Sordid Lives

Sordid Lives

The film is based on a play. It is about the eccentric family who must gather for the funeral of their grandmother. They attempt to resolve many problems to attain their goal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Al S (es) wrote: A slam-bang action-thriller. A total powerhouse of an action film that packs just as much star power as it does fire power. It`s stylish, slick, dzzlingly well-crafted and richly performend by the cast. Director, William Kaufman crafts another hard-boiled and intense thrill-ride that delivers all the way to the end. An explosive and adrenaline-pumping edge of your seat action-packed roller-coaster ride. A really entertaining movie that packs a full-clip of action, suspense and then some more. Loaded with great twist and surprises. A great movie that keeps you compelled with its character development and keeps you guessing with its suspense. It`s cool as hell and furiously awesome to watch. Cuba Gooding Jr. and Dolph Lungdren are at their best, they both give great and gritty performances. Gooding still gots the good and delivers. Lungdren is terrific. It`s one hell of a dynamic and sensational face-off between the two leads.

Joel A (us) wrote: A typical setting: the famous road trip formula but this time round taking a major twist. A transsexual heading to LA with her estranged son.Felicity Huffman gives the most bizarre get believe performance as the lead actress, a lot of the supporting in this add a unique flavour also.As the story progresses the characters & despite the extremely odd circumstances of this story it is interesting to watch & you find yourself really sympathetic to Felicity Huffman's character.

Andy C (us) wrote: 'Ballistic' is inept. Did Ed Wood make this? He could have if he was given a jaw-dropping $70 million to produce horse s***. What were they thinking of? Didn't they have rushes? Were the producers high when they were viewing the dailies?? There is no excuse for this insulting garbage to exist. For shame.

Tim G (ca) wrote: Daft, but what did you expect from a Muppet movie? Yeah, its no Muppet Christmas Carol, so what? Great fun.

Jordan K (nl) wrote: FUNNY MAN (1995) A more bizarre and intelligent version of Leprechaun 2. Strange moments of awkward humor. Cartoonish violence. Velma from Scooby Doo. Christopher Lee. it's......FUNNY MAN (1995)

Nicki M (au) wrote: It's okay to watch once, but very dated to look at. It screams early 90's (in a bad way), actually reminds me of my first job in an office back then, looking at the frumpy clothes - that's got to bring anyone down! Acting is okay. They are convincing but both kind of whiny. The first half is told from his perspective, the second from hers. I guess it's a different twist, but not enough to make it truly interesting. It's inoffensive and watchable, but only just.

Dave J (au) wrote: Crazy, spoiled, ego driven Hollywood star who abuses child. Not really shocking.I think it remains somewhat watchable (in a funny tragic way) due to the production qualities of 1980 and overacting of Dunaway.

Erika G (es) wrote: the is a high-octane street racing movie.

Leena L (ca) wrote: Secret Service, terrorists, suicide bombers, intrigue, killings, self serving politics and dirty games.

Marc G (es) wrote: Excellent Ken Loach movie about a family who is trying to make ends meet and who only wants the best for his daughter's communion. Excellent movie shot on location in Langley and in and around Middleton,(Where I grew up) One to own !

Ziv E (au) wrote: I will be... a part of your worl- Oops, wrong Disney movie.

Daniel P (fr) wrote: The Monuments Men largely wastes a fascinating true story and an a-list cast on a boring, slow movie that's severely lacking in conflict and tension, and whose attempts at inspiration often come across as pretentious.