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Jayakrishnan R (kr) wrote: 44%Saw this on 1/12/15With a plot borrowed from A Bittersweet Life without any of the latter's style and a combination of boring, dull plot with mostly cliched situations, subpar acting, Company man is the worst Korean film that I have seen thus far. I don't watch many Korean films, but when I do, they will be great.

Marcus W (it) wrote: Two young people meet, fall in love and marry, then she develops a terminal illness. However, in the hands of Gondry, it's a delight to watch.

Carlos M (ru) wrote: This unnecessary fourquel was obviously conceived to make (more) money only, with an uninspired story that is dull, unfunny and full of the lamest clichs about the "value of family" - and Scrat is the only thing that still works, even if in homeopathic doses.

Nathan H (au) wrote: There is a half-way decent mystery at the heart of this movie, but most of the characters are so uninteresting that you hardly want to go on the journey. The huge exception is Bruce Willis who is so hilarious as an ex-soldier turned high school principle that his twenty minutes of screen time almost make the whole movie worth it.

Thomas M (mx) wrote: All the ingredients of a cult classic, depending on how many geek boxes you can check off over the course of this movie. Sci fi plot devices more advanced than today's tech, but in the samurai era? Monster battles (both CGI and practical effects) that are at turns poignant examinations of humanity's ugliness as well as B-clips from Power Rangers? Adhering so closely to the source material (DORORO by Osamu Tezuka) that it feels just as abruptly canceled yet full of promise? So many tone shifts that it may as well be a televised miniseries and not a feature film? Like its hero Hyakkimaru, this movie's got 48 shortcomings, but whether those are covert strengths or overt weaknesses is in the eye of the beholder.

Mark D (jp) wrote: Dreamlike and attractive but does not deliver on plot and action. Dissapointing but still watchable.

Mina E (us) wrote: Everything is stunning in this movie. Directing, scenes, soundtrack, plot, everything.

Brad P (fr) wrote: i enjoyed this watch - not great by any stretch but fun little touches that make this thriller worth while...

Fong K (fr) wrote: Laugh-out-loud quirky and brutally cynical, this dark comedy parodying art schools, its cultural scene and the arty-farty oddball populace is simultaneously wryly funny and sad.

Jordan W (ag) wrote: funny but stupid and the plot was crap

Peter B (de) wrote: The lee evans bits are good-but not as good as his stand up stuff-and its good to see blackpool used in a film.

Arthur R (de) wrote: Stark and honest, giving an insightful look into the fears, aspirations and mindsets of this varied group of young adults growing up in Britain in the 70s. Interesting to see how it challenges ones own predispositions.

Don S (it) wrote: This is somnolent. So generic and dull. Low level horror - mostly if you consider disfigurement due to burns to be scary. Doesn't really work well as a suspense either. Acting is poor, effects are fair but few and far between. Story is cliche. No big names to draw you in. Can't imagine what I was thinking when I added this to my queue.

Ken C (ag) wrote: A compelling and well construction about life of Siddhartha.

Sean W (jp) wrote: wow absolutely boring horrible film..