Four exiled international criminals on the run hide out in a remote Nicaraguan village whose economy is dependent on an oil company. An oil well 200 miles away catches fire and can be extinguished only with explosives. The criminals are given a chance to earn a great deal of money by transporting highly volatile and sensitive explosives through hazardous and rugged terrain full of obstacles and danger.

The film tells a story of four vagabond working in an oil-drilling company struggles for their living. One day, everything is out of control by fire, they realize a great opportunity to earn a lot of money by transporting dynamite through jungle in two trucks. Do they accept dangerous challenges to have new life? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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shaun c (kr) wrote: say what you want about Boll, but when he does dark and the sick side of humanity, he is right up with Clive Barker, H.P. Lovecraft and Oscar Wilder. The film is not only dark, but a revealing saga of how far an individual can go when confined to four walls and no ability to distinguish what is considered normal behavior. The camera work in interesting as it has only four angles to shoot from given the dimensions of the cell, and the pan view is a great allusion to the claustrophobic world they inhabit 23 hours a day. The artificial light, the uniforms devoid of anything resembling life. It creates a sort of science experiment that reveals what happens when life stops being life and becomes merely existence.

Justa C (gb) wrote: Great movie with a terrific plot! DMX's best by far! Gives you a very realistic feel of the consequences of aggravated vengeance, disaster, sadness, and the devastation left behind. Go see it!

Jacob H (us) wrote: This is a great B grade shoot-em up movie. A crime boss (Ice-T) summons 100 killers that work for his criminal syndicate to a newly constructed prison before it has been officially opened. All of these killers have been skimming off the top of the syndicates business empire for years and thinking they have got away it. The crime lords have decided that instead of just executing all of them for their disloyalty - they will instead have a game and watch it all unfold over the prison cameras. They throw a heap of different weaponry into the center of the prison and tell them that the 3 people left standing will get 10 million dollars and be able to walk free - as long as there are only 3 left by midnight, otherwise they will all die. What follows is a carnage of blood and chaos of professional killer against killer, where only the most ruthless will be left standing. This is a very satisfactory B-Grade movie, with heavy violence, a mixture of different tough guy characters and one liners, all to a Mamba soundtrack. This movie succeeds very well with what it intended to do - and is a good mindless film to enjoy for what it is worth. You already know if this is your kind of movie - and if it is, give it a look.

Donald B (mx) wrote: great movie a must watch

Sgt C (ag) wrote: (72%)A pretty great, and very punishing classic film telling a very worthy tail of the extreme conditions found within a French colony prison that through the many years since its release has not really aged all that much at all. Owing to its classic status is due in parts to the fact that it is so well made and wonderfully acted. Good old Steve McQueen is great in the lead role going through one of the utterly worst ordeals almost possible, while the direction and editing is fluent; it never drags once in its 2 and a half hours runtime. This is now without question a classic film that should be tracked down by almost anyone and everyone.

Sam A (mx) wrote: Watched this movie today. I love how it questions the true meaning of marriage and the typical household roles of a married couple. The only reason I took away half a star is because the ending was slightly disappointing. Tracy and Hepburn were great as always.

Prince R (br) wrote: Warning: Don't watch this movie if you don't want to cry. It will definitely will make you cry.

Edgar C (mx) wrote: Believe it or not, there is a Tamahori film that can be considered as "worth watching". Its main problem was its constant shifting from a Van Damme / Seagal punch flick to a disturbing flick about a destroyed family and domestic violence to a sentimental movie of an universal appeal. True that it wants to make statements but it may be easy for the viewer to get confused with the mixed bag.This film brought back some personal past life memories...74/100

ashwin G (gb) wrote: really scary..worth watching

Nick C (ru) wrote: Decent - Suspense levels were great throughout, the Monster was a bit naff...but yeah it's an entertaining watch as far as modern Horror goes - Durand was Fantastic and Haas was decent as his sidekick, although not in a Comedy sense.