of d'Urbevilles is perhaps the best film on the classic novel.