Sorte Nula

Sorte Nula

Alberto is planning the ultimate romantic escape, but before he can catch the airplane he will endure the creepiest day of his life.

Alberto is planning the ultimate romantic escape, but before he can catch the airplane he will endure the creepiest day of his life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew A (br) wrote: Absolutely a great film, a must see for movie making fans as well as action/adventure films. The inspiration from ET and other classic Spielberg films make this film fantastic.

Gabriel G (it) wrote: Pongmonos en la situacin de que una espaola algo gafapastosilla se va un fin de semana a Tokio y le llaman la atencin cuatro topicazos como la gente que se duerme en los vagones del metro o el ruido que emiten al sorber el ramen. Luego se lee tres libros de Haruki Murakami (suponemos que los entiende), ve otras tres pelis de Wong Kar Wai (suponemos que las asimila), y cree firmemente que en Espaa nadie los ha ledo ni las ha visto, porque la tal seora minusvalora el intelecto de sus compatriotas. El resultado es una pelcula llamada "Mapa de los sonidos de Tokio".

Jordan R (fr) wrote: Not a great parody film, not even the best in its series, but still an enjoyable experience that manages to entertain and get a few laughs, even if just from the stupidity behind the humor.

Patty D (au) wrote: Loved this film, as I felt that the director wasn't trying to create sympathy for Dahmer. He was trying to gain understanding why anyone could create these horrific acts. I didn't feel sympathy, I began to feel curiosity by the middle of the film. I was beginning to wonder how does someone get to the point of having to drug people at night clubs for sex, even when they didn't have to? What has to happen to a person that fears intimacy on such an extreme level that the only way the can connect to another person is through control and dominance on a completely incapacitated person? I'm still pondering questions weeks after seeing this film.

Private U (de) wrote: Granted not the best movie, but I insist on watching it because I absolutely love the pained expressions that **sigh** Hrithik Roshan does!! A girl can drown in those eyes...

Kenny G (jp) wrote: great fun film! i want to make something similar to this..road trip movies are awesome!

Jonah H (de) wrote: In 2016, I repeatedly watched legions of Americans, mostly whites, embrace and/or ignore Donald Trump's inflammatory rhetoric that dehumanized everyone who was not a white heterosexual man, and we rewarded him with the title of President of the United States. This tragedy reinforces the idea that Americans, and frankly humans, continue to fear what they do not understand, therefore cultivating unnecessarily harmful tension that frequently leads to conflict. This conflict makes us no different than our primitive descendants, and it undermines our potential to make the world a better place. I firmly believe American History X is a beacon of hope America needs to eventually overcome its racial divide, despite a President who will always fly the "woe is the white race" flag. The film's backbone is unquestionably Edward Norton's performance as Derek Vinyard, a despicable and morally repugnant neo-Nazi who undergoes a believably human transformation. His unflinching and versatile performance gives credence to every line of dialogue and every action in every scene, which elevates all the performances in the film's supporting cast. As a result, I bought Vinyard's history and every interaction he has with his family, particularly his relationship with his younger brother. I firmly believe Norton's performance is so outstanding that it is among the five greatest performances of all-time. However, Norton's performance would not have been nearly as impactful if Tony Kaye's storytelling felt like a structured narrative. Though it is not nearly as experiential as Moonlight, I became emotionally attached to the characters because I concurrently bought them as people and the complicated world they all inhabited. Whomever accuses the film of being preachy or heavy-handed is simply not recognizing that its message organically arises vicariously through its characters during their transformations, particularly the Vinyard brothers. Last, but not least, I absolutely love that there is a particular line of dialogue that suggest Derek has not gone completely to the other side of the moral spectrum, which highlights the time and understanding it takes to ultimately get there. Last, but not least, I love that Tony Kaye chose to tint the flashback sequences black-and-white and the present sequences in color. The gimmick works tremendously because not only does it clearly illustrate what happens in the past and present, but it also illustrates how all the characters look at racism in those moments in time. Contrary to popular belief, race is unquestionably the most complicated issue that has plagued human history, yet we, especially Americans, continually try to categorically break it down into good and bad and/or right and wrong. As much as I love this film, I have a few quibbles with it. First, there are a couple scenes that have unnecessary exposition, both dialogue and voiceover. Second, there are a few times when Kaye uses a medium close-up instead of a regular close-up to show a character's reaction, though I understand why he chose to do so. Last, there is one scene where the rhetoric could have been toned down to dramatically play up the rhetoric's impact on a certain character. Overall, this is an emotionally riveting film that tactfully dissects race and explores how hatred undermines and eventually destroys understanding on an interpersonal, a familial and a societal level. Most importantly, it demonstrates how anyone, no matter how racially insensitive, can redeem themselves from those harmful beliefs by simply exposing themselves to different people in different cultures in an open-minded effort to understand those people and their cultural backgrounds. This film reminded me to not give up on Donald Trump and his ardent supporters because if we give up on them, then they will have no desire to change, which will only make the world a harsher and more violent place to live.

Scott K (ag) wrote: Interesting morality tale from Tykwer. A lot less manic then the great Run, Lola, Run. Beautifully shot and acted, Ribisi and Blanchett give multi-lingual performances that I didn't know they had in them. Though the film uses the well worn plot devices of a police procedural and escape movie, the film feels much like a fairy tale, including the deux ex machina ending.

Jamy S (fr) wrote: A beautiful and eccentric modern noir love story from the distinctive director Alan Rudoph. Strong cast includes notable presence of Genevive Bujold.

John G (jp) wrote: Very entertaining movie. Combination of comedy and romance. Bob and Bng are awesome together.

Marcus W (es) wrote: It's great until the third act when it slips up and the intelligence level drops.

Kenneth L (nl) wrote: Amusing self parody of action thriller parable of police state excused by anarchy.

Eric N (au) wrote: Wicked flick....think Lord of the Flies starring a pissed off Ray Liotta. Cool premise & plot, great acting. One of the most bad-ass movies of the 90s!

Jamie E (us) wrote: I thought it was good. John Goodman was great in this and the suspense was great.

Karen G (ca) wrote: The untold story of the beginning of PT boats in WWII. If THe DUke is in a movie I like it. What more can I say. He plays an under star role in this to Bob Montgomery.